When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

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Independence of Judiciary Leader.

xref: whose job is to work with any who seek to truly, voluntarily move closer to the 100% independence, the one God.
==========Null Hypothesis//

Newt Parliament (start sorts) supports our demand.

xref: the business of the parliament is to find and sort the [whump] needs, interests, and problems of their constituencies toward the goal of finding synergies, overlaps, conflicts, and resolutions and resolving them through creative legislation which translates tried and true solutions into the vocabulary and organizational structures of modern science to rebuild the fundamental institutions of society – the individual, the family, the schools, the community, the municipal government, the Governorates governments, and the three branches of the federal government, and the international milieu of decentralized [thn/], independent, national sovereigns. [wind] …[Whump].

Fishin’ (fission) in the Cairo Appeals Court president and the leader of the move meant – ‘Independence of the Judiciary in Egypt’ said that he has great [thn/] confidence in the composition of the new parliament.

===========Null Hypothesis:
xref: who looking for a plural party government of coalitions – not a two party divide and conquer one vote majority system.

…with the dark for achievement of independence of the judiciary in Egypt.

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Blending December 26 2000 and…

By Hussien Monasic von Labs

Cairo appeals court president, and leader of the move meant ‘The Independence of the Judiciary’ and…

xref: International, Interplanetary, Islamic Judicial and Police Training Academy – expressed in secular terms would be:

International, Interplanetary, Independent Judicial and Police Training Academy …no, that’s not quite it yet,

International, Interplanetary Judicial and Police Training Academy of Independence – that’s closer – you get the idea Independence is not a modifier of ‘Judicial’ but a goal unto itself, like Islam is.

Ironically ‘Islam’ is usually translated as ‘Submission to God’. However, God is the only 100% independence, and God permits Alameen (creation) independence over what range? xref: The messiah frequency of 50% stand alone (independence) and 50% stand with (constitution)* and 50% / 50% is a messiah frequency ratio of one – a smaller version of the 100% independence and 100% constitution of the one God; xref: biblical references to “man is made in the ‘image’ of God'”. So, the Good News is ‘Submission to God’ is acceptance of the duty to stand alone as well as stand with; xref: “It is between you, and your God,” Also xref: the decentralized, independent structure of Islam where each mosque and Imam read the Qur~an for his, or them, selves vs. the Catholic Church where an “infallible” Pope and a college of cardinals dictate to the parishioners what the law means.

xref: the naivety of the United States of America and NATO trying to impose a top down, centralized government on Iraq and Afghanistan with Governors who are appointed by the central, federal government, rather than elected by the people in the province themselves. xref: “Strong men, weak state” of the Western World – now repeating the same mistake the British made with the red coats denying the U.S. Colonists the right to local self determination; xref: “No taxation without representation,” But have you heard a single word about this from anyone? Other than Ron E{a}rn-est [[thn/]] Paul? I haven’t, and I’ve been sacrificing about 75% […] of my life to be reading and typing for the past 10 years or so.
==================Null Hypothesis//

That he has great confidence in the composition of the new parliament for achieving independence of the Judiciary.

1. Should Judges be elected for life? 6 years?
2. What should be [^] the pension policy regarding judges?
3. Should Judges be required to sacrifice their right to know other judges?
4. Should appeals be heard only by judges who have no personal knowledge of the lower judge?
5. xref: the United States Supreme Court practice of using the Supreme Court Building to hold private parties to which the Justices invite people based on a criteria not known to whom and likely known only to the justices and their sub [[whump]]**.. themselves.

…in Egpt. He stressed …among the list of priorities adopted by FJP and the parliament…

Hmmm… this sounds like a different article. Who is trying to transcribe [Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!] the tourism article.

The I lamb its party wants to boost tourism;

==========Null Hypothesis:
xref: you Ron Paul, re: getting booed at the second Republican debate for asking us how we would feel if who invaded our country?
==========Null Hypothesis//

The Muslim Brotherhood’s party believeth in the Parliamentary elections

Ron Paul supporters partner with Egypt Tourist Industry to offer a national lottery to all U.S. Citizens to visit Egypt with Ron Paul,

[Ring: Markertek calling to make sure who wanted the brown bongo ties delivered. Yes,” “I’ll set that up for you tomorrow,””Thank you,” [thn/] “You’re welcome,” xref: Concert series]

And Al Gore mix have and popular resorts

Gross domestic product

work florists

Accusations were I Lamb sits to rise to pose

Remenants of deposed party of Hosni Mubarak

No citizen who makes a liven’ from this in dust tree

Sinai election in January

Tea Party Travel Lottery Open to All U.S. Citizens – Win a trip to visit any of the top 10 domestic or international headline locations with Ron Paul or a tour guide approved by him. $25 for a chance to win one of 450 tour tickets. OR – purchase a ticket at the usual travel agent prices, OR – apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of your ticket. Scholarships based on need and / or merit. Ron E. Paul – inviting all Americans to lead with first hand knowledge.

*xref: why who withheld from meeting whom had unconstitutional knowledge of whose schedule

**xref: “I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy…” (Marley, Bob, “Bob Marley and the Wailers”; xref: requested remedies which replace the chives [thn/], but leave the ‘braves’ to repent, if they will, or face subsequent remedies.

‘Ah, there is a pure {{pause; xref: the need for color coded spell check changes; xref: independence of our eyes from the text flow; xref: touch typing, and voice to text}} button,’

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