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Katatni: FJP Encourages Zakat Without Interfering in its Regulation

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that Zakat is an obligatory duty for the rich Muslims to pay, and a right for the poor, to be distributed in ‘Sharia-prescribed’ lawful channels.

Dr. Katatni added that the party does not interfere in the means and mechanisms of organizing and regulating Zakat, because they are not of FJP responsibilities as a party, and that these were up to parliament and governments to come, after extensive discussion within the community in order to achieve the noble purposes of Sharia laws and rules.

Katatni stressed that the party is currently working in accordance with its platform to encourage financially-capable Muslims to pay out Zakat in aspects defined in Sharia.
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============Null Hypothesis:
Who was taught Zakat is 2.5% or 5% of your net profit for the year.
Further, in the time of our prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, and all who follow him, who was taught the government did not collect a tax from muslims, because the Zakat charity was enough to fulfill the needs, interests, and problems the government was working to address, however, non-muslims were required to pay a tax to the government, because there was no assurance they were making a contribution to society as a whole.

This logic survives to this day in the form of “tax-deductible contributions” and 501c non-profit organizations in the United States.

You make your contribution by what you do, or what you pay. If you do extensive dawa outreach work, then the costs associated with that – including the value of your labor – can be counted as part of your Zakat charity, because you could have been working earning money instead of doing the dawa outreach. Is that right?

“Do I know you?” one person asked on the street in San Francisco when who was making charity to whom. This raised the point that if you do not know the other person then it is definitely charity, however if you do know the other person, then it might be charity mixed with another form of obligation.

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