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Universal checks and balances vs. “old boy” trust networks based upon who knows whom.

Afghan Attacks on Allied Troops Prompt NATO to Shift Policy
Published: August 18, 2012

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“They do not know anything else except religion and their traditional codes,” he said. “They see attitudes of foreign forces alongside themselves which are not compatible to what they understand. That causes spite and resentment among them.”

Two Americans Killed by Afghan Recruit (August 18, 2012)

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Some Afghan commanders say attacks are simply a product of a violent society. “No one is safe now; everyone gets killed,” said Gen. Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, a senior police official in the Interior Ministry.

That could help explain an equally disturbing rise in Afghan forces attacking their Afghan comrades. NATO officials do not have precise year-to-year figures, but there have been at least four such episodes in the past month.

An American diplomat emphasized that the rise in Afghan-on-Afghan attacks underscores how the problem is more complex than infiltration or even anger at Western forces. The diplomat noted that some Afghan leaders like the

xref: the narrow focus of the “Angle” protection program as explained earlier in the article vs. making it an all encompassing check and balance system which applies to all soldiers in all situations

Universal checks and balances vs. “old boy” trust networks based upon who knows whom.

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