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Decentralized, local, self-determination

Afghan Attacks on Allied Troops Prompt NATO to Shift Policy
Published: August 18, 2012

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KABUL, Afghanistan — After months of military leaders’ attempts to tamp down worries over the killings of American and NATO troops by the Afghan forces serving beside them, Gen. John R. Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, called an urgent meeting of his generals last Wednesday to address the escalating death toll.

Two Americans Killed by Afghan Recruit (August 18, 2012)

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In a room crowded with more than 40 commanders, the general underscored the need to quickly stop the bloodletting that is sapping morale, according to NATO officials, part of a new emphasis on protecting American and NATO forces after a spate of attacks that included the killing of six Marine trainers this month.

==========Null Hypothesis:
xref: who is more like “The Red Coats” and who is more like “The Minute Men”?

How can we expect US troops to be safe when we are supporting a system in which the President appoints the governors? It’s as If Barack Obama were to appoint the governors of Pennsylvania, New York, California, etc. Why won’t the US support grassroots elections and local self determination?
==========Null Hypothesis//

Decentralized, local, self-determination

Also xref: failure to have Afghan tribes meet with Canadian and Alaskan Natives re: Canadian and Alaskan Land Claims Settlement Acts.

Also xref; failure to invite five Afghan Generals and their loyal supporters to travel with five US Generals and their troops to Peru to stand up for East Peru indigenous native property rights, and then after success there after a few years working together with duty shift rotations home for each, return home as welcomed heros for having worked together.

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