When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Reminder of what awaits further editing [””hnk]

Original draft of Heal-thy Aroostook – almost lost during editing, but found in a mail draft.

Would you like to do any of these things with, or without me, or delegate it, or not do it at all?

Become your family health guide – DMV style written and practical tests designed for each age group so anyone can receive a family health guide certificate. Lower health insurance rates… based upon the number of family members who are certified health guides – and who retest and keep their certificates up to date.

Add a Surgeon General’s button to the tool bar of all internet browsers sold in the US. When content on a page makes you feel it needs to be diagnosed an healed, simply click on the Surgeon General’s button and the page will be read by the Surgeon General’s web site where gmail – style content matching software and facebook ad campaign demographic software will analyze the content and match it with similar, alternate, more healthy content written and photographed by U.S. citizens, medical professionals, and who else has qualified to place what in the Surgeon General’s Data base. The ability to annotate pages and link genealogies of discussion to any location on the page motivates people to “‘Judge not that ye be not judged’, diagnose and heal so that you yourself might be,”

Food shopping software – Ah enough protein for 4 days in this package! Or – You need 4 more portions of green leafy vegetables to have six full meals in your shopping cart. Menu planning software: Daily, weekly, monthly nutrition calculated. Input the meals you want, get suggestions on other meals which would round out your nutrition. Assign comfort value to certain foods and work with the program to get a comfort index you can live with. 

Bicycle / ski to school. Have the school bus stop a mile away from school. Unlock your bicycle / skis from the school bike / ski station and ride / ski on the monitored school trail with your friend (s) to school. Issue ‘school bikes’ / skis like text books so you still have a bike / skis at home.

Require the words, “Clean air area only” replace the words “No smoking” on public signage and airport P.A. announcements.

File a lawsuit to have airport P.A. announcements rewritten. For example, “If you meet anyone you’d like to hang out with, or exchange gifts with, please return to the baggage scanner and rescan your bags together so you can be sure about your new friend (s),” instead of “Do not accept any items from unkown strangers” which discriminates against an entire class of people also known as “the general public” – and worse – leads to ingrown behaviors and a fear of engaging in free speech with anyone you choose until and unless they indicate otherwise – a freedom which leads to more physical activity rather than withdrawing into your own shell.

Require a surgeon general’s warning on the frame of all screens – “Screens can be hypnotic and may lead to physical and psychological addictions and harmful side effects of sedentary life styles”

Require five minutes of stretching exercises and isometrics at the end of each class before leaving the class room, or moving on to the next subject. Then have a 3 minute review of the lesson just finished after the stretching to reinforce the learning before moving on.

Require 15 or 20 minutes a day when there are NO scheduled tasks or study hall or cafeteria so students can think their own thoughts. Permit notes to be made during the last 5 or 7 minutes of the period.

Heroin – “You’ll want it for the rest of your life,” explore the concept of independence – stand with, or stand alone – whose choice to what degree? Relate it to the US Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. Explain the difference between psychological and physical addiction. Also cognitive maps.

Work – Design a chart of compensating exercises to balance out the muscle groups various work tasks exercise so people can regain and maintain balance, posture, and what else?

Eye yoga exercises for screen bound workers.

Who requested a Surgeon General’s booklet for cigarette packs and got the Joe Camel advertising campaign booklet instead. Require aUS and / or Maine Surgeon General’s Warning booklet be attached or handed with each pack or carton of cigarettes sold. Likewise for Alcohol

Require TSA agents to meet or exceed basic physical fitness requirements. Obese agents must get a letter from their doctor and undergo a rehabilitation program and extra drug testing because obesity is a known side effect of opiate addiction for certain physiologies. According to one TSA supervisor in Washington, DC, TSA personnel are required to meet fitness standards when they are hired, but not afterwards. Why? Also they are checked only at the beginning and end of the day but have free ‘in and out’ privileges during the day. Heal-thy Mainers might want to be paid to do State Service on a schedule which permits us to carry on our own carriers yet gives us authority and access to inspect TSA agents, and other personnel who have the right to deprive us of our liberty or invade our privacy (xref: “The new Gestapo,” apology of Governor LePage) so we keep as careful an eye on them as they do on us and thereby reduce the temptation of organized and unorganized crime to infiltrate our security teams. Perhaps pilot projects with ipod Nano badges which record everything an officer hears and is uploaded into a data base the Chief retains for 90 days and is accessible by court order might lead to more motivation to put on the table what is under the table?

Have a Heal-thy Eating Center where anyone can come in for a free meal two or three times a month. The meals are models of nutrition balance, good eating habits, and socializing while eating. You get to take two or three pieces of fruit with you when you leave, and there are feed back forms and opportunities to talk to the staff and establish relationships where you can call in any time and chat a bit about a diet or exercise insight you’d like to share.

Service animals and obesity control – exercise motivation, and breaking addiction cycles – informally trained animals who will naturally motivate you and formally trained K-9’s who will back away at the smell of cigarette smoke, or any unclean air, and approach you only when you extinguish the tobacco, or move to a clean air area, and then reward you with a kiss, or lick. Or, another example –  grab your wrist when you try to move toward the smell of alcohol,except for “medical use,” which smells different from drinking alcohol.

Training you to train your dog – helps you train yourself to obey your own will power commands.

Training you to obey your dog’s signals – likewise

Permit students who win a trophy to visit the classrooms of lower grades (or upper grades?) and say a few words about it.

“A house divided cannot stand” – motivating under the table cross border smugglers of controlled substances to work with the “on the table” trust networks to create pilot projects which permit the US Postal Service and USDA to administer pilot projects for taxed, legal access, buddy systems, legal environments, and increased penalties if the legal access is abused or causes harm to others; xref: “Sign me up for next week,”

Sewer water test monitoring equipment attached to the main outflow of the University of Maine campuses – so we can report what is going through the student body as part of the daily weather report. The goal is to make controlled substances truly ‘controlled’ via self control and buddy systems, and legal, healthy environments and increased penalties for abuse of legal access or harm to others – instead of actually ‘forbidden’ and out of control and “around the corner” and in the alley where the devil can really get ahold of our youth and at risk population – with whom of the very people we pay to protect us from abuse participating in the under the table economies; 

xref; 2/3 rds of the NYC police department found guilty of distributing narcotics during the Vietnam war when Frank Lucas organized the smuggling of heroin into the US via the coffins of G.I.’s; xref: Robert Gates giving permission to have US coffins photographed with family consent after this was first posted. Note the Thames River in London was reported in an A-1 article with full page photo as testing positive for cocaine by “The Examiner” newspaper of Washington, DC after who first mentioned this idea in a bike shop across the street from a US Marine Corps. Barracks. Part of health is improving both our conscious recognition and unconscious autopilot skills. Monitoring sewer and water is also a national security duty.

Make “Officers of the Peace” instead of “Law Enforcement Officers” the title for Maine State Troopers and Police so we all think of ‘Peace” and “a more perfect Union” rather than ‘force’ and an “Us vs. them” mentality when we use the term.

Ask Mainers to, “Rewrite your job description the way you think it could best be done. (Both for the tasks and your personal life)” Keep a private diary of your job re-writes, discuss issues with your co-workers, and on inauguration day when we ring the bell, then hand in your suggestions to your chain of command for peer review and implementation – so we can do things the way YOU think they should be done.

More duty shift rotations – variety and health go hand in hand. Likewise redundancy in having more than one person who can do any particular job.

Make stronger adult / child relationships – permit Maine LLC’s to form with four men and four women who agree to adopt and / or conceive [low rpms] 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 children – rear, educate, endow, and emancipate them – so there are ALWAYS at least TWO adults home for the children and up to six adults can work to support the LLC team – with flexibility for duty shift rotations. Each adult gets one regularly scheduled night or time or turn alone with each other adult – including your night by yourself, and all the adults have the duty to know and do certain things. Silent partners may be permitted by the articles and bylaws of the LLC. Similar to grandparents, the silent partners have a more distant relationship with the adults and children, but can provide financial, emotional, and duty shift rotation support in ways similar to grandparents. Why continue to let the corporations divide and conquer the American family? Why continue to raise latch key children with screen baby sitters while two parents must work to support the family? In the case of China, the 8 adults might care for only 4 children. When times are tough, and work is scarce outside the home, LLC adults can provide “sweat equity” by making improvements in the home or other assets of the LLC.

Require community clinics to be established within 100 yards of emergency rooms so non-emergency cases can be referred.

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