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Library *Re-add & Right Circles* invitation

William Hale, ’75 – ’73, aka, haji Mohammed A. Omar
Unpaid, unofficial, unaffiliated volunteer
DC address: 4200 Wisconsin Av. NW, Washington, DC 20016
Telephone: 202-465-0067
ME address: 60 Western Av., Suite 3 – 222 , Augusta, ME 04330
(207)764-4441, Room 106
Fax: 314.690.4004 Email: whale12345@gmail.com

Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Library Director
Richard Asam, Children’s Services Assistant
39 Second Street
Presque Isle, Maine 04769

2012:11:10:12:10:345* Saturday 10 November 2012

re: Library *Re-adding & Righting Circles* invitation

Dear Sonja Plummer-Morgan and Richard Asam:

Like the movie, “Here comes the Boom”, the recent (and impending) library budget cut offers the opportunity for a private fund raising effort.

I would like to confirm in writing my suggestion made to you this past week, Sonja.

Would you all like to do this with, or without me, or not at all …or delegate it to whom else: circulate the following invitation:

“You are invited to bring your favorite children’s book (s) to any of the weekly library “Re-adding and Righting Circles” each Tuesday from noon to one and again from six to seven.

“Our goal is for library staff, parents, children, and Presque Isle artists, writers, and volunteers to read and discuss your favorite children’s book and then work together to develop our discussions into entertaining and educational children’s books at the rate of one, or more, books a month.

“The books will be self published on Lulu.com, and / or similar web sites, and sold world wide.

“One quarter of the proceeds will be donated to the library so staff will be able to be retained despite the city council’s recent cut to the library budget.

“One quarter of the proceeds will be divided equally among participants in the ‘Re-add and Right Circles’.

“One quarter will be donated to children’s causes.

“And one quarter will be placed in a savings account to provide scholarships from the earnings of the account.

“Of course participants are still free to write and illustrate your own books or art, etc. without any obligation to the “Re-add and Right1,2,3,4,5 Circle”.

“And of course any voluntary contribution you wish to make to the library as a result of inspiration from your participation is welcomed.

“Celebrities and authors chosen by the *Re-add & Right* participants will be invited to attend. If necessary tickets will be allocated for such sessions.

“Should a contract for a film or television series come out of this effort the *Re-add &* Right* circles, the library and city council shall jointly negotiate same.”

So, again, hope you’re all OK –

Bill / haji Mohammed

cc: npc@maine.rr.com
pwebb -at- presqueisleme.us
JGR, jr., et al

blind cc:

Anyone with the link can view: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3COUqj-vPb8M1J4NFpVeXhteGM

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  1. Joe Montesero ‏@JoeAprilOctober
    Library *Re-add & Right Circles* invitation fund raiser . Discuss , write , illus. & sell books . Here comes the book https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3COUqj-vPb8M1J4NFpVeXhteGM
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