When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

***”Feelin’ good, feelin’ good – all the money in the world spent on feelin’ good,” (Song heard while searching for a Tiger Woods golf demonstration)

A bill to require two, or more, Surgeon General [whm] employees [[”””””’thn/][[[thnk/]]]] [thnk/] …[jet] to be on duty wherever alcohol, or controlled substances are sold

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{{‘Christopher Robin and Pooh’ automatic search engine results were displayed while who was typing in ‘Names of Egyptian election winners’; xref: whose UPS personal data; xref: posts here prior to that re: morality of doing charity or not to those who use unconstitutional methods to meet up with you.]
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Short title: [Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.]

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Tightness of underwear is increasing blood pressure. Got to pray…
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Prayer helped get to the reasonable move of “If what offends thee, remove it,”
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The challenge here is to make sure the Surgeon General employees are not lead astray by being in an environment where alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances and like touch and motion [exterior sound] are up for sale.

Duty shift rotations might help, but they might tempt whom into bec… [bed offered by spell corrector] becoming distributers of under the table substances as who moves from duty post to duty post…

Requiring urine tests of all [whum] Surgeon General employees still wouldn’t address the issue of distributing.

But if each establishment can sell any controlled substance, and duty posts are only among those that do…

Every two hours [thnk/] 3 duty posts a day?

Is there enough room in the liquor store or bar to give up two seats without significantly cutting into profits?

Doormen? Confucius? [whump]; xef: “When the true principle of the great philosophy is working, the wise people will live on the streets and no door will need be locked.”

So would who come in, order a glass of water, drink it while looking around and assessing he situation, and then go back outside?

What would be whose duties? Make sure no under-aged patrons? Remind patrons not to sell to under-aged? …Remind proprietors to monitor whose intake? Simply be a symbol of upright morality? Uniform? How to avoid TSA kinds of issues?

Seat adjustment [thnk/]

Whereas citizens need employment, and

Whereas “Lead us not into temptation,” is the duty of the government as well; as each citizen, and

Whereas simply forbidding what who wants without offering a legal, healthy environment and buddy system as an alternative – simply drives the supply and demand under the table, be it hereby

Resolved, each and every entity which sells alcohol, or any controlled substance, shall have two representatives of the Surgeon General stationed outside their public door, and further

Resolved said representatives shall rotate their duty post every two hours to a different entity so that customers

4 units of prayer

Berkeley Free Speech movement recalled. Voluntary efforts of whom should be included as well as paid representatives of he Surgeon [whm] General:

Resolved anyone may set up a table and chair (s) at least six fee away from the outside of the public door (s) of any entity which sells alcohol, or any controlled substance, provided the public right of way is left open enough so people may pass, and further

Resolved literature, models, posters, t-shirts, learning aids, wellness products such as scent, etc. relating to physical and mental health and well being may be offered for sale at such tables [thn/] provided no statements are made [[thn/]] against the entity selling the alcohol or controlled substance, and likewise no admonition against entering may be made – only discussion of the factual basis of physical and mental health and the role of alcohol and controlled substances in that regard both positive (xref: once ounce of alcohol a day increases life span for some gene pools) and negative (marijuana has been proven to cause short term memory loos) may be offered, and further

Resolved contributions may be solicited and accepted at such tables, and further

Resolved it shall be the duty of the Surgeon General’s representatives to make sure such tables are in compliance with the law, and further

The Surgeon General’s representatives, both uniform, and plain clothes, shall be free to enter the entity selling alcohol, or any controlled substance, and make a purchase to monitor the procedures to make sure they are in compliance with the law, and further,

The Surgeon General and Department of Tourism shall jointly maintain a web site regarding the historical role of alcohol and controlled substances in he history of the nation [thnk/] and related bio-chemistry and psychiatric information, and be it further

Resolved the address of said web site [[thn/]] shall be on every receipt issued by any entity selling alcohol, or any controlled substance, and the receipt shall be handed with the words, “Here is your receipt. It has the alcohol & controlled substances permissions web address & phone number on it,” and further,

The government (s) & entities selling alcohol, or any controlled substance, shall promote a culture of self-control and personal responsibility for the use thereof, the guidelines for which shall include posters and literature available from the Surgeon General, or the equivalent thereof, and further

Surgeon General Intimacy Coaches shall be able to administer on the spot test for HIVe-AIDeS, Hepatitis, and other sexually transmitted and injection drug related diseases, said tests to be administered without stigma, or cost, to those getting them, and further,

{More prayers owed – time to pray some more}

of the Tourism and Surgeon General’s web site*** , or any controlled substance, and further

***”Feelin’ good, feelin’ good – all the money in the world spent on feelin’ good,” (Song heard while searching for a Tiger Woods golf demonstration)

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