When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

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Response to your home page, Governor Paul LePage

Thought you might be interested in this response to your home page, Governor Paul LePage – along with my responses to the current Star Herald

xref: “Enough?”
Also xref: implication who already has at least ‘some’.
Jobs for Maine Families

xref: “Don’t get a job unless you need one. Find a need and fill it. Be your own boss,” Independent contractors vs. ‘employees’. Therefore keeping compliance and insurance requirements clear and simple and affordable is essential to emancipating citizens from the paternalism of ‘employers’ and / or unions who ‘take care’ of ‘employees’.

What about assoications of independent contractors?

So, backing up a few steps, division of labor into employers and employees is not necessarily a great evil, but should the model be you matriculate through employment to become an independent contractor?

Also xref: duty shift rotations, flex workers who can fill in for one another, and what else? vs. “the easy way out” of a life time of doing the same thing day in and day out…
==========Null Hypothesis//

Governor Paul LePage is working for you to get government out of the way

xref: red tape of compliance and insurance and what else?

and allow Maine’s small businesses to create jobs. It’s time to get Maine working again, and that means tearing down the roadblocks that establishment politicians have built over the past 40 years.

xref: “vested interests”

Smaller, smarter government is the key to new jobs

independent, entrepreneurs, self-employment, self-correcting, self-educating, collaboratively self governing people.

and financial security for Maine families.

xref: recapitalization of the US treasury and endowing Maine families with trust funds built to last for the next eighty million (80,000,000) generations (two (2) billion years) – maybe more…
========Null Hypothesis//

Thought you might be interested in this response to your home page, Governor Paul LePage – along with my responses to the current Star Herald

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Second Question:

PLP, et al. – Thought you might be interested in my rsponse to the current Star Herald:

Enter your self educating, interactive par course  designs and models [[Whu whu. Whu whuuu]] in next year’s Northern Maine Fair competition.

AVAILABLE: USDA certified confidential farm cleaning, inspection, and maintenance crews. Task rate-book. One time, or regular checkups / maintence: barns, stalls, fields, kennels, equipment, etc. Breakdown & disease insurance. Backup units delivered within 24 hours. Mobile lab work. 

Test plots on your farm. State and private industry recommend crops. Outside jobber works with you to plant the crop and educate you about maintaining it and then checks on a daily / weekly / monthly basis regarding critical tasks, growth assessment and what about your farm favors the potential crop on a wider scale – or not. Maine sea vegetable farmers welcome.

BLM certified tree limb trimming crews can open up the forest floor to light and air circulation and improve tree growth on your property. Tree planting. Wind break designs to aid saplings. Tree insurance.

Outdoor recreation
WANTED: builders, guides, maintenance crews for one to three day hike / swim / climb par courses and biathlon cross country ski courses.

Outdoor recreation
IRON MAN: Amphibious 4 wheeler iron man contests. Combination technology contests: canoe, 4 wheeler, foot, horse…

Outdoor recreation
IRON MAN: Combination technology contests: snowmobile, cross country ski, dog sled, snow shoe, ice climb

Brunswick; xref: bowling; xref: automatic sanitizing machinery and procedures; xref: TSA tubs and farm equipment.
Springvale; xref: “Wrecking ball” and transit; xref: Google sketch up projects to replace what is beyond repair with what Maine needs.

Butera, assistant to Gov. LePage re: job creation

One month on, one month off – two day commute – work anywhere in the world

Maine adoption and / or conception, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) – 4 men and 4 women organize to adopt and or conceive, rear, educate, endow, and emancipate 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 children. Each LLC adult gets one regularly scheduled night, or time, or turn alone with each other adult, including your night by yourself. And all the LLC members have the duty to know and do certain things…

Marketing the Maine name; xref: “third boxcar midnight train – [sound] {image of solar system showing mercury, mars, and earth} destination bang, or Maine {xref: “big bang” or “Remember the Maine!” xref: “Strawberry fields [whewwww hewww] forever,” xref: critical mass, expanding universe and immaculate conception.

LePage re: marketing the Maine brand

“Families! Value! Teamwork! AND independence!”


“Proteins are the bricks [[Whum!]]… Maine lobster is 26.4% protein”

“Carbohydrates are the fuel. Maine Potatoes are 18% to 63% carbohydrates”
{{Maine ice cream… and be sure to burn up as many calories as you take in!}}

“Vitamins are the glue! 
Maine sea vegetables provide 20 essential vitamins! 
AND are 17% – 28% protein and 39% – 45% Carbohydrate

Maine sea and land vegetables
“One if by land, two if by sea…
“And I on the opposite shore will be,”

“Whoops! Almost forgot to add Maine!”

The ad series has who choose blueberries, or maple syrup, or potato, or lobster, or Maine sea vegetables, etc. and place them side by side on the plate, or dish, or table with the featured produce of another state.

“Love thy neighbor state”
1. Quaker Oats ad run in Pennsylvania: “You forgot the Maine blueberries, Dad!” “Oh! Right! Father in charge of Saturday breakfast opens the frig to bring out the Maine [^] blueberries.
2. When the add is run in Maine, it’s “Monday! (glum) But I’m having Pennsylvania oats with my blueberries today!”

Patricia Aho re: environment and agriculture

Robert Winglas re: workforce issues

Mobile laboratories for on site testing of fresh samples
Wet labs, dry labs, why an on farm lab makes sense.
Water testing.

“Proteins are the bricks [[Whum!]] you build your body with. Lobster is 26.4% protein”

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