When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

Enough? vs. Stuffed!

Incidence of stuffed animals indicates (passenger gergan, party of two, ‘/,) (…consolidate) the need for – On the table, not under (passenger bel Taya …passenger Mayer …) xref: “Mothers take care of your daughters” (song)

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Without a debt [thn/] ceiling would who confront the issue?

Four House Democrats have introduced a bill to eliminate the statutory cap on the public debt. “There’s no reason to have a debt ceiling at all,” said one of the four, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia. “It doesn’t restrain spending, since the spending has already been committed. It just threatens our credit,

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and it weakens our country.”

If the government got close to the debt limit again before the elections in November, a Treasury official said, “we would be able to invoke extraordinary measures to extend borrowing authority beyond the elections.”

To avoid defaulting, the Treasury has sometimes delayed issuing certain types of debt held by federal trust funds and by state and local governments.

Under the new budget law, Mr. Obama could have requested a larger increase in the debt limit if Congress had agreed on a constitutional amendment to require balanced budgets or if deficit-reducing recommendations from a joint committee had become law. The amendment was not approved, and the committee could not agree on any proposals.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: December 27, 2011

A Web site summary with an earlier version of this article incorrectly listed the amount of the debt limit increase sought by President Obama. It is $1.2 trillion, not $1.2 million.

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Ali Al-Areed, Malcom X, Nelson Mandella.. Prisoner Heros…In a “Hero / Villain” data base, every word in the search engine thesaurus is linked to…

…either the word ‘hero’ or ‘villain’, or ‘both’.

Faraday: hero? or, villain? Links to other sources give you plant of history and background, but the “Hero / Villain” data base pages – the Hero analysis page can be displayed side by side with the villain analysis page – concentrates on the degree to which who, or what event, or invention, etc. saved steps without making un-necessary steps for any, while retaining essential redundancies to be sure.

Controversial figures will have great divides between their two windows, but small events, the kind of things like police taking a broom stick handle and jabbing it up whose anus muscle in an interrogation room, or soldier who lays down his life to stop a grenade so his comrades might live… instead of being buried under the mulch pile of events and memories… will instead be there on the time line…[thn/]

Not unlike the book with everyone’s name in it, of which the Qur~an and Bible speak.

But instead of the back, smoke-filled rooms of politics where the strategy is to never let anyone forget he, or she, has sinned, and to hold it against them forever either to bind them as an ally, or keep them down as a competitor, this data base will require repentance, forgiveness, and acceptance of forgiveness s t r a t e g i e s be on each page in either window. [jet] and the page templates, and management thereof, by the core group of workers and the txteagle.com crowd source workers – will strive to show not only ways the mulch pile of the tend commands and the five pillars of faith can diagnose and heal the villainy, on one and, and further carry the heroism on the other hand. Accidental heroes, daring villains, weak villains (insipid), destined heroes… You can dig to find heroes and villains in search engines now, but [thnk/] this data base will be cross referenced so deeply your search results will be real, and immediate and useful. And no information apartheid of having to turn 100 pages to get into the deeper search results. Simply input a percentage of the total sample and you are there in one click…

Do you think its worth the effort to carry the conversation closer toward the 100% independence? [^]

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Build your theory (its) {need a color change when auto correct changes anything} (i e s) about heroes and villains with your own subdomain inside the Hero / Villain data base… link internal and external pages your domain name.

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