When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?


YOU TO TRAIN and be trained by YOUR DOG – Monday the 10th of September at 6 pm in the conference room… William Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar 202-465-0067, Grandson of Dorothy Long of Noranda Kennels, of Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY, will lead a discussion regarding formation of one, or more teams, to develop a series of coloring books, videos, web site pages and training manuals. 1/2 of any profits will go to feed hungry children at home and abroad. This is not an offer to invest either labor or capital, but rather an exploratory meeting to assess the [[full log truck down shifts and comes to a full stop, and then proceeds up hill followed by a white 4 X 4]] the quality of the training program and feasibility of publishing it.


Animals who like to move respond well to the commands, “Come, heel, stop, sit, stay,” – in that order.

Patting the ground in front of you while you say, “Come here,” is a sign almost universally comprehended by all animals.

Hold the leash in your left hand.
Use your right hand to hold the leash near the collar of the dog.
The reason the command is called, ‘Heel’, is because the nose of your dog is required to be in line with your right heel while you walk along together.
The dog is at your side.
When the dog is fulfilling the command, “Heel,” you can reward (reinforce) the teamwork by saying, “Perfect heel, _________ (name),”

When the ‘Heel!’ command is interrupted by sights, or sounds, or logic along your trail, you may want to observe and learn how whom you are training with responds… [[Empty log truck passes by down hill in low, low gear]] …and seeks responses.
Say, “Three breaths, ___________(name*)!
“One breath, two breaths, three breaths, ______(name*)!
Now ‘Come on,'”

If who you are training with continues to show intense interest in the scent or sight, or logic which is interrupting the ‘Heel!’ or ‘Lead!’ command, then at your discretion you can ask, “Do you want three MORE breaths, (__________ (name*))?
O.K. (___________ (name*)), one breath, two breaths…”

98% of the time by the second breath in the second set – who you are training will resume walking or heeling with you again.

Compliance with your offer can be rewarded by saying, “Perfect, ‘Come on, _________(name*),”

Single parenthesis (…) means [[tail thump on headboard]] the name is required, but double parenthesis ((…)) means it is optional to use the name.

By using a consistent praise pattern, and repeating it as frequently as you feel necessary, you can internalize your voice so who you are training with hears the expected praise from memory, even when you do not speak the praise pattern aloud.

Likewise, by permitting whom you are training with to have what degree of freedom, his, or her, or their, or it’s patterns of responding and seeking responses are internalized in you so you learn to respond and seek responses like a herding dog, or respond and seek responses like a sight hound, or respond and seek responses like a playful pup, or mature adult… [[black 4 X 4 with [door]… passes as closely as possible]]

How to train yourself (and others) to train and be trained by dogs – or any form of intelligence:

*name means the name of the dog, or team, or whatever entity you are attempting to tame, train, and educate.

Due to my meager finances, and the failure of my effort to rent 30 Edgemont Dr. in Presque Isle due to the aroma of the Tater Animal Food plant, and my inability to quickly find an alternative place to rent with enough yard and access to wide open spaces, today I asked the Star Herald to run the following classified ad –

WANTED: Loving home (s) for Betsy & Karzi – 18 week old Afghan Hounds in training to be ADA Service Animals. 202-465-0067 “Respond and seek responses,”

I am willing to continue to work on ADA training with whomever offers to take in Betsy and Karzi. My schedule looks to be one month in Presque Isle, one month traveling, or two weeks in Presque Isle, and two weeks traveling. so I should be in town about six months out of the year. Another alternative is for myself and the three dogs to go to Afghanistan, but I’m not sure for how long.

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