When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

“Sewage” treatment

“Watch the water cut through the rock.
The rock is hard, the water is soft.
Watch the water cut through the rock.” (Buddha)

Would you like to do this with, or without me, or delegate it to whom, or not do it at all?

Invite musicians to perform a series of benefit concerts, or add this cause to existing planned benefits, so as to raise funds and awareness regarding making the Presque Isle stream clean enough to swim in and thus provide an alternative to the obsolete outdoor Presque Isle outdoor pool?

Could one, or more, designated areas of the Presque Isle stream be improved by local contractors and the Army Corps. of Engineers to provide places safe enough, with sufficient capacity, to give swimming lessons and recreation opportunities to the current 300 folk (plus anticipated growth, say up to 600) who currently use the old, outdoor pool on a daily basis? [^]

As part of this “What goes around comes around” benefit P.I. concert goers could be introduced to the emerging science of sewer [^] epidemology -testing sewer water on an anonymous, community wide basis to prove what is going through the body politic – toward the goal of putting ON the table what continues to go on UNDER the table, so instead of moving toward “a house divided” we might instead move towards “a more perfect Union”.

University students tend to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and this can affect the community surround them. By anonymously proving levels of drug use on a community wide basis, a precedent is set for permitted levels of Olympic Thinker drug testing during off season, training, and prior to and after competition (exams). Also, the ability of a university and / or community to demonstrate a low crime rate despite testing positive for various controlled substances builds a case for US Surgeon General certified intimacy coaches, Olympic Thinker drug tests and pharmacies, and Glass Bead Game Suggestion Marathon competitions which maintain and improve the health of the students and community by rationalizing the under the table economies of sex, drugs, and rock and roll – “I proved it,” replaces “As long as I don’t see it, and “Solved,” replaces “No problem,” (as in ‘Don’t cause a problem,’)

Mass spectrometers can be rented for as low as $300 / day. High performance liquid chromatographs are available. And one source claims home drug test kits can be adapted to get meaningful results.

There is an aspect of pre-emption. Better for “We the people” to utilize the tool and set precedents and ground rules and make our case on a community wide basis before law enforcement agencies move inch by inch from sewer mains to individual building sewer line tie ins to the mains. Better to prove an overall level and an Olympic thinker threshold with increased penalties for those who abuse legal access, than to continue to try to hide while the sewage of certain groups is tested, but not others. Better to require high elected officials to undergo Olympic Thinker drug testing, and prescriptions as role models, than to continue to try to hide while under the table trust networks look out for themselves and target scape goats to placate whom is unwilling to do the hard work of overseeing legally what who is so afraid will make a mess if put on the table that who lets it continue under the table where unconstitutional means are used to keep people “in line”.

Perhaps a combination of some actual tests by University chemistry students and town engineers, along with a drama, and / or rock opera; xref: “The Music Man” currently being performed at the Arena Stage, here in Washington, DC. Also xref; [Hnnnnnnnn hnnnn] “Tommy”, the rock opera by The Who 1969. “We’ve got trouble. Right here in River City. With a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for ‘pool’ – gotta find a way to keep the young ones moral after school,”

The solution turns out to be a marching [Whewwwww heww] band for the school; xref: “Global Public’s Marching Heart’s Club Band”, “Sad songs D.A.R.E.D. Better” and “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

This somewhat delayed millennial campaign still has a bit of momentum behind it. Here are some of the research notes from today.

Perhaps the readers of the Star Herald could collaboratively script a rock opera about all this with a clean river and outdoor swimming lessons being part of the happy ending?



Divine light dancers – touch and motion our oldest language.
Ironically water aerobics are recommend for obese people and obesity is one of the known side effects of heroin addiction, at least for certain physiologies.

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