When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?


VERIFIABLE , SECRET ballot : 1 of 2 scratch off SERIAL NUMBERS – 1 screen name & COLOR chosen from LIST of 7 – RECEIPT https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3COUqj-vPb8dEFsRGlSYjUydm8


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Video mentions issue, so who’d better display data point to show how thoroughly host and guest both addressed the issue

Video mentions issue, so who’d better display data point to show how thoroughly host and guest both addressed the issue

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“Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?” (Hendrix, Jimmi 1969); xref: Russian Daylight Savings Time; xref: Global Date Sync – Screen shot 2012 – 09 – 20 at 21. 00. 22

"Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?" (Hendrix, Jimmi 1969); xref: Russian Daylight Savings Time - Screen shot 2012-09-20 at 21.00.22

“Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?” (Hendrix, Jimmi 1969); xref: Russian Daylight Savings Time – Screen shot 2012-09-20 at 21.00.22

Dear Norma and friends:

Thought you might be interested in this current 2012-09-21 correlation with the side note in my 2012-09-20 email to you.

NOTE: VVP and DAM and the Office Manager and Staff of the Presidential Executive Office have correlated with my efforts to advise them, and it feels like they appreciate my sense of humour that in the same way orthodox jews do not use the name of God while adhering to the 100% consistent, unbiased logic of God, so too communism does not use the name of Jesus Christ while adhering to the 100% consistent, unbiased logic of whose light let be, thus making communism actually orthodox christianity; xref: “‘Even as you do it unto the least of whom, so do you do it unto whom,’ – therefore ‘From each according to their ability to each according to their need’,” xref: *Distributive Justice* (Rawls, John, 1973 +/-)

In a family as long as there is food in the house everyone gets something to eat. When ‘even the least’ gets sick, the others care for him or her, and so on, thus makiing the family unit the first communist organization.

On 9/20/12, William Hale wrote:
> Dear Norma:
> Thank you for your apology Monday when I called the Library after the
> emotional interactions during the noon session of the second meeting
> of my “Training You to Train Your Dog” seminar.
> You may remember we briefly discussed you calling me “strange” and you
> responded “unusual” might have been a better word choice. In your
> defence I mentioned Neil Young used the word ‘strange’ in one of his
> songs and you responded in an appreciative way.
> So, when I found this news item, at 10:35:75* this morning…
> Neil Young Comes Clean
> For a man who smoked pot like others smoke cigarettes, sobriety brings
> challenges. “The straighter I am, the more alert I am, the less I know
> myself,” Mr. Young said.
> Post a Comment | Read (57)
> …it not only cross referenced (xref: ‘ed) with a prior web page I
> had made in the past 18 months or so about Neil Young and the Rolling
> Stones each conducting pilot projects regarding “Olympic Thinker drug
> testing” programs – to test the hypothesis their audiences had, or
> could have, lower crime rates, lower abortion rates, lower divorce
> rates, and / or lower mental illness rates – than what other
> populations, but the news item data point also reminded me of our
> phone conversation, Monday, after my noon seminar and before the 6 pm
> repeat for people who couldn’t make it in at noon.
> Since this measurement of correlations to determine intentionality is
> part of my ongoing scientific research regarding: “Correlation.
> Coincidence? Or, coordination?” I’ve attached screen shots of the data
> point, along with the A1 synopsis of the article without worrying
> about whether I need copyright permission to do so. I assume
> scientific data bases have uncensored access to data. If not, then a
> legal precedent establishing same should be established, and I am
> interested in any attorneys who might be on the record as seeking or
> willing to handle such kinds of civil rights / constitutional cases.
> The NYTimes.com search box returns at least six other Neil Young
> articles during 2012, so this correlation may not be unusual, however,
> whether any of the other six were placed in the A1 position “above the
> fold” on the NYTimes.com home page is not able to be determined by the
> search results. Therefore comparing this correlation with the
> frequency of other word matches appearing on A1 how soon after whose
> use of them in what situations provides an alternate way to test
> ‘coincidence’ vs. ‘coordination’.
> Another test is to randomly select A1 pages published PRIOR to the
> word use date:time data point (in this case Monday at 16:00:75* hours)
> and measure to what degree correlations are found which would
> necessarily be coincidences rather than coordinations.
> ============SIDE NOTE:
> There would be more privacy and better universal file coordination on
> social networks if the day changed at the same time everywhere and all
> files were labeled by the time between 12:00 and 12:59:59 followed by
> the degree of Longitude which was in the spotlight of sunlight. I saw
> an iTunes movie title re: “Spotlight of Sunlight” after first
> proposing this idea. A quick google search finds
> Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Christian Answers Network
> http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/movies/…/
> eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind.html – Cached – Similar
> It is the type of movie one must stay focused on or else something
> will be missed. It had my attention throughout. Although some scenes
> were unsettling and …
> ==============END SIDE NOTE//
> This is mitigated only to the degree who might predict whose use or
> what word, or provoke whose use of what word (s), and sufficiently use
> same PRIOR to the use being tested for intentionality / leadership
> [[Betsy scratches the cabinet twice]] re: coordination, or coincidence
> in the ‘echo’ of what appears where AFTER who first uses what word,
> image, or deed.
> Alternately, whom is being tested for leadership {{xref: *Master Ludi:
> The Glass Bead Game* (Hesse, Herman)}} might simply be using a word,
> or image, or deed inspired by, or shaped by the PRIOR data flow {{The
> theory of the fly on the wheel claiming to make the wheel turn}}, and
> so finding a correlation immediately after usage might reflect
> dependency rather than independent leadership, – however, again […]
> who could be reinforcing leadership with culturally ubiquitous symbols
> and so prior usage would be found, – but the timing of the ‘echo’
> regarding whose independent use of a ubiquitous cultural symbol –
> followed by finding a data point where who regularly looks – not where
> who searches to find… might still indicate ‘coordination’ rather
> than ‘coincidence’
> No doubt there are several kinds of statistical tests and experimental
> designs which can be applied here to isolate and test for each
> possible hypothesis: independent random correlation, dependent
> cultural vocabulary which would be assumed to find ‘echos’,
> independent leadership proven by consistent echos in a short time
> frame over a wide range [Hnk hnk] of kinds of words, images, and
> deeds, and what else?
> Likely testing the life stream of several individuals with varying
> degrees of media readership would be useful also.
> In the Baker Library Recreational Reading Room at Harvard Business
> School I by chance, of all things, happened to find a book entitled
> *Stochastic Man* – which was very much about this same issue. An
> educated reader would find hidden correlations in the news and use the
> subtext which the general readership was unaware of to accomplish what
> he wanted to see come to pass. Basically a form of “insider
> information”; xref: “Insider trading” problems on Wall St. well known
> to most of us by now.
> There is actually a name for this “reading between the lines” –
> “Yellow Journalism” – it referred at first to the comics I think and
> was shunned as unprofessional journalism which used innuendo rather
> than “clear signs”; {{xref: the Qur~an making the distinction of those
> who will lead you with clear signs as being the ones to follow.}}
> It’s much like the situation we face today where the under the table
> economies of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, aka, entertainment, aka,
> hypnotism (the adoption or rejection of suggestion independent of
> logic; xref: Hollywood, Las Vegas, the flashing lights and hypnotic
> tones of popular music, etc.)… is becoming stronger and stronger
> while the *on the table* economy is becoming weaker and weaker –
> largely due to ‘cannibalistic’ hypnotists who spend other people’s
> money to buy votes to divide and conquer and rule by slim majorities
> who then spend borrowed money rather than risking loosing votes by
> waking people up to the reality of the need to harvest revenue
> directly from them rather than in ways which hide the cost as interest
> on borrowing – until we all meet the fiscal cliff we are fast
> approaching on “Happy New Year, 2013,”. So we now pay more and more of
> our ‘taxes’ to the private -public partnership of the US Federal
> Reserve under Ben Shalom Bernake (actual middle name) in the form of
> interest on US Treasury debt, not to mention the private sector debt
> load. But we’ve about run out of ways to pay that interest with the
> printing press and interest rate manipulation, aka, monetary policy,
> and quantitative easing; xref: QE2 – cruise ship sense of humour who
> all echoed… despite the recent FED pronouncement it would buy more
> debt from the private sector and expand the FED balance sheet more
> yet.
> But there is a BETTER way to automatically harvest revenue for the US
> Treasury by recapitalizing US assets; xref: conversation and report
> filed with the Bangor Assessors office; xref: the Federal Reserve
> transferring holdings of short term liabilities to long term
> liabilities.
> But I digress…
> The intention of this email is to alert you to the happy coincidence
> of the data point in the NYTimes.com regarding Neil Young which came
> up in regards to your calling me, ‘strange’, and me trying to find a
> reason you might have chosen that word. *Stranger in a Strange Land*
> (Camus, Albert) also came to mind; xref: who is indicted because he
> did not cry at his Mother’s funeral; xref: to what degree my
> motivation to follow through on my Phi-Beta Kappa Mother’s literary
> interests and her Mother’s dog training and breeding interests might
> be considered my way of ‘mourning’ their loss – by trying to further
> what they believed in – the power of the written word, and the
> benefits to humanity of “Man’s best friend”.
> “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree,” you responded. “I guess I
> wear my heart on my sleeve,” you said. There is nothing wrong with
> wanting a particular dog as a life time companion, but at the same
> time, I should not be condemned because I seek to find a group of
> people who can collaboratively train and socialize dogs by rotating
> the dog being trained each month, or each quarter, to a new household.
> Both kinds of relationships should be possible – a trainer might have
> a dog of his or her own, AND take in a dog in a rotation plan.
> One person came by Monday and pointed out “seeing eye dogs” are kept
> by a family for an entire year to be socialized before being donated
> to a blind person.
> So I have cc:’ed who all else might be interested in the scientific
> and cultural aspects of this analysis of this data point, Norma, and I
> hope you will be happy that your willingness to answer your emotions
> honestly has resulted in what I hope is a clear statement about a very
> important part of the work I do.
> May the one, 100% consistent, unbiased logic accept our efforts.
> Bill, aka, haji Mohammed
> cc: DC
> David Carr
> Earl Wilson/The New York Times
> David Carr writes the Media Equation column for the Monday Business
> section of the New York Times that focuses on media issues including
> print, digital, film, radio and television. He also works as a general
> assignment reporter in the Culture section of The Times covering all
> aspects of popular culture. Carr blogs regularly at Media Decoder.
> For the past 25 years, Carr has been writing about media as it
> intersects with business, culture and government.
> He began working at the Times in 2002 covering the magazine publishing
> industry for the Business section. Prior to joining the Times, Carr
> was a contributing writer for The Atlantic Monthly and New York
> Magazine. In 2000, he was the media writer for Inside.com, a web news
> site focusing on the business of entertainment and publishing.
> Before coming to New York, Carr served as editor of the Washington
> City Paper, an alternative weekly in Washington D.C. for five years.
> From 1993 to 1995, Carr was editor of the Twin Cities Reader, a
> Minneapolis-based alternative weekly, and wrote a media column there
> as well.
> On August 5, 2008, Carr’s book, “The Night of the Gun,” came out on
> Simon and Schuster. The book is a memoir of addiction and recovery
> that used reporting to fact check the past. Much of the data he
> collected, including videos, documents and pictures, is available
> here. And if you want to purchase the book, you can always go here.
> Carr lives in Montclair, New Jersey with Jill Rooney Carr and has
> three children.
> Send an E-Mail to David Carr
> DC:
> Thought you might be interested in the use of your data point in this email
> Thanks
> Bill / haji Mohammed
> —
> “Respond and seek responses,”
> PS. I once brought a federal civil law suit against the ARCO center in
> Sacramento for not permitting me to record my experience under the
> influence of Neil Young playing electric guitar – on the grounds I had
> the right to remember such an intense planting of ‘suggestion’ in my
> brain. The suit was thrown out on a technicality. Note the Grateful
> Dead appreciated this right to remember and had a ‘taping section’ at
> shows, although the right to record the show and as importantly YOUR
> experience at the show, no matter where you were, was still a touch
> and go matter, but who was able to record a large percentage of the
> shows who attended.
> Your comment, “Did I say that?” Norma, shows it is a first amendment
> issue to have the right to as perfect a memory as you are able to
> create regardless of biologic, or technologic, basis of your memory –
> as long as you do not block the view, or mobility, or ability of
> others to hear… [Mekkah makes a sound with her collar tag by lifting
> her head and lowering it]
> Perhaps we could update the musical, “The Music Man” as “The A.I. Man”
> with a story about expert software assisting children to record and
> review, and search and cross reference (xref:) their lives much the
> way the original version used the school band as a vehicle to “find a
> way to keep the young ones moral after school”
> 12:41:75*: Blue pick up truck with amber light on a pole in the bed.
> Then two blue pick up trucks cross in front of whose window at about
> 50 mph]
> PPS – In checking at “The Washington Post” before sending this email,
> the following news item, aka, data point, cross referenced (xref:)
> with your comment about Nyla bones being safer for dogs because if
> they do break up, unlike raw hide bones [ignition of diesel engine
> outside] which might permit a strip of raw hide to lodge in the dog’s
> throat, the Nyla bone permits only a small piece “the size of a piece
> of rice” to break off you said.
> This also cross references with the story about whose US State
> Department friend whose sister mentioned she had heard of a person
> being poisoned by Ricin in a single grain of rice.
> I think I told you the story Norma when we first met in the Library in
> the second quarter of this year. Perhaps you remember it? Or it
> unconsciously influenced you.
> Ricin
> From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> Not to be confused with raisin.
> Castor Oil Plant, fruits
> Castor beans
> Ricin ( /ˈraɪsɪn/), from the castor oil plant Ricinus communis, is a
> highly toxic, naturally occurring protein. A dose as small as a few
> grains of salt can kill an adult human.
> =============WIKIPEDIA REFERENCE//
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/fda-working-on-plan-to-limit-arsenic-levels-in-rice/2012/09/18/3238a578-0133-11e2-b257-e1c2b3548a4a_story.html?hpid=z3
> News in 59 Seconds
> VIDEO | The Post’s Katherine Boyle offers the latest on arsenic in
> rice, super PACs and Obama’s lead in Va.
> Is there arsenic in your rice?
> Dina ElBoghdady
> FDA is working toward a proposal that would limit the amount of
> arsenic found in many rice products.
> How to reduce your arsenic risk

“Respond and seek responses,”

[door] [[diesel rpms]]]

#1041 of 1042: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 21 Sep 2012 (07:53 AM)

Dear Earth Day Network:

Do you think people could get use to the idea of the date changing
while they were awake? It’s a kind of Copernican revolution – instead
of the date changing at 24 different times while people are asleep (an
ego-centric Illusion; ref: ‘opiate (s) of the proletariat’), the new
‘centre’ of the date:time would be a designated line of longitude,
like the international date line, but the date would change EVERYWHERE
when it passed through the zenith (or nadir) of our spot light of

Would you like to do this with me: apply for a patent on a file naming
and organizing system which uses this idea and then lease the rights
to use the system to social network web sites until it becomes globally
adopted? We could split the profits 50 – 50 and dedicate them to
making the world a better place for all environments, creations, and


Lets negotiate a contract to work together


W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar

cc: Omar’s Loop

blind cc:

volley2.ind 175: ?>*:\ …//2012:08:29:21:17:135*
#1042 of 1042: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 21 Sep 2012 (07:53 AM)

Contact Us
Contact Us
Thank you.

Go back to the form


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xref: “Invest in an issue” xref: “The Political Post Card Party” 1982

#969 of 970: William Hale (hinging0) Wed 19 Sep 2012 (10:36 AM)


Tech and Media Companies Make Content Deals
Companies sharpen their focus on content creators. | Paperless Post
pushes the envelope, literally. | Digital etiquette dos and don’ts.
TimesCast Archive

The instruction to click the video play button now takes on new
meaning; xref: *Master Ludi: The Glass Bead Game” (Hesse, Herman);
xref: making the news an interactive game – “Content is King” – xref: “I
cannot tell a lie,”

volley2.ind 175: ?>*:\ …//2012:08:29:21:17:135*
#970 of 970: William Hale (hinging0) Wed 19 Sep 2012 (10:36 AM)

Islamic Galleries Bring Louvre’s Riches to Light
New spaces for Islamic art are the most radical architectural
intervention at the Louvre since I. M. Pei’s 1989 glass pyramid.

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“Nope. That’s. Knot. Howe. U. Change. Her. Di. Per,” – Screen Shot 2012 – 09 – 03 at 1.38.55 AM 1

"Nope. That's. Knot. Howe. U. Change. Her. Di. Per," - Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 1.38.55 AM 1

“Nope. That’s. Knot. Howe. U. Change. Her. Di. Per,” – Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 1.38.55 AM 1

xref: Skill at changing diapers are to married couples as Kamasutra intimacy ‘positions’ are to touch and motion ‘Olympians’ [[thn/]]. Also xref: embedded code.

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“Rise, knight Who,”

Chindi 김 ‏@leadertaeyeon

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. – Steve Martin


@leadertaeyeon And a night without darkness, is like, who knows – more ‘likes’ than who can know personally ? Humor and experimental design

26m San Francisco CP San Francisco CP ‏@SanFranciscoCP

Comedian Steve Martin had a few, well, comedic things to say about a certain nice-sounding http://sanfrancisco.cityandpress.com/node/5135561


30m debra anderson debra anderson ‏@debraanderson1

Steve Martin tweets about ‘evil’ Pleasanton http://blog.sfgate.com/stew/2012/08/31/steve-martin-tweets-about-evil-pleasanton/


“Rise, knight Who,”

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data point date and time narrowed

data point date and time narrowed

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Correlations make whom didn’t look like whom, look like who was [thunk] whom

Cory Ondrejka, right, chief of mobile engineering for Facebook.

Was that you today, then MZ? Thanks for coming by. We really need to negotiate a contract. Jihad by social network so to speak, that is to say, ‘reach out with the true short cuts’ via Facebook.

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Private is a polite word for secret. Therefore, city hall screen names for eminent domain asset purchases and return sale

Private is a polite word for secret. Therefore, city hall screen names for eminent domain asset purchases and return sale - Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 12.45.33 PM

Private is a polite word for secret. Therefore, city hall screen names for eminent domain asset purchases and return sale – Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 12.45.33 PM

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Right, the cloud who drew looked like a sheep; xref: whimsical sense of humor

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