When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Story Idea Submission to National Geographic

William Hale Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 2:22 AM
To: NGTstorydev@ngs.org
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William Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar
60 Western Av.
Suite 3 – 222
Augusta, Maine 04330

Story Development Coordinator
National Geographic Television
1145 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Fax: +1 202 457 8215
Email: NGTstorydev@ngs.org

July 5th, 2012


Dear Story Development Coordinator:

Enclosed please find my signed National Geographic Idea Submission
Policy and Agreement and a brief treatment of my idea.

Would you like to do this with me?

Thank you,

W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar

enc. National Geographic Idea Submission Policy and Agreement

cc: KA ℅ AAJ

July 5th, 2012

Abraham, Ishmael & the rebuilding of the oldest house of God

Energy / mass conversion – Fermi-Dirac statistics (mutually exclusive
(seams)) compared to Einstein-Boltzman (non-mutually exclusive

The Higgs Boson, Gravity, and the two directions in which only God can
live or go without limit.

CERN, Mekkah, French Nuclear Testing

“Jesus was a carpenter. The cross is made from the oldest house of God,”

I have a film or series idea.

PARTICLE – The story: The Higgs boson has placed subatomic particles
in the news again, but what is a ‘particle’? What is a ‘field’?

EXPLORE – Explore the science, history, and sociology of particles and
fields with National Geographic and William Hale, aka, haji Mohammed
Omar and a group of scientists and pilgrims who make pilgrimage from
where every direction is qibla in the French Polynesian Islands to
where every qibla ends at the oldest house of God in Mecca, Saudi

PARTICIPATE – Participate in interviews with people along the way via
the web. Explore natural phenomenon which echo the underlying bond of
Ramadan (seamless) and Eide (seamed) in whose light let be.

QIBLA – Qibla is the shortest distance from you to the oldest treasure
house, the oldest scientific laboratory, the oldest house of God. But
when you travel ‘upstream’ on qibla, you find where every direction is

STORY – Our story begins in the French Polynesian Islands – where
every direction is qibla as scientists and pilgrims prepare to travel
together half way around the world along selected qiblas to where all
qiblas end at the oldest treasure house, the oldest scientific
laboratory, the oldest house of God, the holy Kaba in Mekkah, Saudi

TEST – Only who, or why does not need any (including not needing to
‘not need’) is permitted to live or go inside the holy Kaba. Thus for
all except God, as qibla approaches the kaba, the great circles of
qibla become the lesser circles of tawaf – and curvature, which is an
essential concept for ‘particle’, begins to be defined.

KABA – The oldest house of God in Mekka, Saudi Arabia was rebuilt 360
generations ago by Abraham of Ur (iraq) and Ishmael, his son with
Hagar, one of Pharaoh’s most beautiful concubines.

BANISHED – 360 Generations ago, Abraham the son of the high priest and
Astrologer of Ur was unsuccessfully burned at the stake, and then run
out of town – because one night while his Mom and Dad were across the
river at a party, young Abraham had smashed all the statues of the
idols his Father worshiped – and then placed the sledge hammer in the
hands of their most powerful God saying, “He must have done it!”…

ARCHIMEDES – “Give me a place to stand on, and I’ll move the world,”
Archimedes said about his discovery of the powers of the lever in 267
BC +/-. about 1,800 years after Abraham and Ishmael rebuilt the Kaba.
The Kaba represents just such a fulcrum in terms of subatomic

WWII – World War II resulted in part from the technologic race to
master the fire (Energy)before the competition did. Uranium and the
convertibility of mass to Energy (and Energy to mass) was surfacing at
that point on our scientific learning curve.

EVERSION – that the large volume of Energy and the small volume of
mass could be related by an inside out turning (eversion) of the
curvature of the bond between the direction in which only God can live
or go (seamlessness) without limit, on one hand, and the direction in
which parting increases, on the other hand, is symbolised by the black
stone at the corner of the door of the Kaba.

TRIBES – the story of how Mohammed brought peace among the tribes
regarding the placement of the black stone (then white before being
touched so many times it turned black) also relates to the basic
difference between fields compared to particles and the bond between
the Ramadan and the Eide which results in field and particle
interaction (s).

RAMADAN – When the Ramadan (seamless) side of the Kaba wall is on the
inside of the curvature of the Kaba boundary condition then the Eide
(seamed) side of the Kaba wall is on the outside. This is when the
Kaba wall, the prayer rug of God, curves in the direction of the large
volume we call Energy; xref: “What’s up?” Outwards, the larger volume
is ‘up’…

MERGER – The big bang represents the tipping point between the two
kinds of Ramadan. A cataclysmic eversion (inside out turning).

CONVERTIBILITY – This is the story of how qibla becomes tawaf and
tawaf becomes sa’i and sa’i becomes a “big bang”…

MIDWAY – Like the name, ‘Ramada Inn’, the name, ‘Midway Islands’
suggest those who have gone before us were not unaware of these
relationships; xref: “No room in the Inn,” xref: when the inward
direction is Ramadan and seams are unable to go any further in the
seamless direction. Thus the messiah frequency of stand alone, or
stand with, is ‘born’ ‘outside’ the Inn / ‘in’ in the manger of the
Imam’s vestibule, or mirhab in the outside of the kaba wall, the
charity of the inward bend in the ‘No’, of the ‘La’ of “La il aha, il
la Allah, ashadu anna Mohammedan our rasullulah, Ashadu Adam from the
clay rasulluulah, Ashadu Eve…” Likewise, the Midway Islands are not
far from Tahiti.

SPECIAL – This special National Geographic series will draw upon the
prayers, and history of people along the way and relate them to the
underlying science. It will be an open forum. Possibilities will be
discussed. Viewers will be encouraged to draw their own conclusions.

CHARACTERS – Modern day scientists, pilgrims, translators, and a mix
of dramatic re-enactments of the biblical characters of Abraham of Ur,
Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, Pharaoh.

LOCATIONS – CERN, Tahiti, Paris, Hurricane Island, Maine, Mekkah, Ur
on the Persian Gulf, Ship board on qibla at sea… Degrees of ‘stand
alone’ or ‘stand with’ various life forms and ecologic systems are
able to attain and maintain.

DRAMATIC ACTION – UNDERWATER – Dramatization of the eversion of the
Kaba by praying underwater inside a large bell jar where every
direction is qibla.

MODELS – Scientists use kinetic models to discuss the volume change
associated with eversion.

SALAT – Pilgrims perform the oldest dance and song of control and
variable which isolates the vectors and hinging of toward, “Hello,”
and away, “Goodbye,” by testing the ability to come to relative rest
and then performing formal salat prayer in our local gravitational
field. Special effects overlay inertial vectors on salat patterns.

SCALE – Over the course of the pilgrimage from Tahiti to Mekka, full
scale models of the kaba could be built to dramatise the inside out
turning of the kaba with associated orthogonal displacement with the
Kaba with Mekka representing 100% Energy and Tahiti representing the
full distance the kaba must orthogonally displace in order to turn
inside out 360* representing 100% mass.

OPENING – Thus a great circle midway between Mekka and Tahiti is where
the Kaba door is pushed open from the inside by the eversion of the
far wall. Construction of full scale models of the Kaba partially
everted add to the drama and let pilgrims feel how qibla becomes tawaf
and tawaf becomes sa’i and sa’i inside the black stone becomes the
prelude to a big bang.

ANIMATIONS – Existing animations from the University of Indiana
regarding eversion and Dirac’s rope trick add clarity and spatial
orientation skills and tools to the story.

SIMPLICITY – Eversion is as simple as turning a sock inside out, but
with a volume change associated with the inside out turning due to
whether infinity (100% homogeneity) is inside the curvature of the
kaba wall, or outside the curve of the everted kaba wall.

EXTRAPOLATION – Thus the water of the Pacific Ocean is used to
symbolically represent the Ramadan of seamless coalescing around the
outside of the black stone. You can imagine if the water could
continue to ‘merge’ in upon itself; ref: Einstein-Boltzman condensate
– the pressure of the Ramadan and the Eide inside it would increase.

SA’I – The pilgrims making sa’i and salat inside the large bell jar
dramatise the completion of the eversion in the Eide direction with
the ‘gravitational field’ of the seamless Ramadan of the water around

LONGEST QIBLA -The Hajj along the longest qibla (s) then explores the
turning inside out of the black stone from where every direction is
qibla in Tahiti. As the scientists and pilgrims follow qibla towards
the kaba to where qibla becomes tawaf around the kaba.

SYMBOLISM – The black stone in Mekka might be relocated to where every
direction is qibla in the French Polynesian Islands to symbolise this.
Or a similar “sister stone” could be used. Or it might be discovered
there is only one longest qibla on the cosmic scale, and our earthly
model which produces 360* of longest qiblas doesn’t not apply on the
cosmic or subatomic scales.


1145 Seventeenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036


You have an idea or ideas which you think may be of interest to
National Geographic Television, National Geographic Channels
International or National Geographic Channel US (individually and
collectively, “NG”). While NG is anxious to take every opportunity to
improve and expand its programming, NG has found certain precautions
necessary in receiving unsolicited ideas and suggestions submitted to
it in order to avoid any misunderstandings as to what are the rights
and obligations of NG with respect to such submissions. NG will
receive and consider submitted ideas and suggestions only if the
submitter is willing to agree that the submission of ideas shall be
subject to the following:

1. OWNER OF NEW IDEA. NG will receive only submitted material that is
embodied in written form. NG will consider your submission only at
your request and only with your assurance that to the best of your
knowledge you are the sole originator of the idea and that you have
the legal right to submit it to NG for its evaluation.

2. DISCLOSURE NOT CONFIDENTIAL. You acknowledge that NG may disclose
the idea to its employees, and possibly to others, to determine the
idea’s value to NG. It is understood that no confidential relationship
is entered into by any reason of the consideration of your submission
to NG or by reason of any oral discussions between NG and you.

3. CONCEPTION BY NG. NG and its employees develop many ideas of their
own for the development of programs, some of which may be similar to
yours. An idea that is new to you may be old to NG, or similar or
identical ideas may be conceived independently. Accordingly, you
hereby waive any claim that NG misappropriated any ideas in or
portions of your submission in any activities in which NG may engage
in the future.

4. SUBMISSION NOT RETURNED. NG does not assume any obligation to
return the submitted materials to you. Therefore, you should keep a
duplicate of any material submitted, as well as a copy of this

5. NO PREJUDICE. Any consideration of the submitted idea(s) or
negotiations to purchase it (or them) does not waive NG’s right to
contest the validity of your copyrights, trademark, or other
intellectual property rights in such submissions.

6. NO COMPENSATION. No agreement for compensation shall be implied
from NG’s consideration or review of your submitted idea. However,
should NG elect to use any portion of your idea that is legally
protectable, you and NG shall negotiate appropriate compensation to
you in good faith.

29662 (3/04) 1

7. MODIFICATION. The foregoing conditions may not be modified or
waived except in a writing signed by an officer of NG.

8. TERM. This Agreement shall be valid for a period of ten (10) years
from the date of signature and shall apply to any further ideas
submitted by you to NG during such Term.

9. HEADINGS. The titles of the paragraphs of this document are for
convenience only and are not intended to affect the interpretation of
the actual terms and conditions of this Agreement.


William Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar

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