When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Bills needed to upgrade and recapitalize the public and private assets of the United States of America, and then automatically harvest revenue for government treasuries instead of levying taxes

Bills needed to upgrade and recapitalize the public and private assets of the United States of America, and then automatically harvest revenue for government treasuries instead of levying taxes

[[[Hnnnnnnk!]]] A bill to stipulate upgrades of infrastructure, right of way, and other improvements to the title of assets to be purchased by the U.S. Treasury under a bill to recapitalize all of the public and private assets of the United States of America

Short title: “We all want to see the plan”



Whereas peace is an architectural solution pertaining to “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “See you around,” “God willing,” “Who hopes,” be it hereby

Resolved the following asset utilization plan shall be adopted prior to passage of a bill to recapitalize all of the public and private assets of the United States of America [[[[Whu whu]]]]

[Jet] {xref: US Airforce Mach 6 flight test}

1. Solar and wind powered Atlantic and Pacific desalinization xref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_thermal_energy_conversion
2. Brine byproduct utilization with oil sands to manufacture, export, and lease PVC irrigation pipe and modular PVC dwellings – as well as separately manufacture sodium feldspar tiles
3. East – west roads with fresh water pipelines
4. Smithsonian National Green Belt Cultural Mall Interstate pedestrian, equestrian, bicycle, and first amendment right of way system – similar to the U.S. Interstate Highway system but to provide a separate, tranquil place for pedestrians, families, and tourists away from motorized traffic
5. “Olympic Thinkers” drug testing, buddy systems, legal environments, and increased penalties for corrupting minors administer by the US Postal System, the US Department of Agriculture, National Service tuition credit duty, FDA, TSA, DOD, and who else?
6. A five generation path to dual citizenship
7. What else?

#590 of 652: William Hale (hinging0) Mon 13 Aug 2012 (12:16 PM)

A bill to recapitalize all of the public and private assets of the United States of America for four hundred quadrillion dollars ($400,000,000,000,000,000) – including the U.S. Treasury, the fifty (50) State Treasuries, all territory, borough, and municipal treasuries, and the profit and non-profit assets of the private sector – with time release covenants to prevent inflation,

Short title: 18 holes vs. 1 hole, [[[Whum (interior)]]] or $400 X 10^15



Whereas, Assets = Liabilities plus Owner’s Equity, where assets are anything of value, and liabilities are values owed to others, and equity is value with no claims upon it other than the owner’s claim upon it, and

Whereas the liabilities / equity ratio, or liabilities / GDP, ratios of the United States of America are unsustainable, and

Whereas tens, or more likely, hundreds, of trillions of liabilities require tens or hundreds of quadrillions of equity to be sustainable, and

Whereas the value of owning all 18 holes of a golf course far exceed the value of owning only one (1) hole, be it hereby,

Resolved the U.S. Mint shall mint and account for sufficient dollars to enable the U.S. Treasury to pay one hundred (100) times the highest assessed value, between 2000 and the present (adjusted to current dollars) for each and every public, private, or other form of asset […] under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, and then within thirty (30) days of said purchase, the U.S. Treasury shall sell said assets back to the original owners, lessors, and / or renters for one-half (1/2) of the purchase price paid by the U.S. Treasury, and further

Resolved said purchase prices shall be deposited in trust accounts in financial institutions chosen from an approved list by the original owners of the assets – with time release covenants on behalf of the original owners to prevent inflation, yet provide adequate cash flow, and further

Resolved, prior to said purchase of said assets, all planned local, state, and federal infrastructure, right of way, and other improvements to the title of said assets shall be legislated into law so they are publicly known prior to being amended to the title of said assets during their ownership by the U.S. Treasury before their re-sale back to the original owners, and further

Resolved all said purchases shall be thirty (30) days, or less, eminent domain transfer of title to the U.S. Treasury to ensure there are no gaps in the assets needed to carry out the pre-approved, complete, orderly, and intended upgrades of infrastructure, right of way, and other improvements to the title of said assets, and further

Resolved, the U.S. Treasury may, and shall, impose only alterations, improvements, or changes to the asset, or title to the asset, which have been approved by legislation prior to the eminent domain purchase of the
asset, and further

Resolved, the purchase payment shall be deposited in a bank chosen by the asset owner under the terms and conditions of a trust account established by this bill to prevent inflation while making funds available to the asset owner, lessor, and / or renter.

Voted into law this ______ day of ________

What about U.S. Treasury debt? Will it also be purchased at 100 times
its value? Then it will be paid off. And under covenants.

Second question:

A companion bill to go with this one would pro-rate the recapitalized
U.S. Treasury balance sheet so each U.S. citizen had an equal [sound
(ext.)] portion to oversee. A small allowance would be paid to each
citizen for auditing his or her U.S. Treasury account, along with a
percentage of any waste fraud or abuse the citizen uncovered. The
private tax industry and IRS would audit government spending and work
hand in hand with the individual citizens and share in waste, fraud and
abuse uncovered.

These two accounts: the first asset based, the second based upon doing
your share of the work to audit government spending would represent
the net present value of the next two billion years. The covenants
would permit families to spend from these accounts to cover education,
marriage, birth, medical expenses, death expenses, and so on. Instead
of a bunch of little people feeding big octopi – the ‘endowment’ of we
the people would be spent and invested under covenants to check and
balance and educate and reward citizens for prudent management of their
share of our wealth, and our share of our wealth both.

Those who had made their earnings primarily from interest will instead
now earn their money primarily from trust account management fees.

Those who depend upon regularly scheduled payments such as bonds
provide while avoiding the down side risk of equities and their
dividends will still be able to arrange such cash flows.

third question

Automatic harvesting of revenue from the money supply instead of

Article I would be issued an allowance from the U.S. Treasury. The modest inflation caused by Article I spending that allowance would automatically harvest revenue from every dollar denominated asset in the world.

Wage floors and price ceilings would ensure wages lead prices in a controlled double helix spiral so that a cost of living market basket of goods never took more time to earn, except for normal fluctuations in supply and demand.

Currency would be in the form of $1 X 2^n or $5 X 2^n or $10 X 2^n or $20 X 2^n where ‘n’ is the number of doubling periods which have occurred and thus a form of odometer on the money so anyone can see how much money Article I has spent. When the value of a dollar became one half of what it was due to the increased money supply of Article I’s spending, then old dollars could be exchanged for new dollars where the new ‘n’ was equal to ‘n + 1’of the old dollar. Color coding would make it obvious.

To control trade wars, there could be inside dollars and outside dollars. There would be an exchange rate between them and capital controls such as requiring some portion to be placed in a savings account when you exchanged them could protect against trade wars.

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#591 of 652: William Hale (hinging0) Mon 13 Aug 2012 (12:17 PM)

After passing infrastructure plans for east – west water pipelines and
a Smithsonian national greenbelt cultural mall interstate system,

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