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Iraq deadline for resignation of military commissions in order to stand for public office… 5 years? 7?

Iraq’s political uncertainty intensifies
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By Dan Morse, Updated: Monday, December 26, 9:35 AM

BAGHDAD — A group of Iraqi lawmakers linked to anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called Monday for the dissolution of their country’s parliament and said new elections should be held within six months.
Any Iraqi Military personnel seeking to qualify to file for public office MUST resign their commissions as per the Egyptian schedule: Sgt. One Year, Colonel: 5 years, General 15 years. What about Washington and Eisenhower? They resigned, but it was more like SIX months! Right? It makes GHWB’s 5 YEARS between CIA director and VP appear to be reasonable, but actually it’s perfectly timed to be sub-surface just enough to not be detected when his loyal subordinates generated a hostage situation 5 years later.

So, perfect Repent Iraq. Let’s start over again WITHOUT the U.S. influence. And while who’s at it, let’s make a deal to let Syria MERGE with Iraq, or what parts thereof. Who is willing to live in the desert in order to not be trammeled upon by whom?

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