When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Issac lives in the shadow of annihilation and who knows why? [hnk]

Netanyahu on Iran: Israel must not ‘live in the shadow of annihilation’

Issac lives in the the shadow of annihilation and who knows why?

Scott Wilson and Joby Warrick
Urged against attacking Iran, Israeli prime minister insists his country must be ”master of its own fate.”

xref: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” – “Invinctus” – poem about cosmology for atheists.

3,000+ comments: ‘Tell him . . . no more aid’
Fact Checker: Romney critiques Obama and Iran
Noose tightens around Iranian oil exports
Report: Iran to allow U.N. inspection

Call back to Iran’s World Bank Contact.

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