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What will you do to address Global Warming?

William F
9:09 AM GMT-0800

What will you do to address Global Warming?

============Null Hypothesis:

Divide brine into Na and Cl and combine the Cl with petroleum to very carefully make plastic to build solar seawater distillation equipment as per SaltWorks of Canada, as well as irrigation pipe and habitual dwellings all of which can be leased and recycled and kept on the balance sheet as equity instead of being doubly expensed on the income statement as degraded exhaust and pollution abatement costs.

Likewise the Na from brine into sodium feldspar tiles and building materials.

Brine toxicity is the greatest barrier to desalinating enough fresh water to cool our planet.

1% of the water on earth is fresh water, and a small percentage of that is surface water. By desalinating 1% of the salt water [MPG Energy, down hill in low gear, tank truck] {Tanks a lot}..

Rain cycle, water cycle… more fresh water will moderate the temperature swings of land.

NH3 can be recycled as soon as it comes out of the tailpipe – compared to petroleum which requires millennia for trees to become oil.

More fresh water will make it more feasible to produce NH3 via electricity, air, and water to replace petroleum fuel.

SECOND QUESTION: Placing down draft reinforcement fresh water canals along the Hadley – Ferral air cell boundaries located at approximately the tropic of Cancer and placing updraft reinforcing desalination plants along the Ferral – Polar updraft boundaries to reinforce the updraft will help to keep the equatorial, temperate, and polar air cells separate and firm, and stop the flaccid drift of air cells like socks loosing their elasticity…

Thermal convection in the oceans creates a surface layer where the heating and cooling occurs while the deeper levels of the ocean are insulated from the surface warming and cooling thus providing a virtually infinite heat sink according to Wikipedia. Is that true?

THIRD QUESTION: low, thin, cumulus clouds are the best kind of clouds to reflect incoming solar warming radiation and also trap the least heat under themselves. Manufacture of low, thin, cumulus clouds will reduce global warming and aid us in climate engineering.

================NULL HYPOTHESIS//
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