When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Dear Vincent: [Whump (exterior)]

Dear Vincent:

Please run the following ad – and volunteer to participate as a client along with Marion Barry and who else – to publicly role model that what continues to go on under the table can cause less harm if put on the table – and our house that is becoming increasingly divided can instead move again in the direction of “a more perfect Union”

WANTED: Churches, mosques, synagogues, musicians, or anyone – to bid on managing 1 of 3 DC “sex, drugs, and entertainment” pilot projects to provide legal environments, buddy systems, controlled substance prescriptions, self testing, healthy outdoor landscaping work, and “on the table” solutions

4:01 AM GMT-0800
Sorry Ol’ Vinny…the future of DC DOES NOT include you!!! Goodbye!

WANTED: U.S. Surgeon General Intimacy Coaches. Must pass DMV-style written, practical, and oral exam and be willing to be supervised by two licensed doctors who do not know one another.

WANTED: U.S. Postal Service workers to deliver prescribed controlled substances by registered mail for use in legal environments only.

WANTED: Requested remedy software to watch entertainment and “make sad songs better” by automatically using content matching and demographic software to find healthier alternatives written by citizens and doctors in the data base of the U.S. Surgeon General’s web site.

WANTED: Landscapers and Planners to install “Barefoot Park” right of way so anyone can walk throughout our national capitol barefoot or in a wheel chair without the noise, smog, or danger of vehicluar traffic.

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One Response

    4:01 AM GMT-0800
    Sorry Ol’ Vinny…the future of DC DOES NOT include you!!! Goodbye!

    2:31 AM GMT-0800
    It’s like gray is giving DC residents the finger. He’s the crook and he’ll do whatever he likes and there is nothing anyone can do about it… talk about arrogance.
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    1:07 AM GMT-0800
    How many lawyers does he have, and who’s paying them?
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    12:45 AM GMT-0800
    Gray is an unrepentant skag whose presence in the office is obviously the result of corruption – documented acts of corruption – whose every gesture and word oozes contempt. He’s late for the door and his ambitions for his present office are meaningless. His next one will probably have bars, 3 hots and a cot.
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    7/25/2012 8:51 PM GMT-0800
    Mayor Gray has delusions of adequacy. How arrogant.
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    7/25/2012 6:39 PM GMT-0800
    Gray is STILL here ?
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    1:08 AM GMT-0800
    hell, democrats get awards for this kind of stuff…
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    2:33 AM GMT-0800
    No flat they don’t… corruption in politics has always had strong bipartisan support.
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    7/25/2012 6:29 PM GMT-0800
    There are some people for whom only a frying pan to the head will bring them back to reality. Vincent Gray doesn’t seem to understand that in order to lead the city, the citizenry has to be willing to be led. That is no longer the case. Gray’s ethics and credibility became suspect almost from the day he took office, and continual scandals have demonstrated that he is unfit to be called the Mayor of the District of Columbia.
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