When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Islamic Court

This is a place for you to read and write and respond and seek responses regarding Juma Hukbah sermons, Dawa outreach prayers, academic curriculums, and what other efforts…

This is a place for you to make preparations to present your requested remedies in the best way you can, no matter whom you want to convince of your point of view [thn/].

If you find you need to file for requested remedies in Islamic and other Courts, this web site will work with you to accomplish that goal also.

The straight way (ideena s-siratal mustaqueem”) teaches us to seek to reach repentance, forgiveness, and acceptance of forgiveness strategies –

Siratal l-ladzeena an amta alayhim grail maughdubi alayhim wa lad dallllleeeeen,

“Thy straight way that is known to us [whum] through the confidence of countenance, and rhythm and bearing and demeanor of those who are not tormented, tortured, terrorized, cornered, or embarrassed, and who torment, torture, terrorize, corner, or embarrass others not,”

To repent is to stop, feel sorry, and promise you will never use that false short cut again, and instead, stop, retreat, and go back to where you, and who else, were last sure you WERE doing things right, and restart again from there forgiven by God – without the need to confess – and from there go forth to seek the sign post reasons of the true short cuts, which save you steps without making unnecessary steps for any, while retaining essential redundancies to be sure.

There are standard operating procedures for self defense and justice, but we believe it is reasonable to take time, five times a day to put to either side any immediate need for response other than our highest and most unifying, and charitable, and abstaining, and free and independent considerations to find the responses and requested remedies which weed, seed, and feed, with the least harm to all involved – even unto transplanting to the jungle, rather than ending, what can not be accommodated in the venues of civilization. And that means making sure there is adequate jungle to support the wild life at the bottom of the food chain ever learning to move closer to the one (1) one hundred (100%) percent independence – the one God.

Out of this reasoning comes conclusions such as “Plaintiffs not terrorists” and “Bhutto, not Guantanamo” and “Tolerate Islam or Die, but force Islam on others and you will die – because God accepts only voluntary muslims, therefore live your life as an example which inspires one and all to come to Islam voluntarily.”

We believe in using every peaceful means available to reach consensus – courts, legislatures, executives, elections, petitions, Hukbah sermons, prayers, pilgrimage, and what else? Charity, and abstinence, and what else?

Once we have built a sufficient body of evidence and logic to support our requested remedy (ies), if our requested remedy (ies) is (are) accepted we continue to participate peacefully.

However, if rejected without sufficient grounds, or evidence, or alternate remedy, then we publish our Complaint, Grounds, and Requested Remedy and body of evidence as widely as we can.

If that fails to rouse the majority to order whom to do what so who can do what who will not permit whom to do, only then, after a formal declaration of independence, is the violent overthrow of the government justified.

This 100% consistent, unbiased logic is based upon –

“La (no) il (small) ahah (gods)

il (small) la (no) Allah (one God),

Where ‘God’ = 100% independence able to stand alone, or stand with any.

This is because ‘small’ (il) needs ‘big’ or ‘equal to’, but God does not need any.

Further, ‘gods’ need more than one, but God does not need any.

Also, creation depends upon God. So although God is in creation, God can live or go where creation cannot and therefore creation is less than God (il la Allah).

Also, God is 100% independent and totally free to accept, or reject permission from the self of God without needing the consent of any other. Therefore there can be places where God chooses to not live or go.

Ashadu anna Mohammedan ur rasulluulah
(and I bear witness Mohammed is a messenger, or coach, or ambassador to and from the one God)”

Bismellah (open to) iraqman (welcome) iraheem (make more perfect)

[^ ^ ^ ^ ^]

God is in us, but God is greater than we are. We need God and we need partners to be complete enough to welcome and make more perfect.

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