When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Pied Piper of Hamlin? Or wolf in sheeps clothing?

When you know Buckminster Fuller, the person behind the geodesic dome and “Buckyballs”, is the Uncle of whose cousins who moved from NY to Maine a generation or two ago…

And when you know who has been commuting between Maine and Washington, D.C. since Olympia Snowe announced her retirement – in the hopes of making sure the kindness and New England independence of Olympia and Maine carries on…

THEN it feels transparently clear who would send a world intelligence community covert mass email to one and all regarding children to debate the issue of whether who is truly in fact a “Pied Piper of Hamlin” xref: who was a kindegarten cop the year before you made the movie, Arnold.

Or, is who the devil incarnate ignoring the Lord’s Prayer who works to update re: “Lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from the false short cuts which save us steps but make unnecessary steps for others, or ourselves laters…”

Who reports. Who decides. [… whwhwhwhw (doppler shift) wwwhwhw Rhrhrn [thock]]

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