When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

DOMA re: meiosis, mitosis, laboratory assisted

DOMA re: meiosis, mitosis, laboratory assisted
William Hale

12:24 PM (1 minute ago)

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If due to a birth defect you are born without a ‘gender’ do you loose your right to marry?

Second question
Would you like to do this with, or without me, or not at all, or delegate it to whom:

…draw up the legal work for a limited liability company (LLC) to permit four men and four women to adopt, and / or conceive, rear, educate, endow, and emancipate 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 children?

The Articles and Bylaws could require at least two adults be in the home at all times to prevent latch key children.
Each adult would get one regularly scheduled night, or time, or turn alone with each other adult – including your night by yourself.
‘Silent partners’ could be permitted who like traditional grandparents might contribute financially and / or provide baby sitting and / or places to go to visit and build fond memories.

China likes the idea.

Who in Bollywood / Hollywood might like to dramatize the response inventory tools needed to minimize the down side risks and maximize the upside benefits?

W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar

Meiosis, mitosis, laboratory assisted – we move closer toward the one, 100% consistent, unbiased logic from which arises whose light let be.

But what comes BEFORE meiosis?

The marriage of the seamless to the seamed is the oldest marriage.
On one hand, there is Einstein-Boltzman statistics which permit two points to be in the same ‘place’ at the same time…
AND, on the other hand, there is Fermi-Dirac statistics which [Whump] do not […] {permit two points to be in the same place at the same time.}
These are the most basic forms of Ramadan (abstaining) and Eide (celebrating),
…that is, semaless and seamed.

God does not need ANY part, parting, or partners

…including not needing to ‘not need’
and therefore God is ready and willing to create, sustain, welcome, perfect, return, and invite […] ANY.

E = mc^2 has popularized the ability of mass to ‘convert’ to Energy and Energy to ‘convert’ to mass,
…but the underlying, inside out turning (eversion) of the boundary condition (aka, Kabah wall*) which unites the two ‘directions’ of toward seamlessness (away from seams), on one hand, and toward seams (away from seamlessness) on the other hand, is still on the Higgs boson frontier.

Meiosis, mitosis, laboratory assisted – we move closer toward the one, 100% consistent, unbiased logic from which arises whose light let be.

“Respond and seek responses,”

*Only God is permitted to live or go inside the oldest house of God (the Kabah). Therefore, only that part of God in 100% Ramadan (abstaining from creating any seams, or dependencies, or anything LESS than God) is found INSIDE the Kabah (kaba). Therefore, when you walk around our model of the oldest house of God rebuilt by Abraham in Mecca 360 generations ago, the direction ‘inward’ is the direction toward seamlessness (homogeneity, independence), while the direction outward is the direction toward seams (partings, partners, dependencies),

…but, when in the course of the qibla, haj, tawaf, sai, eversion, big bang, inside out turning of the flow of the balance of the interdependency of the boundary condition of Ramdan (seamlessness) and Eide (seams) which we know as the oldest house of God** …this dance of the angular momentum of the dynamic, spinning balance of the Kabah results in a reversal of the boundary condition so the Eide side is on the INSIDE of the curve of closure, while the Ramadan is on the OUTSIDE of the curve, THEN we say the Energy has ‘converted’ to matter. [[That’s all…]] – and the diameter of the boundary condition gets smaller by a factor of E / c^2 = m; xref: the black stone relative to the Kabah.

The oldest marriage is of the large volume (Energy) and the small volume (mass) in a boundary condition capable on one hand of attaining closure which can come to relative rest such as protons or electrons, or on the other hand can turn inside out and move away transversely at 186,000 miles per second [[That’s a good one…]] as dual wave particle photons to permit the completion of the closure of the Ramdan-Eide boundary condition

The oldest marriage (created by the one God who, or why, needs no marriage) permits the inside out turning to adjust the diameter of the volume of the closure of the boundary condition of the spinning of seams of Eide moving to maintain one to one correspondence with the seamlessness Ramadan part of the boundary condition to which they are bonded (xref: Mobius strips) – in quantum steps (xref: degree of the twist of the Mobius strip, or the degree of eversion of the Kaba; xref: various diameters, orbits, and mass of wave / particles – between the two extremes of 100% Ramadan (seamlessness) or zero volume, maximum mass of that amount of boundary condition vs. 100% Eide (seams) or maximum volume (Energy) a given amount of boundary condition (Kabah, or kaba, wall) can achieve.

This provides the “Hello,” (toward) and “Goodbye,” (away) and the combination of the two, “See you around,” (God willing, who hopes) for all other ‘marriages’ or unions.

Making the rest stop of ‘gender’ the controlling authority regarding the union of matrimony places a road block in the learning curve of “Hello,” and “Goodbye,” and “See you around,” “God willing,” “I hope,”

…to wit, “We the people of the (book) The United States of America, in order to form a more perfect Union…”

and surely “a more perfect Union” is one which permits “more perfect unions” between one and all. [[[Alright, I love you]]]

**Catholic humor calls it, “The statue of limits”; xref: Islam’s prohibition of statues, idols, and graven images, and the Catholic love of statuary, paintings, etc.

***DOMA rules nuns and priests cannot be required to “marry the church” and be denied their right to “bestow the blessings of liberty upon themselves and their posterity”

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