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RNC, DNC, Bar Associations, and liability for adequate oversight of members

#298 of 298: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 09 Nov 2012 (07:31 AM)

Should political parties be liable for adequately overseeing,
investigating, and disciplining the conduct of their members?

xref: Are bar associations liable for adequate oversight and
discipline of the members of the bar?

Union Liability for Wildcast Strikes

Employer Responsibilities : A Guide to Vicarious Liability

231, §85G makes parents liable within limits for the willful acts of
their minor children

In Search of a Theory of State Liability in the European Union
authors have analogized Member State liability to ordinary civil
liability,36 to … the focus is on the conduct of the Member State and
its relationship to the ..

The ethics issues were not the only matters in the race. But in a
number of cases, they appeared to play a role.

“Politicians ignore ethics issues at their own peril,” said Melanie
Sloan, who runs a Washington-based nonprofit group that annually
publishes a report titled the “Most Corrupt Members of Congress.”
“Americans are overwhelmingly cynical about their government, but they
still expect ethical conduct from their congressmen.”

In total, 11 of the lawmakers included in the “Most Corrupt” report
over the last two years, out of a total 31 featured, have been defeated
or are retiring, including New Hampshire’s only two House members:
Representatives Charles Bass, a Republican, and Frank Guinta, a


RNC, DNC, Bar Associations, and liability for adequate oversight of members

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