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Potato peelings and byproducts accelerate sewage treatment

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wiloludjournal.academia.edu/…/AGRICULTURAL_BY_PRODUCTS…Agricultural-by-products such as rice-husks, yam peels, cassava peels, orange … plantain peels, corn cobs, saw-dusts, potato peels among others have been used … The rate at which industrial, domestic and sewage effluents are disposed into … metal ion solution to the treatment site (Okoro et al 2007, Gavriksqeus 2004).
Potato Peels: A Source of Nutritionally and Pharmacologically …
http://www.globalsciencebooks.info/JournalsSup/…/FOOD_3(SI2)23-29o.p…File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by A Schieber – Cited by 4 – Related articles
on potato peel utilization, focusing on the above mentioned constituents, and highlights the potential of an important by-product of the food industry as a source …
Development Document For Effluent Limitations Guidelines And New
nepis.epa.gov/Exe/ZyPURL.cgi?Dockey=30005SNG.txt… Treatment Systems 110 26 Effectiveness and Application of Waste Treatment ….. Except for the introduction of dry caustic peeling, potato processing ….. Although the citrus peel manufactured into cattle feed is considered a by-product, there is a ….. treatment by biological procedures may be accelerated by adding these …
Cassava wastes: treatment options and value addition alternatives
http://www.academicjournals.org/ajb/pdf/pdf2007/19Sep/Ubalua.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by AO Ubalua – 2007 – Cited by 28 – Related articles
Sep 19, 2007 – Three treatments (mixing of 150 ml of wastewater from fermented cassava pulp with 200 g of washed, dried and ground cassava peels and …
By-Product Recovery From A Potato Waste Plant by Centrifugation
http://www.p2pays.org/ref/18/17506.pdfThe operation of the Ore-Ida’s waste water treatment plant in. Ontario, ID has … One side result is an enormous amount of potato waste made up of process …
Waste Management – Red Meat Abattoirs
http://www.rvav.co.za/…/ …File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
Reduced waste generation, by-product utilisation, cost implications, …… organic load of raw sewage treated at sewage treatment plants and in addition …… Hides and skins have the highest yield and value of all products of livestock other than the carcass, and in some ….. Heat is applied to accelerate the process (150ºC).
Biofuel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biofuel… sugar or starch that alcoholic beverages can be made from (like potato and fruit waste, etc.). …. The solid byproduct, digestate, can be used as a biofuel or a fertilizer. …. This feedstock is abundant and diverse, and in some cases (like citrus peels or …. suggests can be grown on algae ponds at wastewater treatment plants.
Guide To Field Storage of Biosolids and Other Organic By-Products …
http://www.nilsa.com/…/Fangos/Guide_to_Field_Storage_of_Biosolids.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
system: the wastewater treatment facility, the transportation process, … management of organic byproducts, in Chapter 7 there is a …… Potato skins, raw ash. — ….. The accelerated decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms, which is …
Prasad Kaparaju
https://jyx.jyu.fi/dspace/bitstream/handle/…/951391710X.pdf?…1File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by P Kaparaju – 2003 – Cited by 20 – Related articles
kg-1 VS and co-digestion with confectionery by-products (20% of feed … (potato peel or potato stillage) at loading rate of 2 kg VS m-3 d-1 produced methane yields (m3 ….. sewage treatment, landfills) is 15 million tonnes of oil equivalent ( Mtoe), …… solubilization due to accelerated hydrolysis of organic matter and thereby its …
Utilization and biodegradation of starch stillage (distillery wastewater)
http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/index.php/ejbiotechnology/article/…/685by M Krzywonos – 2009 – Cited by 14 – Related articles
Stillage (distillery wastewater) is the main by-product originating in … The quite frequent use of starch-containing wastes (e.g. putrid or frozen potatoes, peelings, pulp, ….. Some of the investigations dealt with the treatment of potato stillage, and ….. TANAKA, Y.; MURATA, A. and HAYASHIDA, S. Accelerated composting of …
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