When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Dewey and Rebuild Eden

3:31 PM GMT-0800
Video games for libraries where you must use the Dewey decimal system to find books and pages therein for clues and keys to get to the next level of the game?

3:28 PM GMT-0800
As usual, the developers are behind the uproar. Instead of leaving a few hundred feet of partying space alone, some local bozo with some cash wants to turn it into his private playground – with condos of all things. He cares nothing about heritage or people or fun, only making a dollar and in turn, making others miserable. He knows this beach will end if he has his way, but he doesn’t care, he is too greedy over the dollars to be made on cheap condos ruining the area.
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3:27 PM GMT-0800
New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, and Dewy Beach – “Rebuild Eden” projects – with, or without, the fig leave (s) – but either way – without the shame [^] or the need to get drunk to cancel out your ‘don’t’ center in order to answer your emotions. instead? TEMPORARY marriage ceremonies with contracts and Mike Tyson Valentines which indicate precisely what you mean to do from holding hands only – to intimate internal touch – to athletic, team oriented touch and motion complete with rule book and play book (s) – and referees (and coaches) for that matter! Why is who so afraid of using ON THE TABLE tools to deal with our oldest language of touch and motion? When will we see the “Rebuild Eden” float in the Mardi Gras Parade? When will we find a “Rebuild Eden” booklet attached to what brand of beer? When will clothing manufacturers address the fig leaf issue and market the garmets to remove the shame and subtext bidding or chess playing for the formal vows of [Hnk!]…

2:34 PM GMT-0800
You stay classy, Dewey Beach. Or as we Delawareans like to call it, “Do-me Beach.”

2:46 PM GMT-0800
Some of my best memories [that I can recall] are from Dewey.

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