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Verifiable, secret ballot: 2 scratch off serial numbers, one screen name chosen from a list of seven

In Venezuela, Fears Persist Among Voters Ahead of Election
By WILLIAM NEUMAN 44 minutes ago
Many Venezuelans are anxious about casting ballots against President Hugo Chávez because of a widespread belief that the government retaliates against dissenters.
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xref: secure, secret ballots – verifiable only by the voter who
1. chooses between one of two scratch off serial numbers ‘a’, or ‘b’.
1.5. scratches either ‘a’ or ‘b’ on both the ballot and the tear off receipt.
1.75. verifies the two serial numbers match, while leaving the unchosen serial number unscratched and covered.
1.97. tears and retains the duplicate scratch off serial number receipt from the ballot with one serial number scratched off, and one serial number still covered and
2. selects and writes one screen name on the ballot from a randomly selected list of seven screen names separately drawn from a screen name barrel by the voter before
3. the ballot is cast into a ballot box which is thoroughly shaken to randomly scramble the order of the ballots –
4. anyone wishing to retaliate has only the list of seven screen names retained by the voter to compare to the ballots posted by screen name on the internet,
5. but who cannot be sure which of the seven screen names the voter actually did use because all seven screen [[[Whew whew whew whew whew (doppler shift) whew whew (fade to silence)]]] names not used by the voter are on other randomly drawn voter screen name [[door]] lists and used by other voters.
6. When multiple voters choose the same screen name it is assigned a unique, random suffix number.
7. Anyone wishing to buy the vote of the voter, must take the word of the voter that a particular screen name – AND suffix number is actually the ballot that voter cast.
8. As for the scratch off serial number, that can be taken to the registrar of voters and used to retrieve the original ballot with the screen name the voter wrote on it, and the suffix number assigned to it,
8.5. the second, still covered serial number on the ballot produced by the registrar of voters and on the torn receipt produced by the voter – can be scratched off at the time of verification to make sure the original ballot and retained receipt truly do match.
9. but anyone wishing to intimidate a voter must obtain the scratch off serial number retained by the voter AND have access to the original ballots to find the serial number and examine the ‘X’s on it,
10. and anyone wishing to BUY the vote of the voter must be present at the registrar of voters to see the original ballot, but that would make it time consuming and reveal the identity of those attempting to pretend they were the voter when in fact they had simply obtained the serial number receipt and screen name list from the voter and the word of the voter that a particular screen name had been written on the ballot…

========SIDE NOTE:
[three youths walk reverse qibla and disappear under window sill. A large log truck, empty, drives down hill. A silver pickup with matching camper shell drives up hill slowly…],
========SIDE NOTE//

11. …or who is attempting voter fraud must have access to the original ballots and obtain both serial numbers on the voter’s receipt – but that would require scratching off the second serial number and then the ballot would be permanently scared and such voter fraud could be detected.

12. With only the scratched off serial number those buying the vote or taking the information for purposes of intimidation, could not be sure the receipt was in fact not a forgery used to get payment, or used to frame a voter who did not like.

Verifiable, secret ballot: 2 scratch off serial numbers, one screen name chosen from a list of seven

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