When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

A bill to heal the United States through more informative elections

The most expensive election in American history drew to a close this week with a price tag estimated at more than $6 billion,

Whereas, 4% of US GDP is spent on defense, be it hereby,
Resolved 1% of US GDP shall be spent on election debates, interviews, forums, and events sponsored by local, state, and federal government to which all qualifying candidates shall be invited on an equal basis.
=========Null Hypothesis//

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Seeds, prayers, dawa, and Chopra

Your Comments On:
After Benghazi attacks, Islamist extremists akin to al-Qaeda stir fear in eastern Libya
By Abigail Hauslohner, Published: October 26


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1:48 PM EDT
What is unfolding here may be the most extreme example of the confrontation underway across Libya, underscoring just how deeply the fundamentalists have sown their seeds in the security vacuum that has defined Libya since the fall of Moammar Gaddafi last September.

==============Null Hypothesis:
“seeds”; xref: “Point out instead – the universe is always bringing to us a stream of results and rewards which stem from our wishes and wants.

{Pray to God for what you think you need, and you will find what God knows you need}

{{“I, and who else who are part of what prayer…” Prayer is an unfolding [There you go. Have a good weekend]. The word ‘ray’ is in the word ‘pray’, p.ray [door. door]. Ray is a line with direction. Rays are found in Geometry. Rays are vectors. When who uses matrix algebra to solve a problem who is making a prayer. [Yea. Yup. Something after …]
=============Null Hypothesis//

Wishes and wants are like seeds and {who, or why, or when, or where that result – } the things that happen to us, are the sprouting of those seeds.

When we try to make it to a prayer line, we are actually trying to line up with the geometry of events unfolding: Prayer lines are more than social gatherings. The time of prayer is defined by a ratio of light and dark which results in a certain length shadow (a proof what is solid) [cough] . We feel there are five unique moods [thun] of shadow length during the day, and we feel it is reasonable to test the growth of our seeds of thought and hope and desire in the context of these five different moods each day so we develop realistic expectations. Karl Marx wrote, “Hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, and philosophize at night,” Our prayer has at least all three of these aspects in it., and thus we find the pause and say of pray and the hunt and fish and gather and keep your cover, if you can or want to, and get a receipt of prey in the context of all five moods – as if we got five days in one. Karl Marx would be proud. [door]
==============Null Hypothesis//

Some seeds take a long time to sprout – a child inspired to play the piano can be planting a seed that grows for a life time.

Formal prayer continues to grow your entire life and across generations making “more perfect” our comprehension of the root directory of all creation.

Dawa prayer, for particular people, places and things – spoken from the heart with any words you feel are the right ones to express your hopes is a more unique and sometimes more temporary prayer for a particular need, interest or problem. But it can also be for a particular person, place or thing, and it comes back each time you make Dawa for whom or where… or when …bu
All of us are working on both big and small desires. Not all of these can come true at once. Each desire has it’s own season, it’s own way of coming true.”

The seven spiritual laws for parents; Chopra, Deepak, Harmony Books, 1997 – with WLH / haji MAO editing updates

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Iqra: read

volley2.ind 177: 2012:10:15:Monday
#88 of 92: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 16 Oct 2012 (04:51 AM)

If they were really familiar with this belief system, they would
remember that the first word of revelation in the Quran is “Iqra”
(read), and would therefore refrain from bombing girls’ schools.

Perfect example. Now what does the word ‘read’ mean? You can ‘read’
body language, you can read tracks on a trail. You can read
alpha-numeric symbols, you can read the signs of the weather, you can
read an expression. To the degree who thinks who has proven whose case
simply by citing the word ‘read’ and referring it ONLY to an
alpha-numeric context underlines the fear of the Taleban that who wants
to separate their children from the wider lexicon of ‘reading’ and
make them dependent upon who will eventually steal their land and
resources as per US CIA director DHP testimony before the US House of
Representatives Armed Services Commitee where you, DHP, offered the
trillion dollars worth of resources in Afghanistan as an incentive for
the US Congress to keep funding your loosing efforts.
===========Null Hypothesis:
Note current microsoft ad now is using whose logic, “What does it say?
What should it say?” by adapting it to a name tag and crossing out the
‘is’ and inserting ‘should be’ re: “My name is…” and then it adds
job categories. Another perfect example of what Taleban and many fear –
the pyramid builders stealing whose children and making their identity
be to serve them rather than continue up the chain of command THROUGH
them to and and from the one God, the one, 100% independence, who or
why, can stand alone, or stand with any.

volley2.ind 177: 2012:10:15:Monday
#89 of 92: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 16 Oct 2012 (05:03 AM)

We need to keep our attention fixed on the women and children of
Pakistan. They don’t need special envoys, drones, or even foreign aid.

xref: “Watch out for those even numbers,”

volley2.ind 177: 2012:10:15:Monday
#90 of 92: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 16 Oct 2012 (05:14 AM)

So what would a reading lesson for Pakistani girls which the Taleban
could accept look like?

Teaching whom to read the body language of humility for both men and

Reading whose TV shows and diagnosing and healing the materialism, and
hormonal worship of “feeling good” vs. doing good?

Disecting what a J-Lo show is actually doing and identifying the
elements of passion and euphoria but placing them in a context of the
marriage and family and following through all the way to and from God
when you do feel?

George Carlin, the US Commedian, and high test fuel user, aka, drug
addict, and radical liberal had the same position as the conservative
Taleban – “They want you to learn just enough to be able to fill out
their forms,” xref: the pyramid builders.

volley2.ind 177: 2012:10:15:Monday
#91 of 92: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 16 Oct 2012 (05:15 AM)

What they need is for ordinary citizens of the world to see them
through a new lens.

this is classic business school jargon; xref: ‘focus’ as used by Dean
Cox at HBS

volley2.ind 177: 2012:10:15:Monday
#92 of 92: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 16 Oct 2012 (05:33 AM)

Once Pakistan feels the world’s support and sympathy, Malala and her
peers could become even more emboldened to exert themselves and push
for reform, instead of spending their time dodging the bullets of angry


Upon a time… xref: the need for children’s literature re: reading
lessons Taleban would be impressed by.


Cultural and nation identity. What makes Pakistanis different from
whom else.

And what common cultural traits does Pakistan help lead the way in?


vs. thinks; xref: “…you can use your do, and feel, and asks to grow
from here to where, baby. ‘Cause your next baby. Be brave and be fair,”


definite article. Secular word for ‘of, or belonging to, God’


xref: mundane, worldly affairs interrupting higher spiritual
considerations; xref: reasons people become monks, or


xref: “I support you,”

and sympathy,

xref: “Sympathy for the devil” (Rolling Stones)


xref; Malia

and her peers could become even more emboldened

xref: a jury of whose peers. Also xref: “Watch out for those even

to exert themselves and push for reform,

‘push’; xref: “When push comes to shove – who’s afraid of love”;

xref: drug dealing and either working whose self out of a job by using
the profits to reform the system to prevent drug dealing – at least
under the table, or on the other hand the difference between criminal
‘shoving’ of drugs, or what, upon whom vs. ‘pushing’ as in having what
at the ready and requiring whom to meet what pre-requisites before who
is permitted to buy or use or experience.

instead of

xref: introducing this phrase in 1994.

spending their time dodging

xref: GM – Chrysler and the automotive wars to subjugate the land of
the earth to the internal combustion engine and wheel and those who
ride them like herds of Gnu on the African plains thereby supplying
roving demand and supply of whose paper receipts of transferable
sovereign authority.

Also xref: Grandpa Bob’s dodge ball game in “The odd life of Timothy

the bullets of angry men.

[f/] Say the bullets of angry families, the bullets of fearful tribes,
the bullets of those who know from history the white man has a long
history of taking the land of indigenous peoples, or say the bullets of
US arms manufacturers gotten into the hands of fearful tribes by
equally fearful and aggressive military industrial complex and their
“all volunteer” mercenaries while a sheltered, hypnotized rich culture
of US Citizens continues to have their petri dishes milked by China and
multi-national corporations who permit state appointed religions
rather than the to and from the one God personal relationship demanded,
no, say, required, required by Islam.

xref: “Teamwork, families, value, independence …and teamwork. Isn’t
that right?”

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Capitalizing on enthusiasm

October 15, 2012, 3:01 PM7 Comments
Romney Raises $170 Million to Finance Final Push
Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have begun a late push to raise tens of millions of dollars in the closing weeks of the election, cash that will finance a last-minute barrage of advertising that Mr. Romney’s aides believe is critical to beating President Obama.

In an e-mail message to top donors and fund-raisers on Monday afternoon, Mr. Romney’s campaign said that it had raised $170 million in September, nearly as much as the near-record $181 million raised by Mr. Obama, but needed to bring in even more money in October to capitalize on Mr. Romney’s surge in swing states like Florida and Ohio.

The announcement kicked off a three-day retreat for donors at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel, where the campaign is seeking to capitalize on a burst of enthusiasm among formerly jittery donors — who were thrilled by Mr. Romney’s strong first debate performance — to recruit new donors and persuade old ones to give the maximum allowed by law. Donors, who will be treated to a Debate Watch Party at the Roseland Ballroom featuring the comedian Dennis Miller, will also spend part of the retreat working the phones in a miniature call-a-thon intended to wring out as many last-minute dollars as possible.

xref: SoftBank/Sprint.com capitalization of “Always on” cellphones by inviting investors to a three day retreat.
=========Null Hypothesis//

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‘Slave’ or ‘partner’, but not ’employee’?

#415 of 416: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 05 Oct 2012 (05:34 AM)

When Job-Creation Engines Stop at Just One

New businesses have fewer employees than they did a decade ago, posing
a worrying trend for employment.
New Businesses Have Become Fewer, and Leaner

Is ’employee’ an outdated concept? Is the middle ground of well taken
care of ’employee’ (s) that has grown up between ‘slave’ and
‘entrepreneur’ or partner vanishing? Are people expected to take care
of / fend for themselves as education improves and the bottom line
becomes more and more independent of local community well being?
==========Null Hypothesis//

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A bill to reward cross training, duty shift rotations, and team scheduling

Tara McGuinness, CAP Action Fund: American women are a majority, and will likely swing the outcome of this election, I hope the debate will ask what will the candidates do to change that women make 77 cents for every dollar that men earn (and Latino women make closer to 50 cents on the dollar)? What would you do to address this pay inequity and make workplaces work for working moms?

==========Null Hypothesis:
WANTED: A bill to reward duty shift rotations in general, and between men and women in particular, so two, or more, workers can cross train and rotate between two, or more, jobs – whether the jobs pay the same or not – but with each getting an equally [[Hnk ink]] pro-rated share of the wage for the time they spend doing the job – thereby benefitting the employer with second opinions; and also male AND female marketing, production, and managerial insights; as well as workforce redundancy; and what else? More equal purchasing power for men and women, and more flexibility in schedules to intelligently research, shop, and provide for families.

WANTED: A bill to cross train and rotate. Short title: Team Scheduling… Proposed sponsors: … Proposed cosponsors: … Whereas redundancy, second opinions, and gender specific marketing, production, and managerial insights are essential to profitability, and Whereas women make 77 cents for every dollar that men earn (and Latino women make closer to 50 cents on the dollar), be it hereby, Resolved, any firm which establishes duty shift rotations in general, and between men and women in particular, while equally pro-rating the wages based on the percentage of the job done by each person regardless of gender, shall qualify for a tax credit equal to one half of the taxes which would need to be paid on the wages paid and profit accruing from such work. Voted into law this ___ day of ____, 2014. Signed into law by ____________
============Null Hypothesis//

A bill to reward cross training, duty shift rotations, and team scheduling

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xref: BDN

Connection Found to Investor of Scuttled ‘Rebecca’
A man with a history of fraud complaints against him steered the musical’s producer to a mysterious investor.

xref: “Slander of Bangor Daily News” automated classified ad system, compounded by the legal advice given to the BDN by their attorney to not give any reason to anyone for denial of service.
===========Null Hypothesis//

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“LePage leaves…” after who sees “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

Unseen for Months, but Running in Illinois
Representative Jesse L. Jackson Jr., who has suffered from medical problems, is running a campaign that does not seem to exist. Above, Marcus Lewis, one of the challengers.

xref: whose Maine US Senate campaign; xref: “LePage Leaves…” headine after who saw “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”
=========Null Hypothesis//

“LePage leaves…” after who sees “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

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Attractive Nuisance court martial vs. “An eye for an eye…” makes everyone blind


Dear ES:

Who, what, where, when, why, how, how often, to what degree*, to what extent*, on behalf of whom, as opposed to, in contrast with…

As the pentagon has it’s inventory of weapons, so too, journalism has it’s inventory of tools, among them the interrogative pronouns…

After repeated requests to the NYTimes and WAPO, the generally accepted style was upgraded from “WANTED: Dead or Alive” (GWB re: ObL) or “kill” to “kill or capture”, though it should be “surrender, capture, or kill” in that order for reasons of morality not to mention compliance with various treaties and conventions and rules of war… So it’s my fault to not have gotten a court order to remedy that yet, but you are invited to participate in doing so.

#160 of 160: William Hale (hinging0) Tue 02 Oct 2012 (10:11 AM)

Pentagon Takes First Steps to Target Libyans Behind Attack
By ERIC SCHMITT 11 minutes ago
Detailed information is being prepared that could be used to kill or
capture some of the militants suspected in the deadly attack on the
American mission in Benghazi.

“Lead us not into temptation…” There were no US Marines guarding the
embassy or ambassador. “…and deliver us from evil,” Two wrongs do
not make a right – you are only reinforcing “An eye for an eye and a
tooth for a tooth,” instead of holding a court martial of who was
responsible for seeing the embassy and ambassador were adequately
protected in such a volatile area.
========Null Hypothesis//

After making this comment I decided to email you, and in the process of doing so, I realize the application of the interrogative pronoun tools lead to “on behalf of whom” being applied in the above case and revealing the embassy was inadequately protected, much like our national borders are inadequately secure…

There is a branch of law known as “attractive nuisance” If you have an unfenced swimming pool and the neighbour’s boy drowns in your pool, is it his fault for trespassing? Or, your fault for having an attractive nuisance? Legal precedent says the latter is the case.

Perhaps a study, or book, or movie, or data base entitled “Attractive nuisance” is in order.

Also, you would think there would be a “Hero and Villain” data base, but the only I ever find via google searches is for movies. So much news gets buried wouldn’t it make sense to tag all the stories about corrupt cops and politicians and murderers, etc. with the word ‘villain’ or similar tag? ‘Hero’ is certainly getting a work out regarding who responds on behalf of whom…

Thank you for your reporting.

I look forward to joining you all in the filed.

W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed Omar

*xref: denominators in the news

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Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s (and Owners’) Equity; xref: “Would you help me?” vs. “May I help you?”

We are grateful to the president for deigning to point out our flaws
and giving us another chance.

“I’m the president,” he intoned.

But We, the People, must do the work.

The buck stops with us.

And getting the carrot dangling in front of us – to MOTIVATE *us* to
move ourselves, and all who surround us, ‘FORWARD,” is ‘job one’ of the
Chief executive officer of the United States of America.

And that motivation is not the sale of more liabilities, but the
recapitalization of the public and private equity of U.S. balance
sheets, with time release covenants to prevent inflation, despite
recapitalized balances sufficient to pay off all our liabilities on
time as scheduled, with enough equity value left over to finance new
investments while loan officers instead become trust officers working
with national service citizen auditors to make sure bankers, security
personnel, elected officials, and who else meet, or exceed generally
accepted standards for conduct of their duties.

=========Null Hypothesis//

volley2.ind 175: ?>*:\ …//2012:08:29:21:17:135*
#587 of 587: William Hale (hinging0) Sun 09 Sep 2012 (06:51 PM)

xref: response to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital ad at LAX.

Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s (and Owners’) Equity; xref: “Would you help me?” vs. “May I help you?”


#586 of 587: William Hale (hinging0) Sun 09 Sep 2012 (06:50 PM)

Op-Ed Columnist
Playing Now: Hail to Us Chiefs
Published: September 8, 2012 332 Comments


Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

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HOW did the one formerly known as The One go for two?

In his renomination acceptance speech here on Thursday night, he told
us that America’s problems were tougher to solve than he had originally

And that’s why he has kindly agreed to give us more time.

Because, after all, it’s our fault.

“So you see, the election four years ago wasn’t about me,” President
Obama explained. “It was about you. My fellow citizens, you were the

We were the change!

We were the change? Us?

How on earth could we have let so much of what we fought for slip
away? How did we allow Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, the super PACs, the
Tea Party, the lobbyists and the special interests take away our voice?

“Only you can make sure that doesn’t happen,” the president chastised
us. “Only you have the power to move us forward.”

We’re so lame. We were naïve, brimming with confidence that we could
slow the rise of the oceans, heal the planet, fix the cracks in the
Capitol dome.

We never should have let the Congressional Democrats run wild with
their stimulus spending on pork that didn’t even create the right kinds
of jobs.

It also took us too long to realize what the party of know-nothings
and no-everything was up to. We should never have walked into that
blind budget alley with John Boehner. We should have realized, after
the first of three phone calls went unreturned, that even with a few
more merlots under his belt, the speaker wouldn’t have the guts to tell
us he couldn’t get a grand bargain through his Tea Party House.

We should never have delegated health care to Max Baucus and let him
waste time trying to cut a deal with Senate Republicans who had no
intention of going along even with ideas — like the individual mandate
— that they backed first.

We should have listened to Joe Biden instead of getting rolled by the
generals on Afghanistan.

We’re older, wiser and grayer now.

It’s depressing to look back and remember what soaring hopes we had
for ourselves only four years ago. Did we overdo it with the Greek
columns? Sheesh, a million people showed up for our inauguration. Now
we brag when we break 10,000.

What a drag to realize that Hillary was right: big rallies and pretty
words don’t always get you where you want to go. Who knew that Eric
Cantor wouldn’t instantly swoon at the sound of our voice or the sight
of our smile?

Our forbearing leader didn’t pander to us with that standard breakup
line: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

He gave it to us straight: It’s not me, it’s you.

If we get a second term, maybe Republicans will stop blocking, and
blowing racial dog whistles. Maybe they’ll realize that they should
deal with us, especially if they lose enough Latino voters to cost them
not just the White House but Congressional seats.

As the president told us, “our destinies are bound together.” So we
have to stop holding him back when he’s trying to go “Forward.”

We admit we like our solitude — maybe a little too much given our
chosen profession. We could have opened up our weekend golf foursomes
to a few pols — even women! — rather than just the usual junior aides.

And we could probably stomach giving lifts in the limo to some mayors
and members of Congress, and actually pretend that we care about their
advice — not to mention their votes.

Maybe we could drop the disdainful body language. For that matter,
shouldn’t we put a little more effort into helping elect Democrats to
Congress? Just because we only did a cameo in the Senate doesn’t mean
some people there don’t think of it as a star turn.

Apparently, etiquette matters. We could send out a few thank-you notes
to big donors and celebrities who give benefit concerts. Oddly, it
turns out folks like to frame notes signed by the president and hang
them on the wall.

Maybe we relied too much on Valerie Jarrett, a k a the Night Stalker
and Keeper of the Essence. She says people should woo us. But could it
be that we need to woo them as well?

How could we have let the storybook president lose his narrative?

How could we keep failing to explain what changes we have gotten
through? Why is salesmanship so beneath us?

It’s ironic that Bill Clinton, who couldn’t pass his own health care
bill, does a better job of selling ours. Even Obama said on Friday that
we should make Bill a cabinet member — “the secretary of ’splainin’


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