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$8 / hour people need $1 / pound protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates

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7/16/2012 10:03 AM GMT+0800
If we keep on buying more foreign imports, we will have more container ships coming to our ports.
If we cannot handle the inspection, stop buying foreign imports.
If the price of foreign goods is lower, we will later pay more for unemployment and welfare plus a higher risk of terrorism.


7/16/2012 10:07 AM GMT+0800
Yes, we can tell that to General Motors business partner, the Red Chinese Army.

7/16/2012 10:02 AM GMT+0800
Anymore than demanding that you take your shoes off is a little much for the $8.00 per hour people.

7/16/2012 10:12 AM GMT+0800
$8 / hr people; xref: “Serfs down” blood line security chains; xref: DNA prints of high elected officials to be posted on line with their photos so anyone, in the privacy of his, or her home, can test the null hypothesis, “We have one of your business cards,”

7/16/2012 9:53 AM GMT+0800
Ironic is it not? Individuals will be required to have health insurance or pay the tax/penalty, yet hospitals are not required to have malpractice insurance!

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