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Draft #6 of the peaceful and defensive use only of uranium World Bank and Iran trust account


2. Iran, hereinafter referred to as the trustee, and the Trust Department of the World Bank, hereinafter referred to as the trustor, do hereby enter into the following trust agreement to be managed for an annual fee to be agreed upon..

3. In accordance with ARTICLE XIX, SECTION 2 of the IMF Charter, the IMF shall be informed by a copy of this trust agreement regarding the trustee’s contingent authorization to the trustor to transfer the IMF SDRs of the trustee to any other IMF member, or any nation, who is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been harmed by other than defensive use of Iranian uranium. Iran reserves the right to defend itself with nuclear weapons after first being attacked and then issuing a formal declaration of war against the attacker (s).

4. The trustee hereby encumbers the IMF SDRs of the trustee to the trustor who is granted a limited power of attorney in all matters concerning the withdrawal, liquidation, or transfer of the IMF SDRs of the trustee in regards to compensating any harmed by the uranium of the trustee.

5. The duration of this encumbrance and trust agreement shall continue in perpetuity, or until such time as the consensus of opinions called for in item number six (6) herein verifies the trustee no longer possesses unchecked or balanced control of uranium or any other technology of mass destruction.

6. In the event of concurrence of opinion regarding harm from at least five independent sources which shall include at least three (3) international entities drawn from among the International Court Of Justice, International Criminal Court, UN General Assembly, The European Court of Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, [thk/], and who else? – and at least two (2) sovereign Islamic Courts whose only judicial jurisdiction above them is who, or why, can stand alone, or stand with any – the trustee authorizes the trustor to confer with and reconcile any differences in compensation set forth by the ruling jurisdictions and liquidate, exchange, and transfer directly to the parties so harmed ten times the damages caused up to the the full value of the IMF SDRs of the trustee minus reasonable court costs, trust costs, and disbursement costs without any liability to the trustor or third party entities for said harm.

7. The trustor shall be permitted to conservatively invest the SDRs of the trustee and shall insure such investments against loss of principal and shall distribute the earnings to the trustee quarterly. BOTH THE TRUSTEE & TRUSTOR SHALL RECOMMEND INVESTMENTS AND EACH SHALL HAVE THE POWER OF ABSOLUTE VETO.

8. In the event the trustee needs to borrow against the IMF SDRs of the trustee, the procedure in item #5 shall permit it to do so.

9. As the quantity of enriched uranium of the trustee increases, in order that the trustee’s self insurance will remain commensurate with the potential harm of the uranium of the trustee, the trustee intends to establish one, or more, additional peaceful and defensive use only of uranium trust accounts collateralized with a fee placed upon each barrel of oil sold.

10. The trustee shall have the right to append to this agreement inventory details such as proof of isotope finger printing of uranium, verification of checks and balances upon personnel, and inventory rotation in and out of public and private inventories, and what else toward the goal of preventing false claims and leakage of inventory.

11. Signed this _________________ of _______________ 2012

12. By ___________________________________________________
13. President Mahmoud Amadinejad of the Ancient and Logic Seeking Nation of Iran, for the trustee

14. Witnessed this _________________ of _______________ 2012

15. By ___________________________________________________
16. Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei of the Ancient and Logic Seeking Nation of Iran

17. Signed this _________________ of _______________ 2012

18. By ___________________________________________________
19. President Robert B. Zoellick of the world bank for the trustor

20. Witnessed this _________________ of _______________ 2012

21. By ___________________________________________________
22. Fareeba Mahmood of the World Bank Trust Department

Draft #6 of the peaceful and defensive use only of uranium World Bank and Iran trust account

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