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Dollar’s Strength a Factor in Autoworkers Talks
Published: August 13, 2012

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OSHAWA, Ontario — For many in Canada, the rise of the Canadian dollar to parity with its American counterpart is more a source of anxiety than pride.
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Chris Young for The New York Times

Factory closings by the Detroit automakers have lowered Canada’s vehicle production from three million cars and trucks a year in 1999 to 2.1 million last year.

Prominent among those concerned are the 20,600 Canadian Auto Workers union members employed by the Detroit Three. Contract talks for the industry open here on Tuesday. But the dollar’s high value, which most economists anticipate will continue, has more than obliterated the traditional cost advantage Canadian auto plants once enjoyed.

In 2009, when contracts were renegotiated after the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler, the Canadian dollar was worth about 78 American cents. Last week, it traded briefly at just over $1.

Regardless of the outcome of those talks, the strong currency, and higher wages for Canadian workers, seem likely to continue the shrinking of the Canadian auto industry since its peak in 1999. The underlying issue is how much that decline will continue.

xref: recapitalization of the US Treasury, automatic harvesting of revenue from the money supply, and inside and outside dollars to keep the exchange rate constant.

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  1. Janna Ryan steps lightly into national spotlight

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images – Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), his wife, Janna, and their children greet supporters during a campaign rally at the NASCAR Technical Institute on Aug. 12 in Mooresville, N.C.

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    “I had known her in other relationships and all of a sudden my girlfriend was starry eyed,” said Leslie Belcher, a lobbyist and longtime friend of Janna’s who worked with her in the office of former Rep. Bill Brewster (D-Okla.). “They are a very compatible couple.”

    Paul Ryan bragged to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who wrote a story about their engagement that the then-Janna Little had shared a deer stand with him when he shot a buck as hunting season opened. He proposed to her at one of his favorite fishing spots, Big St. Germain Lake in Wisconsin.

    Personal Post


    Paul Ryan: Romney’s vice presidential pick: The 42-year-old Wisconsin Republican is the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

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    How Paul Ryan impacts the 2012 map

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    THE FIX | Is Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick really a game-changer?
    Live: Campaigns at the Iowa State Fair
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    Ed O’Keefe JUL 5

    The state is the center of the U.S. political universe today as Rep. Ryan heads to the fair and Obama campaigns in Council Bluffs.
    A 25-day race to define Paul Ryan
    A 25-day race to define Paul Ryan

    Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake 2:30 AM ET

    THE FIX | By end of Democratic National Convention, we’ll know how smart Romney’s pick was.

    “He couldn’t believe he had met someone who was from Oklahoma and was okay with the fact that he hunted,” recalled Jodi Bond, an old friend of Paul and Janna’s.

    The new vice presidential candidate still enjoys the life of an outdoorsman. According to the state political blog CapitolBeatOK, Ryan joked during a speech in Oklahoma that he and the family visit “three times a year — deer season, duck season and turkey season.” For some reason, he said, “Janna refers to our visits as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.”

    The Ryans live in his home town of Janesville in a large colonial on the block where Paul was raised, surrounded by his extended family. There Janna is raising their three school-age children, Liza, Charlie and Sam. She is also a member of a book club and tends her garden.

    “Janna is naturally a very private person, but she has been so supportive of Paul and his big dreams and aspirations for the country,” Bond said.

    Belcher added, “You can take the girl out of the politics, you can’t take the politics out of the girl. She does stay very current on policy issues.”

    Cole recalled Janna accompanying Paul on a congressional trip to the Middle East in 2010 that stopped in Saudia Arabia, Oman and Dubai and being impressed with the couple. “When I got back from the congressional trip I dropped a line to Dan Little, her dad, telling him that it was like traveling with a future president and first lady,” Cole said. “She is probably as knowledgeable a critic and defender of Paul’s economic ideas as anybody. She is very, very sharp.”

    In photos pulled from Paul Ryan’s Facebook page, they are the picture of a happy family, wearing matching Green Bay Packers sweatshirts. In political life, Janna Ryan seems content to stay in the background.

    After Romney and Ryan spoke at a rally in North Carolina last weekend, Romney offered the microphone to his wife, Ann, who rallied the crowd: “We’re not gonna take it anymore!” she shouted. “We’re gonna take back the White House!”

    Romney then offered the microphone to Janna, who politely declined.

    “You sure?” he asked.

    Alice Crites, Eddy Palanzo and Philip Rucker in Mooresville, N.C., contributed to this report.

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