When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

The exile of you, Hosni Mubarak – to where every direction is qibla [jet] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czvb_QTyp3M

Bismellahi, bless, I open myself to you my God, then I open myself to you, the one (1) one hundred (100%) percent independence, then I seek to reach consensus …by asking, “Would you like to do this with, or without me, or not at all? Conserve and expand recycling capacity of whose light let be?

Amendment #___ to the Constitution of Egypt – “Stand alone, or stand with?” [thn/] – The Exile of YOU, Hosni Mubarak

Whereas to this day there remains with us the division of the family of Abraham, and

Whereas this division of our family arose from the exile of Hagar to stand alone in the desert by the order of Sarah, and

Whereas our ability to adopt, or conceive, rear, educate, endow, and emancipate continues to be determined by the logic of “Stand alone, or stand with? Whose choice? To what degree? Why?” and

Whereas like the Pharaoh, YOU, Hosni Mubarak and YOUR collaborators made Egyptians, and all who surround EGYPT, too dependent upon standing with YOU and YOUR collaborators, and

Whereas WE the people of Tahir Square, along with our siblings in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Cote d’Ivorie, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and beyond have demonstrated a strong determination to endow and emancipate all individuals and groups with both un-separable duties and voluntary choices regarding access to walk and bar, ALLAH WALK-BAR, and

Whereas ACCESS to walk and bar DETERMINES THE ABILITY OF ONE AND ALL to FULLFIL decisions according to THE REASONING AND EVIDENCE AND EFFORTS OF EACH TO reach consensus regarding “Stand alone, or stand with? Whose choice? To what degree? Why?” therefore, be the Constitution of Egypt hereby

Amended to direct the Parliament and Military Command of Egypt to oversee the reduction of THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY rank of YOU, Hosni Murbarak to private where YOU, and who else were last sure YOU WERE doing things right, SO YOU MIGHT REPENT, FORGIVE, BE FORGIVEN, ACCEPT AND HAVE YOUR REPENTANCE ACCEPTED FRIST BY GOD AND THEN BY YOUR WITNESSES, and further

Amended to direct THE EXILE OF YOU, HOSNI MURBARAK, to stand alone, along with two doctors, and a security detail, to THE LOCATION where every direction is qibla…THEREBY BLOCKING YOUR ACCESS TO WALK AND BAR so no matter in what direction YOU look, YOU might constantly be reminded OF the true source of YOUR, our, AND ALL dependency and protection – THE ONE (1), ONE HUNDRED (100%) PERCENT INDEPENDENCE, WHO, OR WHY, super-cedes and ultimately determines who controls guns or money, and WHO is found in your, OUR, AND ALL personal comprehensionS of the loving plan of self-repair from WHOM, OR WHY, DOES NOT NEED ANY, INCLUDING NOT NEEDING TO NOT NEED, AND WHO IS THEREFORE READY, AND WILLING, TO CREATE, SUSTAIN, WELCOME, PERFECT, RETURN, AND INVITE ANY – the one God who creates and sustains all worlds, and who is the only one permitted to live or go inside the seamless Ramadan inside the oldest treasure house, the oldest scientific laboratory, the oldest house of God – where all qibla meet and curve into the whirlpool of tawaf [[thn//]] where the shards and BLACK STONE eversions of Kaba wall which form whose light let be reunify with the seamless Ramadan side facing inwards and the seamed Eide side facing outwards like a centrifuge around the seamless Ramadan inside the Ka’bah WALLS – THE Ramadan – Eide bond of the Kaba walls – able to TURN INSIDE OUT AND fragment INTO THE MASS OF BLACK STONES and ALSO BLE TO turn inside out AGAIN AND RECONFIGURE INTO THE LARGER VOLUME OF THE ENERGY OF THE OLDEST HOUSE OF GOD – the RAMADAN – EIDE BOND AT THE BEGINING AND END OF ALL QIBLA – THE material from which is constructed the clay of the four dimensional cross of all north, south, east, west, down, up, toward, hello, and away, goodbye – JESUS WAS A CARPENTER AND THE CROSS OF THE COMPASS AND THE CLOCK ARE MADE FROM THE OLDEST HOUSE OF GOD, FROM WHICH THERE IS NO EXILE BUT BACK TO THE CLAY OF THE bond of the seamed Eide and the seamless Ramadan of the Kaba walls – AND ULTIMATELY BACK TO THE ideena s-siratal mustaqueem – the straight way of OUR CREATOR, the messiah self repair soft and hardware dance and song book thread woven throughout the fabric of all creation … the straight way of our creator who needs no house, NO PRAYER RUN, NO RAMADAN OR EIDE, and further is the Constitution of Egypt hereby

Amended to direct a full copy of the archives and opinion of Judge Ahmed Refaat, head of the Cairo Criminal Court be preserved on ship board and in any land based science center, or mosque or ecumenical welcoming center resulting from this amendment.

The exile of you, Hosni Mubarak – to where every direction is qibla [jet] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czvb_QTyp3M

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