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Afghanis rooting out corrupt who were allied with US

Key Officials Under Karzai Are Criticized
Published: August 12, 2012


KABUL, Afghanistan — The chief of Afghanistan’s antigraft commission has called for the country’s finance minister to step aside while he is being investigated in connection with corruption allegations, even as the minister appealed to his Western backers for support.
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The back and forth is just one element of what appears to be a widening shake-up in some of the Afghan government’s most powerful ministries, and notably ones that play a critical role in working with the country’s biggest Western supporters, officials say.

The Ministries of Defense, Interior, Mining and Finance — linchpins of United States plans for troop withdrawal and for long-term Afghan development — have all come under intense pressure in recent weeks. The cases are rooted in different political tensions, but taken together they raise the prospect that the West’s already tenuous relationship with the Afghan government could become even less stable.

Afghanis rooting out corrupt who were allied with US

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