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Storage in Italy for US Military equipment

Army’s Plans to Relocate Gear Offer Roadmap to Future Roles
Published: July 27, 2012 13 Comments

WASHINGTON — In a significant indication of where the Army anticipates it will be deployed over coming years, and what it will be doing there, the service is planning to relocate some of its vast overseas stores of combat equipment and alter the contents of other warehouse stocks to reflect the changing nature of the mission after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Lucas Jackson/Reuters
An armored transport vehicle, known as an MRAP, at Forward Operating Base Goode near the town of Gardez in Afghanistan’s Paktia Province in July.

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Large numbers of MRAPs, the armored troop carriers build to withstand improvised explosives in Iraq and Afghanistan, would be stored in Italy, where they could be transported for contingencies across Africa. Those could include disaster relief in hostile environments, civilian evacuations or counterinsurgency assistance to local security forces.

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  1. In addition, MRAPs would be sent to warehouses in the western Pacific for potential use during a conflict on the Korean Peninsula, under current planning being included in Pentagon budgets now taking shape, even as significant numbers are stored in Southwest Asia and the Persian Gulf region.

    Plans call for the brigade-size stock of armored fighting vehicles now stored in Europe to be brought home, although other infantry

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