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Without a debt [thn/] ceiling would who confront the issue?

Four House Democrats have introduced a bill to eliminate the statutory cap on the public debt. “There’s no reason to have a debt ceiling at all,” said one of the four, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia. “It doesn’t restrain spending, since the spending has already been committed. It just threatens our credit,

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and it weakens our country.”

If the government got close to the debt limit again before the elections in November, a Treasury official said, “we would be able to invoke extraordinary measures to extend borrowing authority beyond the elections.”

To avoid defaulting, the Treasury has sometimes delayed issuing certain types of debt held by federal trust funds and by state and local governments.

Under the new budget law, Mr. Obama could have requested a larger increase in the debt limit if Congress had agreed on a constitutional amendment to require balanced budgets or if deficit-reducing recommendations from a joint committee had become law. The amendment was not approved, and the committee could not agree on any proposals.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: December 27, 2011

A Web site summary with an earlier version of this article incorrectly listed the amount of the debt limit increase sought by President Obama. It is $1.2 trillion, not $1.2 million.

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