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re: How to prove to the Taleban they can be MORE Islamic

…So, thanks for your kindness over the years. You’ve always been gentle
with my idealism while at the same time educating me to some realities
I needed to learn about to be effective.

On a side note, today a randomly sampled passage from the Qur~an…

But forgive them and overlook
{their misdeeds} for Allah
Loveth those who are kind.

…inspired me to consider instead of shooting the Pakistani girl in the
head, the Taleban should have created a school of their own where they

“A more perfect Union…”

is more important than

“…establishing justice”

…because of this passage and others like it.

The standard operating procedure of self-defense regarding those who refuse to join your Union remains, but five times a day we make time to consider more important orders in our chain of command such as…

“Iraqman,” most welcoming,

“Iraheem” most able to make more perfect, and

“…siratal l-ladzeena an amta a-layhm grahill maughdubi alayhm wa lad dalllllleeen.” Thy straight way that is known to us by the confidence of countenance of rhythm and bearing and demeanor of those who are not tormented, tortured, terrorized, cornered, or embarrassed, AND who torment, torture, terrorize, corner, or embarrass others not,”

We know from family experience we continue to love one another despite
the ups and downs of family life because the promise of “…a more
perfect Union” is greater than the pre-requisites which accomplish it

Union, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare, and bestowal of blessings

– in that order of importance

…so we overlook injustice to some degree, we overlook the lack of
domestic tranquility to some degree, we forgive when the common defense
is security theater, to some degree, we sigh and try to do charity
when the provisions for the general welfare are botched, [/f] and when
the ability to bestow the blessings of liberty upon ourselves and our
posterity is hamstrung, we seek redress through peaceful means before
issuing a declaration of independence – all because “…the one, 100%
independence loveth those who are kind,” {xref: “Uncle John’s Band”
(Hunter / Garcia)}

“Whoa oh, what I want to know ow, is are you kind?”

Then the news story would be about a Pakistani girl running away from
a materialistic home to attend a Taleban school where “…a more
perfect Union” was the top priority and freedom within the privacy of the home was far greater than puritanical norms – as long as who did not “jiggle” whose assets to draw attention to themselves but to and from the one God – God willing, who hopes; xref: who wearing the color of whose mosque tiles of Arabic letters in a necklace above her low cut dress.

Thanks again, Larry. Peaceful possibilities and events upon you, how
are you?

And your family?

And how is everything?


W. Hale, aka, haji Mohammed

enclosure: courtesy cc: of Letter to Michael Michaud

cc: US DOJ
Gov PLeP
US Surgeon General
Custodian of the [\f]

blind cc: xref: ken kesey heris and assigns

#995 of 997: William Hale (hinging0) Mon 15 Oct 2012 (12:10 AM)

Dear Mike:

Please place your cover letter on this copy of my letter to Governor
LePage and forwarded it to the

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