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Response to Veronica

    From:     ScreenName31415 CityHall12357 <welcome.perfect3@me.com>
    Subject:     Re: 1. Service Animal in Training Laws in Washington, DC 2. Application to participate in training three Afghan Hounds to be service animals
    Date:     June 2, 2012 5:39:56 AM AKDT
    To:     Cooperative Paws <veronica@cooperativepaws.com>
    Cc:     thenationalislamiccenter@Gmail.com, info@saudiembassy.net
    Bcc:     msow59@hotmail.com, mtriebwasser@washhumane.org

On Jun 1, 2012, at 6:51 PM, Cooperative Paws wrote:

Thank you for contacting me and for taking the time to provide the information below. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to help. I do not offer any type of protection dog training.
Protection dog training is not my primary concern, but I am interested in “Be all you can be” for dogs as well as people.
I offer service dog training on a very limited basis (my area of expertise is limited to people with mobility limitations and hearing loss)

I do have a hearing impairment on higher frequencies. The pups do hear sounds I cannot, and they alert me by their glance in the direction of the sound.
given the time intensive nature of this work (it takes typically 2 years to train a dog to work as a service dog at a minimum).

“Training you to train your dog” was the title of my maternal Grandmother’s book. “Training your dog to train you” might be the title of my book; xref: http://www.affluent.net/sara/tabby/tabby.html
Dear Tabby, I just turned six months old but I’m already helping my owner by alerting her to sounds she cannot hear. Someone told my owner that I’m too young to be considered a service animal, because I’m just a puppy. Is this true?
Darling, Heavens to Betsy, no! What dimwit told her that nonsense? The ADA does not discriminate on age of a service animal dear. We are all equal.

Dear Tabby,  My partner was told I needed to be trained at a qualified school by a licensed trainer to be a service dog. Any truth to that?

Darling, Not where the ADA is concerned. However, there may be some truth to it where additional rights are granted under your state law. For example, any person can train an animal to be a service animal under the ADA, even the owner, and that animal is entitled to the same access as an animal trained by an expert at a school. But, the state may say it is a felony to kill a service dog (rightly so!), and if the state law defines service dog as a dog trained at a qualified school by a licensed trainer. Then the service dog that is trained by its owner, would not legally be a service dog in the eyes of the state where that law is in force. Thus, the disabled service dog owner would still have ALL the rights provided by federal law concerning a service dog he trained himself, but not any additional rights granted under the state law.

Dear Tabby, My precious owner suffers from a severe mental disorder and has been told by her Dr. that she is 100% disabled. I am the purr-fect kitten and bring my owner much love and attention. I let her know that she is about to have an episode. I can tell it is happening before she does.  I have had no training. Am I her ADA service animal? I would love to go everywhere with her and keep her safe.

Darling, You sound like a purrfect companion for your mistress. Often we become trained without even realizing it has taken place. For example, each day your mistress uses an electric can opener to open a tuna can. You of course begin to associate the lovely smell of tuna with that irritating buzz of the can opener. You begin to run to the can opener, knowing you will be allowed to lick the can clean. Before long, you run to the can opener every time you hear it. You have become trained to associate a sound and react in a certain way. The same exact thing happens when we associate something our disabled owner does, we react a certain way signaling our owner, and our owner rewards us. We become trained, although we may not have been formally labeled as “Trained” by an expert. If you have become trained for example, to somehow let your mistress know she needs to sit down before she falls down, to take her meds, to call for help, etc. then you are trained to signal your disabled mistress. Signaling is one form of work that an animal can do that qualifies it as a service animal.

I cannot take on any more service dog clients at this time.
Thanks anyway. Are you interested [Hnk!] in taking on any apprentice trainers?

Most of the people I know who offer service dog training (including myself), will work with just one dog for the individual, because the process is very time consuming.
My three pups share learning curves. Betsy maneuvered her way to be by my ‘ashadu’ (witness) finger while I was praying and then ceased mibling on Karzi to nibble on my right index finger when I pointed it to bear witness. Next prayer, Mekkah coyly did the same, but without the cover of tussling.
Likewise, they’ve all learned to pause while I try to tie a knot in the feces collection bag. Likewise, they understand “Three breaths” pause rights before being required to “move along” again.

That said, you might find the following organization helpful as you continue to research your options: http://www.iaadp.org/

Looks Good.
and specifically: http://www.iaadp.org/iaadp-minimum-training-standards-for-public-access.html

The pups are emptying out in a specific area of their pen now, but they will mark significant spots by emptying out. Like when I missed Thursday’s walks because of an Apartment Inspection, I found a modest stool left right where the gate slides open. When Betsy reaches the side walk where our public yard starts, she is so glad she empties her bladder, and so on.

“Perfect empty out, Betsy. Next time wait until you get permission,” We always try to give children and animals credit that what they want to do is good. Then we tell them what we need them to do right now. [door (ext.)]


Veronica Sanchez M.Ed. CPDT-KA, CABC
Trainer and Behavior Consultant
Cooperative Paws LLC

From: ScreenName31415 CityHall12357 <welcome.perfect3@me.com>
To: veronica@cooperativepaws.com
Cc: thenationalislamiccenter@Gmail.com; info@saudiembassy.net
Sent: Friday, June 1, 2012 10:14 PM
Subject: 1. Service Animal in Training Laws in Washington, DC 2. Application to participate in training three Afghan Hounds to be service animals

Specify whether your pet is a cat or dog (or both) – dog (3 Afghan puppies – 13 weeks old – from same litter
Pet’s age – 13 weeks
Pet’s gender – one male, two females
Breed (or mix) Afghan, but no papers on the father, only the Mother
A day and evening phone number – 202-465-0067
Your address – 4200 Wisc. Av. NW, Suite 106 – 146, Wash. DC 20016
Briefly describe your training goal(s). –  A. Establish the right of a service animal in training to be accommodated in the same way a service animal is. B. Find the most basic training which will quickly qualify each puppy as an [jet] “individually trained service animal” – so the “in training” distinction become a moot issue. C. The three pups already work well as a team Betsy tends to lead, Mekkah has the most poise, and Karzi, the male, is less quick but more steady. – ideally the three would work as a team to reinforce behaviors regarding my own disabilities and those of one, or more friends who are interested in leasing the pups on time sharing basis to assist them in cutting down on smoking, alcohol intake, anxiety disorders, etc. i would like to get some basic training such as to bark when who tries to light up a cigarette. Or at the smell of alcohol, or what else? And then continue to train toward more complex tasks such as knowing when who is at the computer too long, or listening to radio or TV which is broadcasting strife or anxiety related material with a response to get the person to switch the channel to more healthy sounds and / or images…
Has your pet ever growled at, snapped at, nipped or bitten a person? If yes, please describe. – The pups wrestle with one another and bite one another’s ears. There is the potential for them to be trained as personal protection dogs. My research has shown sale prices begin around $17,000 for well trained family companion dogs who are able to grab the arm of an intruder and take him or her down. If this natural hunting / aggressive instinct can be trained I would like to do so. On the other hand as little as 15 minutes of holding and petting and head bumps and loving brings out kind and gentle responses from the pups. They have been a accepting Wudu, the ritual ablution washing to be clean enough to pray since they were eight weeks old.
Has your pet ever injured, fought or shown other aggressive behavior towards other dogs? If yes, please describe. – The wrestle and knaw on one another. You can see they have the instinct to hunt and kill, but I have not yet observed a knock down, drag out fight yet. But I see how things could move in that direction if they are not adequately trained, loved, and exercised.
If there are children in the home, please list ages. – There is no child at home at this time, however, the goal is for these pups to be trained to be people friendly and child safe. At the memorial day parade – families came over and petted the pups and they responded well.
My Grandmother, Dorothy Long, had Noranda [train whistle] Kennels, and bred Collies, at least one of whom, “Buster”, one best in show, at Westminster. She also founded “Dogs for Defense” during World War II. There was always a collie dog in our family and I feel I have some common sense about dogs, but I am not a certified animal trainer yet, and I would like to learn more. In Bangor Maine I learned about http://www.ccpdt.org/

My situation at this time is my three pups are being denied access to my apartment by my land lord who says I can buy or adopt a service animal but I cannot have a service animal in training.

But the ADA simply says, “An individually trained animal”. My research shows State Laws generally define the rights of Service Animals in Training, because that case is not mentioned by the federal law.

For seven years I had an ADA service animal ‘Big Wig’ who lived with me in this very same apartment. Perhaps since I had a service animal then, I have more of a case to have a service animal in training now? I let a number of years lapse after ‘Big Wig’ died due to mourning, and the Iraq and Afghan wars and the US Capitol being virtually shut down… But I need to restart my service animal therapy and my neighbor, Sally, who has lived here over 20 years, also wants to participate with a service animal to reduce alcohol and nicotine intake.

I have a letter from my doctor prescribing “Service Animal” (please see attachment). The missing article makes in indefinite whether my doctor is refering to one, or more than one, animal

Thank you for reading this. May we find a way to accommodate these beautiful and intelligent Afghan Hounds who are not only service animals in the making, but ambassadors of good will healing war wounds, and working to extend the Smithsonian National Cultural Mall from DC to Santa Barbara so we have an Interstate Pedestrian System like the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate Highway system but for people on foot and bikes and families and dogs, and cultural tourists, etc. [rain starts coming down hard.]


W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed A. Omar

enc. Dr. Jackson prescribing fax

cc: AK

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