When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Yellow journalism; xref: Insider trading in ‘news’

High court will decide on health care soon. It will tell you ruling later.

Robert Barnes
Justices move with surprising speed to vote on cases, but writing their opinions can take months.

{Phoney?} [Thn/] xref: Hegel’s sense of humor: “The process determines the form so why do I write the forward to my book after it is done and place it at the begining?}

400+ comments: On the ways of the court
The Take: On health care, is GOP ready for a win?
Wonkblog: Predicting the court’s decision
The Post’s View
Three days in the Supreme Court

xref: “Six days on the road and I’m gonna see my baby tonight,”

Editorial Board
Laziness on the left, me-firstism on the right, and politicians trying to duck the costs.

xref: “Stuck in the middle with you,”

Rise in homicides after ‘Stand Your Ground’

Statistically significant rise in homicides after ‘Stand Your Ground’ ?
xref: Are you telling me you’re one of those ‘Sovereign Citizens’?”

More Editorial Board Opinions
Euro zone ministers agree to pump up bailout fund to nearly $1 trillion

xref: Mention “Recapitalize the US for $500 Trillion…” a few times and the hypnotists who borrow money to buy votes immediately figure they can push their debt higher without fear of default…

Michael Birnbaum 5:07 AM ET
Finance ministers say they will increase commitments for a new bailout fund to $667 billion.

Yellow journalism; xref: Insider trading in ‘news’

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