When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

“… a stable environment that allows co-operation among all parties to take the country through the bottleneck to the shores of safety.”

بيئة مستقرة تسمح للتعاون بين جميع الأطراف على اتخاذ هذا البلد من خلال عنق الزجاجة إلى شواطئ الأمان.
“… a stable environment that allows co-operation among all parties to take the country through the bottleneck to the shores of safety.”

1.What is the best way to draw attention to your cause? AND prove your ability to manage peaceful possibilities and events?

2.Why not check out the demonstration permit application process [thn | ] at institutions you respect [thnk/]?

( سورة البقرة , Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #23)
3.If you find a rule that gives you doubt, write your own rule like unto it, and take it to [thnk/] your witnesses,[[thnk/]] if you have any, besides, the 100% Independence from whom all dependencies arise.

February 16, 2011
Dear Applicant:
United States Department of the Interior
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE National Capital Region 900 Ohio Drive, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20024
Attached is your application for a public gathering permit to conduct a Demonstration or Special Event. The National Park Service accepts applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications are accepted no earlier than one year in advance of the proposed demonstration or special event (including set up and take down). Upon receipt of your completed application, we will process it as rapidly as possible. A meeting may be necessary to discuss the details associated with your proposed activity.
We would like to point out that there might be charges for any costs associated with your proposed activity, incurred by the National Park Service and its United States Park Police. These charges are to reimburse the National Park Service for services or personnel deemed necessary to support your activity. Depending on the size and scope of your proposed activity, a bond in the form of an irrevocable letter of credit, certified check, or money order, and/or documented liability insurance coverage may be required. Any costs will be discussed with you the applicant, prior to issuing the permit.
There are also certain standards for Special Events to be held on parkland, and we will discuss these further with you as they apply to your activity. We would also like to bring to your attention our requirements regarding the sale of food and/or merchandise, or any other commercial activity contemplated to take place on parkland. Only ethnic foods which are pre-approved by the National Park Service and meeting Public Health standards may be sold, and then only if such foods are determined to be integral to the theme of your event. Commercially packaged or generic beverages may not be sold.
Ethnic arts and crafts may be displayed but may not be sold. If your event includes such a display or exhibit, we suggest that you have an artisan actually onsite to demonstrate the production of the particular art or craft as part of your activity.
Finally, if requested in an application, the in-person solicitation for money may be authorized under a demonstration or special event permit if it occurs within the confines of a limited and well delineated permit area.
We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Park Programs, 900 Ohio Drive, SW., Washington, D.C. 20024, or by telephone at (202) 245-4715.
Robbin M. Owen
Robbin M. Owen
Chief, Division of Park Programs
WHERE TO APPLY: Applications may be obtained and filed at the following location during normal
business hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, holidays excepted):
Permit Office
National Capital Region 900 Ohio Drive Washington, D.C. 20024 202-245-4715
WHEN TO APPLY: Applications for demonstration or special events permits must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed activity. Applications are accepted no earlier than one year in advance of the proposed demonstration or special event (including set up and take down).
Application waiver of the numerical limitations for demonstrations on the White House Sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue (over 750 persons) and in Lafayette Park (over 3,000 persons) must be received at least 10 days in advance of the proposed demonstration.
APPLICATION BY MAIL: Call the number listed above for forms. Applications must be received at the Ohio Drive address within the time limits set out in the preceding section.
Please note. As a security precaution, our incoming mail undergoes a treatment process before being delivered, which at times may significantly delay its arrival. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you Federal Express, courier, or hand-deliver your application to us. Otherwise, you may lose timely consideration.
DEFINITIONS: “DEMONSTRATION” includes speeches, picketing, vigils, etc., and all similar activity designed to communicate a message of some kind. “SPECIAL EVENT” includes any presentation, program, or display which is not a demonstration, but which is recreational, entertaining, or celebratory in nature, etc.
Rev. (Date) Authority: Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36, Chapter 1, Section 7.96. Copies of the policies used when administering these regulations are available upon request.
Please type or print clearly using dark ink when filling out this form. If any space provided on the form is insufficient, attach supplemental sheet(s) bearing the item number. Each blank space should be filled out completely. When the answer is “no” or “none,” please so indicate. If possible, include a Fax number, which will help us provide you with any required additional information more quickly.

In response to a May, 2005 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report (GAO-05-410), the National Park Service (NPS) will take steps to more fully recover and collect costs associated with special use and public gathering permits. These include permitted activities held in National Mall & Memorial Parks, and in other NPS locations in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. The GAO report directs the National Capital Region (NCR) to assess administrative charges to recover the costs associated with managing the thousands of permits issued in these parks annually. This program is to be implemented beginning October 1, 2006, and will initially include only costs for processing the application, to be followed at a later date by recovery of additional costs associated with administration, management and monitoring of permitted activities.
To that end, the National Capital Region will implement a $50.00 application processing cost on October 1, 2006. The application processing cost is a one time, non-refundable amount. No application will be processed unless: (1) the application processing cost remittance is enclosed or (2) the application is for a use that has been determined to not be subject to cost recovery, such as a First Amendment activity. Applications for First Amendment activities do not require the submittal of the application processing cost remittance. However, if the application is determined not to qualify as a First Amendment event the applicant will be notified and the application processing cost remittance must be submitted before any additional action is taken on the request. Cash or checks received through the mail for special use permits, may be returned through the mail if the event is determined to be a First Amendment activity.
The application processing cost represents the average costs incurred by the park in mailing, distribution and initial review of applications to make sure the information supplied is sufficient to inform a decision. These processing costs shall be reviewed each fiscal year.
As a matter of long-standing practice, the National Park Service, National Capital Region, has required and will continue to require applicants to post a monetary bond prior to the event to cover costs incurred when NPS employees are required to work for event monitoring and for any needed site restoration following the event. The bond amount is dependant on the size and scope of the event.
The Cost Recovery Program will now be applied to National Mall & Memorial Parks, President’s Park, Rock Creek Park, National Capital Parks East, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Manassas National Battlefield Park, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, Prince William Forest Park, and a portion of Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park.
The Cost Recovery Program will affect permits for “special events”, which includes sports events, pageants, celebrations, historical reenactments, regattas, entertainments, exhibitions, parades, fairs, festivals and similar events, as well as other permitted activities such as walks and footraces, sport field uses, weddings, picnics, and other designated special park uses.
Payment of application costs may be in the form of a check, money order, Electronic Fund Transfer or credit card.
If you require additional information, please contact the Division of Park Programs at (202) 245-4715.

Paperwork Reduction Act & Privacy Act Statement: In accordance to 36 CFR 7.96 (g), this regulation gives us the authority to require applicants to fill out this form to request permits for special events or demonstrations. A Federal Agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB control number. Confidentiality of this information is assured subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Additional disclosures of the information may be to the United States Park Police, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department, and any other affected law enforcement agencies.
Public reporting for this collection of information is estimated to average 30 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. Send comments regarding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to Chief of Park Programs Division, National Park Service, National Capital Region, 900 Ohio Dr., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20024.
OMB CONTROL NUMBER: 1024-0021 EXPIRES: 02/28/2014
______________ _____
Date of this Application
1. Individual and/or organization sponsor(s): ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________
Telephone Nos. (include area code): Day _______________ Evening __________________ Email:_______________________ Fax:________________ Website:__________________
2. This is an application for a permit to conduct a DEMONSTRATION _______________ SPECIAL EVENT ____________. (For definitions, see instruction page.)
3. This is an application for a WAIVER OF THE NUMERICAL LIMITATIONS on certain demonstrations. YES ____ NO ____ (A waiver is required if it is expected that a demonstration on the White House Sidewalk* will include more than 750 participants or that a demonstration in Lafayette Park will include more than 3,000 participants.
4. Date(s) of proposed activity: From __________________ To __________________ Month/Day/Year Month/Day/Year
Time: Begin: ____________(a.m.)(p.m.) Terminate: ____________(a.m.)(p.m.) 5. Location(s) of proposed activity. (Include assembly and dispersal areas.)
6. Purpose of proposed activity: _______________________________________________
7. Estimated maximum number of participants. (If more than one park area is to be used, list numbers separately for each area.) __________________________________
*(The “White House Sidewalk” is the sidewalk between East and West Executive Avenues, on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.)

Will cleanup people be provided for the area: ____YES ____NO. How will they be identified? _____________________________________________________________
8. Person(s) in charge of activity. (One person must be listed as in charge of the activity. If different individuals are to be in charge of various activities at different locations, each must be listed.)
Person in charge: _________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ Telephone Nos. (Include area code): Day______________ Evening _________________
9. Plans for proposed activity. (Include a list of all principal speakers and the complete time schedule for the activity. Include proposed route of any march or parade, and plans for the orderly termination and dispersal of the proposed activity which might affect the regular flow of city traffic.) ________________________________________
10.(a) List all props, stages, sound equipment, and other items to be provided by applicant/sponsor. (Include approximately number and size(s) of supports, standards, and handles; necessary medical/sanitary facilities and other similar items.) __________
(b) If boxes, crates, coffins, or similar items will be used, state whether they are to be carried opened or closed, their proposed size, the materials constructed from, and their proposed contents and use. ___________________________________________________
11.(a) Do you have any reason to believe or any information indicating that any individual, group, or organization might seek to disrupt the activity for which this application is submitted? ____Yes ____NO
(b) If “YES,” list each such individual, group, or organization, with all information as to each, including address and telephone numbers.
12.MARSHALS: (a) Will applicant/sponsor furnish marshals? (Required for waivers of numerical limitations and for demonstration activities held simultaneously on White House Sidewalk and Lafayette Park.) ____YES ____NO. If “YES,” how many marshals will be furnished? _______________________________________________________
(b) Person(s) responsible for supervision of marshals (for each location):

Location(s): ______________________________________________________________ Name(s): ________________________________________________________________ Address(es): _____________________________________________________________ Telephone Nos.: Day: ____________________ Evening: ____________________
(c) List the functions the marshals are expected to perform: __________________
13. What communications equipment will be provided to the marshals? (Include the number of walkie-talkies, CB radios, bullhorns, public address systems, flashlights, etc.)
14. How will the marshals be identified? ________________________________________
15. State specifically the plans for ingress and egress of the participants to and from Lafayette Park including proposed sites for loading and unloading of buses, automobiles, or other forms of transportation which the participants are expected to use (supply chart if necessary). __________________________________________________________
Position of person filing application
___________________________ Typed or printed name of person Filing application
Signature of person filing application
_____________________________________ Address of person filing application
Telephone Nos. of person filing application (include area code):
Day: ________________________ Evening: ________________________
Credit Card Billing Information
Company (If applicable):
Name on Credit Card:
Card Holder Authorized Signature: Credit Card Billing Address:
Telephone Number:
Federal Taxpayer I.D. or Social Security Number:
Amount to be billed to Credit Card:
Established Cost Recovery: $
Credit Card Name & Number
American Express:
Master Card:
Expiration Date:
Credit Card Approval Code (3 – 4 digits on the back of the card):
Project Number/BILL: Prepared By:
Permit Number: Organization/Name:
Date Processed:
(For Agency Use Only)

Conducting an Event on United States Capitol Grounds
(Revised 06/19/09)
Application to engage in a demonstration or other organized activity on U.S. Capitol Grounds may be made in person to the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Special Events Unit between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 119 D Street, N.E., Room 101, Washington D.C. 20510. Applications may also be submitted by fax to (202) 228-2429 or by mail to the above address. However, mail to the U.S. Capitol may be delayed up to two (2) weeks. The USCP Coordinators, Special Events Unit, may be contacted for consultation during the business hours listed above at (202) 224-8891.
In order to ensure the safety and convenience of all people in the exercise of their First Amendment right to free expression and to visit the U.S. Capitol, and to ensure the orderly conduct of Congressional business, the following conditions apply to U.S. Capitol Police Board Permitted Demonstration Activities conducted on U.S. Capitol Grounds. Demonstration activity is prohibited and will not be permitted inside any Capitol Buildings.
Timeliness of Application: Applications must be submitted at least one hundred twenty (120) hours, or five (5) days, in advance of the activity to guarantee processing. Applications will be accepted up to one (1) year in advance. Additionally, demonstration applications must satisfy all requirements stated herein before processing can be completed; therefore it is imperative that the spokesperson responds promptly to all queries from the Special Events Coordinator.
Number of Participants: Public safety, primarily based on the amount of space available in the chosen area, will dictate the maximum number of participants allowed in the event. Groups of fewer than twenty (20) persons do not require a permit, however, they are encouraged to notify USCP in advance of the demonstration activity so that available space can be fairly and appropriately allocated. An approved permit will give you or your group priority over a subsequent application by another person or group, or a group demonstrating without a permit.
Duration of Activity: No permitted activity may exceed twenty-four (24) consecutive hours, or seven (7) consecutive days, including time for set-up and clean-up. When completing the application, spokespersons should include set-up and clean-up time in the time requested.
Signs, Banners and Placards: Signs, banners, and placards are permitted as a part of a permitted activity. All supports for these items must not exceed three quarters (3⁄4) of an inch at their largest point, have dull ends, and made entirely of wood. There can be no nails, screws, or bolt-type fastening devices protruding from the wooden supports. These items may not be used to offer any item for sale, to solicit contributions or contain any form of advertising. Any display of signs, banners, placards, and related items is strictly prohibited inside all Capitol Buildings.
Props and Equipment: Props, equipment and other movable facilities, including but not limited to stages, risers, chairs, tables, and sound equipment, that are reasonably necessary for and integral to the demonstration activity shall be permitted provided that prior notice is given on the application and the size, location and structure of the items conforms to the reasonable conditions, limitations and restrictions provided for by the Capitol Police Board. Stages, risers, and platforms will not be greater than two (2) feet in height. Props and equipment may not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height.
Shelters: Setting up, placement or storage of camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, bedrolls, bedding or a shelter of any kind is prohibited at all times.

Sound Amplification Equipment: Sound amplification is permitted. However, the sound must be controlled so that it does not disrupt the orderly business of the Congress or unreasonably disturb nonparticipating persons in the exercise of their rights or use of the Capitol Grounds. All sound equipment must be furnished by the applicant and positioned so as to face away from all Capitol Buildings. Electrical power for sound equipment is available in the West Front, Grassy Area and the Upper Senate Park. (See diagram attached to application)
Distribution of Literature: Literature may be distributed to interested persons, at no charge, as a part of a permitted activity. Distribution of literature is prohibited inside all Capitol Buildings.
Condition of Grounds: Immediately upon the scheduled conclusion of a permitted activity, all props, equipment and facilities must be removed from Capitol Grounds, and the spokesperson shall take such action as may be necessary so as to leave the space utilized by the activity in the same condition which existed immediately prior to the commencement of the activity. It is prohibited at any time to climb, remove or in any way injure any statue, seat, wall, fountain, light poles, elevator towers, or other erection or architectural feature, or any tree, shrub or landscaping feature within the Capitol Grounds. No person may stand or otherwise enter upon any of the Capitol Visitor Center skylights, fountains, planters, walls, surface level air grates and generators.
Marches: Marches are permitted to pass through Capitol Grounds provided the march does not disrupt the orderly business of Congress, or impede the equal access by others to Capitol Buildings. Generally, marchers will be required to remain on sidewalks and obey all traffic signals and signs.
Solicitation: It is prohibited at all times to offer any item for sale, or solicit fares, alms, or contributions or display any form of advertising on Capitol Grounds.
Official Functions of the Congress: In the event an official function of Congress is scheduled that conflicts with an event for which a permit has been issued, participants must clear the involved area prior to the official function, and may return after the function has concluded or departed Capitol Grounds.
Filming and Photography: The use of camera equipment to film or photograph on Capitol Grounds is permitted, provided the photographs or film are for private or other non-commercial use. Non-commercial documentary or historical filming is permitted on a case-by-case basis. The use of tripods or other film or photography enhancement equipment requires special permission, and is limited to grassy areas where pedestrian or vehicular traffic will not be impeded.
Foot Races: Foot races are permitted to pass through Capitol Grounds. Foot races must be conducted so as not to impede passage through the North or South Barricades on the East Front of Capitol Square and routes of travel must conform to the reasonable conditions, limitations, and restrictions set by the Capitol Police Board. The solicitation, collection, or transfer of monies including but not limited to registration fees, as well as the display or use of commercial logos or related advertising or signage, is prohibited at all times on Capitol Grounds.
Musical Performances: Musical performances are permitted in the Upper Senate Park. On weekends, musical performances are also allowed on the West Front.
Sleeping or Lying Down: Sleeping or lying down is prohibited at all times on any paved or improved area including, but not limited to, streets, roads, sidewalks, steps, curbs, gutters, doorways, alcoves, and walls. Sleeping or lying down is prohibited on any unimproved (grassy) area of the Capitol Grounds from one-half (1⁄2) hour after sunset to one-half (1⁄2) hour before sunrise.
Parking: There is no parking available for private automobiles, buses, or other vehicles on Capitol Grounds. Buses may utilize Garfield Circle, at the intersection of First Street and Maryland Avenue, S.W., and Union Station, at 50 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E., to drop off passengers.
Prohibited Items: The following items are prohibited at all times on Capitol Grounds: any firearm, explosive, club, missile, chemical or other incendiary device or other weapon. It is also prohibited to use or display any open flame including, but not limited to, ignited candles, torches, lanterns, or lamps. Flashlights and other battery-powered lights are permitted.

Washington, D.C. 20510
Application for Permit Under Article XIX Of The Traffic
And Motor Vehicle Regulations for United States Capitol Grounds
1. Sponsoring Person and/or Organization:
2. Date of Application:
3. Address:
4. Telephone: Business
5. Mobile:
6. FAX:
7. Date(s) of Event:
8. Day(s) of Week:
9. Start Time (including set-up):
10. End Time (including clean-up):
11. Total Duration:
12a. Nature of Event (Check appropriate box best describing the nature of your activity):
Demonstration (Rally, Vigil, etc). Filming/Photography Musical Performance
March Foot Race Other (Describe below) b. Describe all activity in detail:
13. SpecificareaofU.S.CapitolGroundsrequestedtobeutilized:(i.e.,WestFrontGrassyArea,UpperSenatePark,Taft Memorial Park, etc.)
14. Props and Equipment — All props and equipment must be furnished by sponsoring person or organization. Please be specific; include quantities and dimensions of all items.
Handheld Signs, Placards Quantity:
Size: L W H
Distribution of Literature
Chairs Quantity:
Press Riser
Size: L W H
Lighting Equipment
Portable Sound System
T ables Quantity:
Size: L W H
Camera Tripod
15. Will electrical power be required? Yes No (Available only at the West Front Grassy Area and the Upper Senate Park)
16. Estimated#of participants:
17. Estimated#ofbuses:(Noparking available on Capitol Grounds)
18. WillMarshalsbeutilized?  Yes  No How many?
How identified?
19. On-sitecontact: Mobile #:
20. Doesinformationexistthataperson(s)maywishtodisruptyouractivity? Yes  No If yes, please explain:
21. I,
, have read and acknowledge the U.S. Capitol Police Board Demonstration Guidelines.
Not Valid Until Signed
Hand deliver to: U.S. Capitol Police, Special Events Unit, 119 D St., N.E., Room #101 Open 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, office: (202) 224-8891

6. To plan for coordinated demonstrations [thnk/] across North Africa and around the world – especially along the proposed Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn Humanitarian Corridor routes, you might want to practice in some friendly environments first.

You can use the internet to work with those who support your cause no matter where they are, and by assisting them in the demonstration permit application, organizing, recruiting, and clean up process – by being dispatchers [[thnk\]] and a “help desk”, you can then apply what you learn from the friendly environments to the resistant areas who fear loosing control.

المسموح بها. المطلوبة. مستحيل.
7.As we can see from the changes on FACEBOOK where a new “time line” format is forced upon us making our “wall” no longer visible to visitors, even people who use the freedom independence permits to get control become afraid of the openness. And instead of offering new choices, who makes assumptions and tries to force EVERYone to do it the way they want to.

مضيفا الخيارات
8.But through good planning and training, [thn/] and rebuilding he institution of the Egyptian Postal Service – who can role model keeping and adding choices which will permit those who care to continue to be as well off, or better off, than they are now – despite any delusions who might have about needing excessive material wealth or control of information only for themselves.

قواعد كرة القدم
9.It’s a matter of getting all the leagues from intra-mural, to junior variety, to varsity, to professional to “A league of their own” to permit “We the people” to watch the games, and for the players to conform to the rules of the game – the same way the rules of soccer apply no matter who is playing the game.

جده حقوق
10.Grandfather rights – the right to not be taxed out of your home, Open Space to Developed Space ratios for planning and zoning – amended into the Egyptian Constitution, Medically responsible rules and schedules for drugs prescribed by doctors and delivered by the Egyptian Postal System, A Medical Branch of the Postal System with Field Physicians [thnk/] and Local Self Determination to elect your own officials let Egyptian Citizens share control without loosing their fair share of control.

يعطي الدليل
11. It’s up to Ikhwan to prove this will improve the lives of the rich and poor alike – and the lives of their posterity [thn/]

عداء الماراثون
12.This starts by role modeling, peaceful, on the table, law abiding traffic – like bicycle tours, marathon runners, peace parades, music festivals, and of course outdoor prayers together.

على الطاولة، وليس تحت الطاولة
13.This, instead of the back door, under the table ways and means [whump].

14.”Private’ is a polite word for ‘Secret’, but privacy has a front door as well as a backdoor; xref: City Hall Voter Screen Names can be verified by your mayor without having to give out your family name.

@Ikhwanweb #Tahrir check out the demonstration permit application process [thn | ] at institutions you respect [thnk/]?https://waterworldeden4.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/a-stable-environment-that-allows-co-operation-among-all-parties-to-take-the-country-through-the-bottleneck-to-the-shores-of-safety/

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