When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?


#39 of 41: William Hale (hinging0) Wed 26 Sep 2012 (01:39 PM)

W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar
60 Western Av.
Suite #3-222
Augusta, ME 04330
Current phone #207-764-3321

Presque Isle Police Chief Matt Irwin
43 North Street
Suite 2
Presque Isle, Maine 04769
Non-emergency: 207-764-4476
Fax: 207-764-6139


re: 2012:09:11:09:43 Fax re: Harassment – civil or criminal?

Dear Chief Irwin:

[Ignition] Here it is the end of the business [ignition] day,
Wednesday, and so my thoughts turn to you as per your instruction, “If
you haven’t heard from me by the end of the business day, Wednesday,
call me,”

The Tuesday [frig/] Sept. 25, 2012 “Bangor Daily News” A1 center
photo with headline, “IS HEROIN MAINES NEXT DRUG OF CHOICE?” makes me
feel I HAVE heard from you. “Authorities say use of deadly drug is
surging in some areas,”

“Five people, Maine company indicted in major 2009 pot bust” reads the
A-1 BDN Staff article below the fold.

The US Library of Congress exhibit on Newspapers had a cardboard
figure in the hallway, holding a camera, and wearing the heavy pin
stripe of the mafia style of days gone by. Like the TSA, organized
religion, and articles I, II, and III of our federal themselves, the
media face temptations from within and without to use false shortcuts
to achieve under the table economies instead of holding out to put ON
the table with doctors and buddy systems and humane checks and balances
what is carried out UNDER the table with the force of unconstitutional
means to keep whom in line.

For example, [[[ignition]]] one of the complaints I have about TSA is
they are lead into temptation by not being scanned and checked
themselves when they go in and out from their duty posts during the
day, nor do they need to tell their supervisor when and where they are
going, nor do we get a basic, printed receipt with date, time,
location, agent (s) ID who processed us when we matriculate through a
TSA checkpoint yet – as if a cash register transaction were more
important than entering a “secure area” – nor do TSA agents need to
stay physically fit beyond being able to “lift a bag” – at least
according to what I’ve learned from whom has responded to my efforts to
look into it. Thus we see TSA agents here and there who are extremely
obese – one of the symptoms due to sugar depletion cause by self
medicating with heroin; xref: Mayor Bloomberg’s success in banning
super large sugary drinks – but then on the other hand it might be like
making sure the dog doesn’t run back to the camp bringing the bears
chasing it.

So, perhaps the Star – Herald felt overwhelmed, and suspicious of MY
motivation when they I sent them the complete chronology of my
correspondence with them to date when they had asked me only to send in
the classified ads I wanted to run which had been rejected, but you
would think journalism would have standard operating procedures (SOP)
by now to investigate anyone they felt was a threat to themselves, or
the community, or out to use their media for under the table activities
in the guise of legitimate business.

Likewise, it raises my suspicion when a media outlet censors me with
no effort to overtly look into it.

Also it creates a threat to the public health and safety for ANY
business to arbitrarily discriminate against ANY individual without
providing clear reasoning so that no one will reasonably misunderstand,
or get sick, or get hurt. Look at recent developments regarding “hate
speech”, and “hate crimes” [door]…

Enclosed is a courtesy copy of a letter I wrote to the “Bangor Daily
News” today regarding their denial of service to me. The logic led to
the conclusion unjustified censorship is a form of slander or libel on
the part of the publisher.

But “The difference between knowing, and knowing how,” makes me
realize it’s not logic alone which is going to resolve my problems in
being censored by the Star Herald, or the Bangor Daily News, or who
else, it takes red, white, AND blue – bravery, integrity, and loyalty,
for social (trust) networks to accept [sound of metal (exterior)]
others and move them from the third person plural, to the third person
singular to the second person plural, and God willing, the second
person singular.

So, I look forward to hearing from you regarding what, if anything,
you’ve learned regarding why the Star Herald has sent your officer to
tell me to stop contacting them or be guilty of harassment.

I was glad to see Presque Isle categorizes the police department under
“Public health and safety” because much the way a business must keep
the bathrooms clean and accessible to patrons, or meet building and
health codes, so too “We the people” expect those who solicit the
general public to “Come in” will treat us ALL equally and fairly.
Private property is a fundamental right and a great thing, but in
responding to “You didn’t build that,” the Republican convention opened
the topic of “We’re all in this together,” [[[ignition]]] – especially
when you solicit the general public to do business with you.

Perhaps you remember the childhood argument, “It’s my ball, and I’m
going home,” – this is kind of what the level of explanation or
response I’ve gotten thus far feels like.

The Aroostook Chamber of commerce person was nice enough to say she
would contact the Star Herald and get back to me, but I didn’t hear
from her before I changed hotels.

I look forward to hearing from you. and will now give you a call.


Dear Mr. McLeod:

Here is the roommate ad I am considering running. Please indicate
whether you would run it or not.

Also, here is a paid political ad I want to run as soon as possible.

Thank you,

W. Hale,

enclosure: two ads

cc: US DOJ
FEC (202) 219-1043

blind cc:

“Respond and seek responses,”


WANTED: roommate 2 find & rent hse in N. ME. $500 ea. 202-465-0067.

Category: JOBS
WANTED: Driver. See Maine. Oct. 1 – Nov. 15 (or any part thereof). W.
Hale “Write in” U.S. Senate campaign tour. Camp in CAR, BGR, RKL, HRI,

P.S. For your records, here is the ad you rejected, labeled
“Fraudulent”, and regarding which you closed my on line account –
without making any effort to obtain clarification from me before doing

#739 of 1182: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 11 Sep 2012 (07:20 PM)


6 Months, Male & Female, Health Certificate. 1 (M) 2 (F) well loved.
Bicycle friendly. Need open field, off leash exercise. 10′ X 20′ X 6′
portable fencing provided. Work with me to train these 3 ADA obesity
reduction service animals. Monthly duty rotation: 2 stay with u while
travel with 1 $500

Thank You for Placing Your Ad with Bangor Daily News!
Print this page
Your ad will be live momentarily. You can log in to your account to
manage your ads.
You will recieve an email confirmation of your ad placement shortly.
Your order confirmation number is 12183

Here is a NYTimes.com A1 news item regarding censorship which appeared

#1053 of 1182: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 21 Sep 2012 (01:09 PM)

Myanmar’s Chief Censor Caps His Red Pen
YANGON, Myanmar — U Tint Swe, head of the Press Scrutiny and
Registration Division, is closing down the office after 48 years amid
democratic reforms.
Pump Prices Fall; Oil Prices Up Slightly 8 minutes ago
Pakistani Leaders Play Religious Card as Protests Boil 45 minutes ago
U.S. Plans $1.4-Billion Arms Package for Indonesia 2:45 PM ET

And here is a link to President Obama’s speech at the United Nations
regarding slander and libel generated by fear of “the third person


#10 of 17: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 25 Sep 2012 (02:53 PM)

There is no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a
restaurant in Lebanon, or destroy a school in Tunis, or cause death
destruction in Pakistan.”

And here’s an interesting Google search result found along the way,


This line of reasoning made me wonder about:


search: censorship as a form of slander

About 3,090,000 results (0.42 seconds)

EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles
and other content including DEFAMATION LAWS AS A FORM OF CENSORSHIP.
Prior restraint – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus it is often considered to be the most extreme form of censorship.
… A criminal penalty or a judgment in a defamation case is subject
to the whole panoply of …
Freedom of speech in Canada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1 Canadian Libel and Defamation Law; 2 Censorship on Media … with
caution, to avoid any forms of slander and to respect a person’s
freedom of expression.
Defamation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fundamental distinction between libel and slander lies solely in
the form in which….. leading to censorship or chilling effects where
publishers fear lawsuits.
A Challenge For Debate Instead Of Censorship And Slander
Nov 13, 2009 – A Challenge For Debate Instead Of Censorship And
Slander … (actual or implied), philosophical beliefs or any other
form of discrimination.
Criminal defamation · What we do · Article 19
In the laws of many countries defamation is defined both as a civil
tort and a … any particular form of media, or to practise journalism
or any other profession, … RT @freespeechdaily: #Belarus govt
#censored televised debates in run-up to …
Duma criminalises defamation in attempt to silence opposition …
Jul 16, 2012 – The pro-Putin United Russia party has re-criminalised
defamation, just half a year since it was decriminalised on the
initiative of ex-president …
Introduction: censorship versus slander – University Publishing Online
Slander constitutes a central social, legal and literary concern of
early … claims that the state controlled poets’ criticisms by means
of censorship, arguing instead …
BBC Internet Blog: BBC Moderation, The Law and “Censorship” Part …
Mar 4, 2009 – BBC Moderation, The Law and “Censorship” Part 1:
Defamation … in written or permanent form such as broadcasts and
posts on the internet.
Russian Internet Bills Revive Soviet-Era Censorship Concerns – Eric

Jul 24, 2012 – Russian Internet Bills Revive Soviet-Era Censorship
Concerns … The tightening of Internet controls, the criminalization
of slander, and the … practice; Manage your career; News and
commentary; Get Legal Forms; About us …
Ad related to censorship as a form of slander
Free Printable Legal Form
Free Legal Forms Online. All States Print, Save, Send! No Credit
Card.392 people +1’d or follow Rocket Lawyer
Step-By-Step Process – Customize & Print Instantly – Free e-Sign, Save
& Share

Thus, for your own protection, you might want to adopt the practice of
first suspending an account, demanding clarification of any ‘flags’
you have regarding the account, and THEN [ignition]…

Otherwise, in this world of facebook, and youtube, and live streaming,
and posting within the hour, your current publishing practices MIGHT
be reasonably misunderstood as lacking due diligence in arriving at
facts before jumping to conclusions which create slander by omission as
much as by commission [idling engine stops]. Is that right?

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