When I respond, or seek responses, I think of the Internet Republic and the people [[whump]] and the places who have made our water world Eden brave and free and fair. Permitted, required, and impossible. Stand alone or stand with, whose choice to what degree [[Thn/]] O[[thn/]]ne water world Eden under "We the people" – created by whom?

NOAA’s Response Inventory Ark – See unhealthy sex, drugs, or entertainment on the internet? Click the NOAA’s Response Inventory Ark [thnk/] button and gmail-style content matching software links will work with you to explore [[[thnk/]]] relevant, healthy alternatives – and provide you with ways to diagnose, heal, and respond to whom is generating what upsets you – xref: “You patent it, then we’ll make a law requiring it,”; xref: Fund Raise Your Way Out – Green Cost Management

Ikhwanweb, MB

Thought you might be interested in this:

Asalam wa lakum, how are you?

1. Physical & Mental Health – 2. Grow Green Responses to what you see & hear – 3. I want to develop (and patent?) a Surgeon General’s Button – required by law to be on all internet browser toolbars sold in the United States or certified by W.H.O. 4. Also a [whump] smart companion application to pay creative and loving people [[thn/]] to build green response inventories – based upon family rules, personal experience, and the circle of – …divide, distribute, repeat, renew, secure, make more efficient, free, fair, and peace fully (hap(py)pen-ing, divide… ‘/.^n 5. Details may be found at – https://waterworldeden4.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/re-re-associate-director-for-research-on-womens-health/ 6. Thank you, and LinkedIn for this opportunity. cc: SAW [thnk/]

P.S. re: Linkedin Polls sidebar: “Which of the following alternative energy sources holds the most future potential? ( ) Solar ( ) Wind ( ) Biofuels ( ) Natural Gas ( ) Other: _______NH3 [thn/]

Cover letter to IMB:

NOAA’s Response Inventory Ark – See unhealthy sex, drugs, or entertainment on the internet? Click the NOAA’s Response Inventory Ark [thnk/] button and gmail-style content matching software links will work with you to explore [[[thnk/]]] relevant, healthy alternatives – and provide you with ways to diagnose, heal, and respond to whom is generating what upsets you – xref: “You patent it, then we’ll make a law requiring it,”; xref: Fund Raise Your Way Out – Green Cost Management

Archived at: https://waterworldeden4.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/noaas-response-inventory-ark-see-unhealthy-sex-drugs-or-entertainment-on-the-internet-click-the-noaas-ark-thnk-button-and-gmail-style-content-matching-software-links-will-work-with-you-to/

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December 29, 2011

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting my office. I look forward to researching your issue and responding to you in a timely manner. The involvement of my constituents helps me represent them in the best possible manner.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.


Congressman Tom Reed


This e-mail may contain PRIVILEGED OR CONFIDENTIAL information and is intended only for the use of the specific individual(s) to whom it is addressed.

Under the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, the individual (s) to whom this email is addressed have unabridged rights to copy, store, retransmit, share, and respond to this email as well as the legal right to hold the sender accountable [thn/] for the information conned herein.
===========Null Hypothesis//

It may contain information that is privileged and confidential under state and federal law.

Any claims of legal “privilege” or “confidentiality” made regarding this transmittal must conform to the first amendment and all other parts of the constitution of the United States. Please do not feel intimidated regarding your right to share the information herein with your family, friends, legal counsel, business associates, church, social network, or other sources of your decision making.
============Null Hypothesis//

This information may be used or disclosed only in accordance with law, and you may be subject to penalties under law for improper use or further disclosure of the information in this e-mail.

Under the constitution of the United States of America, unless you have specifically signed a non- [rotating wing] [thnk/] disclosure, or similar agreement PRIOR to receipt of this email, you are entitled to your full rights to use the information contained herein in any truthful [[thnk/]] way you so choose.

This information may be used and disclosed

It looks like you’re missing a period here, who. Is this your idea of all it should say? “This information may be used and disclosed”? It certainly is an intimida[thn/]ting and “chilling” footnote to your otherwise kind email. Could such a harsh warning be an intentional foul? Or do you really believe a US Congressman should be intimidating email constituents like this?

If you have received this e-mail in error, please let our office know and then delete this email.

If you have received this e-mail in error, please let our office know. Retain this email for your records. You may need it in a court of law as evidence.*

Thank you.

*Footnote: Dear Congressman from the 29th district of N.Y. Please institute the normal practice of requiring email address verification before you send emails to people. Normally who is required to click on a link in an email he, or she, receives to verify it is in fact they who have made the request. This oversight on your part, coupled with your unsolicited legal advice to delete this email, which would be needed in a court of law should who care to complain about being harassed due to your negligence in screening email address inputs, could make you liable for negligence, or worse, cause you to loose an election when who times a midnight raid that results in batches of emails being sent out by your office to people who never asked for them.

Would I have spent all this time writing you if I didn’t love you? And the Constitution of the United States – what ‘s left of it.

Speaking of which, – please do not divide the US in half with a north south pipe line – instead get on board with us for east west and west east fresh water pipelines from coastal distillation plants. And extend the Smithsonian mall to Santa Barbara.


Bill / Mohammed

Response to your [rotating wing] intimidation and instructions, TR, regarding my [thn/] U.S. Constitutional right to discuss whatever I hear or see with anyone I choose – unless I sign an agreement PRIOR to so hearing or seeing.

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Old, New, Third [thmp thump, rhnmp]

Egypt’s Forces Raid Offices of Nonprofits, 3 Backed by U.S.

xref: Old, New, Third [whum]
========Null Hypothesis//

Mohammed Asad/Associated Press
Egyptian military personnel stood guard as officials raided a non-governmental organization offices in Cairo on Thursday.
Published: December 29, 2011

CAIRO — Egyptian security forces stormed the offices of 17

xref: 17

nonprofit groups around the country on Thursday, including at least three democracy-promotion groups financed by the United States, as part of an investigation that the military rulers say will reveal foreign hands in the recent outbreak of protests.

Egyptians have friends and allies world wide, and year round. Is there ANY nation which cannot be found to have a hand in working Egyptians?
===============Null Hypothesis//


Military to Lend $1 Billion to Bolster Egypt’s Currency (December 29, 2011)

============Null Hypothesis:
xref: recent estimate of the Sovereign (Independent) Asset Value of the Egyptian Balance Sheet. Also xref: you, NH.
==========Null Hypothesis//

Court in Egypt Says Rights of Women Were Violated (December 28, 2011)
Times Topic: Egypt News — Revolution and Aftermath

xref: Facebook as an evidence gathering tool in legal brief exhibits.

{[You’ve got to call me now, [whum] Remember,]; xref: Access levels. Why didn’t I think of that? Requiring [thn/] a voice telephone call before who can friend whom. Also xref: a needed choice, ( ) Remember = automatic saving / recording of interactions with whom, what, or why; xref; categories and tags.

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In Cairo, heavily armed men wearing the black uniforms of the central security police

xref: the black raincoat vs. the orange one, and what is more appropriate for whom to wear; xref: now that who has two rain coats who can give one to whom asked for whose. [thnk/]
=========Null Hypothesis// [whum]

tore through boxes, hauled away files and computers and prevented employees from leaving offices of two of the American groups, the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute,

xref; “Quinn the Eskimo”‘s igloo of white boxes here, and a referral to whom might be able to translate whose English posts and books into Egyptian, or Arabic.
=====================Null Hypothesis//

which are affiliated with American political parties and financed by the United States government. The security forces also raided the offices of the Washington-based Freedom House.

National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, Freedom House,

The raids were a stark escalation in what has appeared to be a campaign by the country’s military rulers to rally support by playing to nationalist and anti-American sentiment here.

“General prosecutor & central security stormed N.D.I. office in Cairo & Assiut,” an employee of the National Democratic Institute wrote in a text message from inside its offices. “We are confined here as they’re searching and clearing out office.”

‘out’; xref: ‘r’; xref: heads and progeny [thk/]
========Null Hypothesis//

A man, who identified himself as an official with the public prosecutor’s office but declined to give his name, stood outside the offices of the International Republican Institute in the Dokki neighborhood. He refused to answer questions about the raids but said, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to arrest them.”

xref: Do, OK, [thn/] Door, key,

The raids come of the heels of an investigation by the Egyptian government into foreign financing for nonprofit organizations operating in the country. The military has suggested that such funding has played a role in fomenting protests with goal of bringing down the Egyptian government.

Egypt gets so much money from the United States already [^] If who is in charge can’t keep a competitive advantage with $1 X 10^9 from the USA compared to what meager funds these, or any, nonprofits likely have, then, who might not be moving whom closer toward the 100% independence. [wthump] Is that right?
============Null Hypothesis//

The raids also coincided with the acquittal of five police officers in the deaths of protesters during the revolution that ousted the country’s autocratic president, Hosni Mubarak. An Egyptian court found that the police officers had either not been at the scene or, in the case of two of the men, had fired in self-defense, state media reported, a ruling likely to further inflame opponents of the country’s military rulers.

[thnk/]=============Null Hypothesis:
Sounds like the old guard seeking to regain it’s footing and draw the upcoming generation closer. The leadership deficit of whom clinging to power as one group so long may have not trained enough upcoming young people to lead. Meanwhile, who for religious reasons, has been building constituencies and learning leadership skills – not out of motivation for worldly power, but to be ready to face the 100% independence when the time line arrives at it’s limit.
============Null Hypothesis//

Human rights advocates have urged the Egyptian government to drop its investigation into foreign funding of civil society, which prosecutors have described as treason.

xref: domestic dollars and external dollars and the need to convert internal currency to external currency to pay for imported goods and services, and vica versa regarding bringing money into the country.

A September report by state security prosecutors identified what it said were more than two dozen unregistered groups receiving foreign funding and operating in Egypt. By the country’s law on associations, the violation is punishable with imprisonment.

The first step is to find who is advocating the violent overthrow of the government.
Morally responsible people publish a declaration of independence when those who control the government are failing to uphold the duties of office and the constitution. [thn/]
===========Null Hypothesis// [thnk/]

The Republican and Democratic institutes have worked openly since 2005 and had been assisting with election monitoring during the country’s parliamentary vote.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to voluntarily write letters to the local, state, and federal governments whether or not it is required, so over and above any required registration, fees, taxes, etc. NGO’s can have a record in the office, and on the internet of voluntary reporting to the authorities. Then liability is shifted.
===========Null Hypothesis//

In separate statements on Thursday, the two groups said they were troubled by the sudden raids on their offices. “Cracking down on organizations whose sole purpose is to support the democratic process during Egypt’s historic transition sends a disturbing signal,” the N.D.I. president Kenneth Wollack was quoted as saying.

N.D.I., Kenneth Wollack,

The statement from the International Republican Institute was even more direct. “It is ironic that even during the Mubarak era I.R.I. was not subjected to such aggressive action,” the group said.

David D. Kirkpatrick reported from Cairo and J. David Goodman from New York.

Categories: why it’s essential “the anonymous show” be permitted to continue in parallel while LinkedIn permits whom to investigate whom, and Facebook reorganizes to offer VOLUNTARY, member choices regarding broadcasting images of members, and degrees of verification of whom you are, and whom who else is who cares to address you; xref: the difference between tawaf where who sees only the backs of those in front of whom, and sa’i where who sees the faces of those walking in the opposite direction.

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Note spiral of traffic patterns in open door

xref: “When it’s all green we’ll elect you. Also xref: “Blue? …no,” Also xref: “Why do certain military and police officers have stripes on the side of their pants? So their dogs know what direction they are facing,” And what else? “Step back!” ? And what else? Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 11.35.08 AM” title=”xref: “When it’s all green we’ll elect you. Also xref: “Blue? …no,” Also xref: “Why do certain military and police officers have stripes on the side of their pants? So their dogs know what direction they are facing,” And what else? “Step back!” ? And what else? Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 11.35.08

Egyptian military personnel stood guard as officials raided a non-governmental organization offices in Cairo on Thursday.

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Uludere; xref: Lulu.com. Also xref: “The river Dee”

Turkish Airstrikes Kill 35 Along Smuggling Route

Ihlas News Agency/European Pressphoto Agency
The bodies of people killed in an airstrike were laid out on Thursday in the Kurdish border region with Iraq.
Published: December 29, 2011

ISTANBUL — Turkish airstrikes killed at least 35 people in the Kurdish border region with Iraq on Thursday in what the army said was an operation aimed at separatist fighters. Local villagers said the dead were instead young diesel smugglers who had been misidentified by the Turkish military.

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The strikes occurred in northern Iraq near the Turkish town of Uludere

xref: Lulu.com

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Turkish Airstrike correlates with Erdogan Facebook Page supplied as Exhibit A in whose requested remedy to tech support to exercise whose constitutional right to download a copy of the page who had created on Facebook  Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 7.10.09 AM

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Whose view on a Welch House; xref: Facebook & LinkedIn


House Hunting in … North Wales

Andrew Testa for The New York Times
A traditional Welsh farmhouse with five bedrooms, at Bryn Melin Farm in North Wales, is on the market for $1.9 million. More Photos »


Published: December 28, 2011



Slide Show
A Stone Farmhouse With Cottages in the Welsh Countryside

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1,250,000 POUNDS ($1.9 MILLION)

A traditional Welsh farmhouse with five bedrooms, along with five cottages set around a central courtyard, is on the market for $1.9 million in North Wales. The house, which started out in 1750 as a traditional one-room Welsh long house, had its other rooms added a century later; total space today is just over 3,000 square feet. The cottages, which are used as holiday rentals, were converted from barns, also built around 1750, and are each about 825 square feet in size, with either one or two bedrooms.

The two-story main house is called Bryn Melyn, which means “yellow hill” in Welsh.


xref: Bryn Mar, on the main line – in Philadelphia; xref: OP


It has formal gardens with a pagoda and a gazebo, along with an all-season tennis court and ponds on 13 acres of wooded property. Other spaces include a workshop, a plant room, a double garage, a games room, and multiple storage rooms that could be converted into more accommodations.


Reads like a collegiate view of guests paying for the upkeep [thn (ext.)]


The property comes with private fishing rights along a nearby stretch of the River Dee, which is known for its salmon and sea trout.

xref: Socrates willing to interact with anyone vs. whose idea of what the legal contract of marriage means; xref: Facebook’s problem of not wanting to ‘burden’ members with the decision of putting up warnings of the degree of “no trespass” they want – ( ) Invitation only [Thn], or – ( ) Anyone may inquire [thnk/], or – ( ) Acquaintances only, or – ( ) Facebook may not display my picture, or – ( ) Facebook may display [thn/] my picture, or – ( ) Facebook must ask me each time before it displays my picture and indicate to whom they are going to display it, or – ( ) what else?

Instead Facebook has created a confusing “in-between zone” where Facebook takes on the role of a parent “protecting” children, when in fact, the law of the United States requires members be adults, or guardianed [thnk/] minors who are responsible for setting their own degree of access, and who have the right to tools which enable them to do so.

LinkedIn solved the problem by requiring who does not already know whom to know whose email address, and permitting up to three web sites to be linked to each members name so you can easily find whose [Hnk] email address if you want to contact them, and they want to be contacted generally enough to have an email address on their web site to do so.
==========Null Hypothesisi


Whose view on a Welch House; xref: Facebook & LinkedIn

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Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/29/greathomesanddestinations/real-estate-in-north-wales.html?ref=global-home

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Email to the Finance Ministry of Egypt

TO: http://www.mof.gov.eg/english/pages/home.aspx
FROM: https://waterworldeden4.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/translate-google-com/

RE: BALANCE SHEET of the Government of Egypt – and the SOVEREIGN Balance Sheet of Egypt

Egypt GDP Screen Shot 2011-12-25 at 4.44.51 PM

Gross Domestic Product, Egypt

$218.91 Billion US dollars at current prices – 2010
Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators

CIA The World Factbook Egypt
Dec 5, 2011 – The budget deficit climbed to over 8% of GDP and Egypt’s GDP growth slowed to 4.6% in 2009, predominately due to reduced growth in …
Economy of Egypt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This has promoted a steady increase of GDP and the annual growth rate. The Government of Egypt tamed inflation bringing it down from double-digit to a single …
Macroeconomic trend – Reform era – Natural resources – Main economic sectors

Gross Domestic Product, Egypt

$218.91 Billion US dollars at current prices – 2010
Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators


If you assume an 18% R.O.I. on the assets of Egypt, then a $218 X 10^9 GDP, or twice that in purchasing power, would indicate underlying assets of $1.211 X 10^12, or $2.4, in terms of purchasing power.

So, based upon the potential of eminent domain, without exercising it, if the assets of Egypt were to be placed in trust accounts in which the government of Egypt was the trustor and the citizens of Egypt were the trustees, then $14,929 could be credited to each account.

If you assume a 3% R.O.I. on the assets of Egypt then the starting balance would be $89,578 per account.

Or if you assume a 0.3% R.O.I., then…

Each citizen could choose from an approved list what bank he, or she, wanted the funds held in.

Any deposits, or withdrawals, or encumbering of said funds would show up on the monthly bank statement which the trustee would be able to review and audit via electronic serial numbers.

The trustee would be paid $1 a month to do this, but would have no control over the funds, other than to track the electronic serial numbers and audit the accounts of the government and launch investigations into any waste, fraud, or abuse uncovered.

Incentives to carefully audit and investigate would be motivated by the promise of a percentage of any court determinations. Like Ebay, or Amazon.com, ratings would be given to those who presented audits and investigations based upon peer review and court determinations, but the system would be forgiving enough so learning curves have a chance to develop. [thn/]

Trustees would be required to share the allowance and any proceeds from successful audits and Egyptian Lokpal investigations equally with each of their dependents and give proof of so doing.

Any funds over and above the allowance flowing to minors would be kept in a personal bank account as savings for college and / or marriage.

The last will and testament of each Egyptian Citizen could pass the trust account to any other Egyptian citizen or entity the trustee so indicates. This would give an incentive for children to obey their parents, or, in the case of orphans, their legal guardian (s).

As the Egyptian balance sheet grows and trustee allowances increase, and audit awards are distributed in part to the auditors and in part to a general fund for all Egyptians, this could grow into a meaningful source of family revenue – without ever needing to draw down the principal to pay the trustee.

The trust legislation would give the Egyptian Government, who is the trustor, the sole authority to draw down the principle [thn/]. And it would set strict limits on such draws because this represents the asset base of the private economy as well as the government assets – this is the sovereign balance sheet [Whump] – the sum total of all assets public and private under Egyptian Jurisdiction.

Also, banks would compete for deposit of the funds – despite very conservative leveraging ratios regarding them, and this would add revenue to the trustees’ allowances and through a large, but conservative capital base, increase tax revenue and banking and loan fees to the national treasury.

Attached is the post regarding this made earlier today and my research notes.

If I have made any significant errors, please let me know. I was unable to find a balance sheet for the Government of Egypt, though I did find the government warehouse accounting project, and the IMF International statistics (which I did not open, but hopefully will another day).

Thank you for having an accessible web site.


haji Mohammed Omar, aka, W. Hale

cc: IKH
Ambassador of Egypt to the US

blind cc:

5. Enough food on everybody’s table. The National Treasury of Egypt shall be audited. The Assets shall be inventoried. Each of the 81.12 X 10^6 people of Egypt shall each have a National Treasury Trust Account opened in his, or her, name. The Assets of the national treasury shall be pro-rated and an equal amount deposited into each trust account. The terms of the trust will permit the trustee to audit the account and trace all transactions into and out of the account. The trustee shall have no control over the account other than to choose from a list of approved banks regarding what bank it shall be in [thnk/]. The truster, the government of Egypt, shall pay each trustee a minimum allowance of $1 / month for auditing the account. If the trustee is able to use the electronic serial numbers attached to all transactions [[thnk/]] to find and trace any waste, fraud, or abuse, associated with the funds coming into or going out of the account, then the trustee (and other trustees participating [[thn/]]) shall share in 1/2 of the waste, fraud, or abuse so uncovered. Egyptian Lokpals and Lokpal training centers with the Egyptian Postal Service and tax preparers shall be available in person and on line. The Trustor, the government of Egypt, shall be able to use the funds in the 81.12 X 10^6 trust accounts in the same way it normally does. Computerization – and electronic serial numbers attached to all funds in the same way paper currency has serial numbers – shall permit deposits, and withdrawals from the accounts in a pro-rated fashion so the average balance of all accounts remains equal. Banks get more deposits. Egyptians get more transparency into their government. The government gets more participation from citizens.

Research links:

Click to access vol1-CAB.pdf

Total State’s General Budget

Total Expenditures


Chapter Seven ‐ Acquisition of Domestic and Foreign Financial Assets Chapter Eight ‐ Domestic and Foreign Loans repayment

4،249،190،000 98،521،116،000

Total Uses


# Revenues
Chapter one ‐ Taxes Chapter two ‐ Grants

Chapter three ‐ Other Revenues

Total Revenues

Chapter four‐ Lending proceeds and Sales of Financial Assets and other assets financial

230،565،809،000 9،479،986،000 88،642،109،000



Total revenues and Lending proceeds and Sales of Financial Assets and other financial assets



Egypt budget deficit may top 10 pct in 2011/12: Radwan
RIYADH: Egypt’s budget deficit may top 10 percent of gross domestic product in the next fiscal year as the government responds to demands for jobs and higher wages in the wake of a popular uprising, its finance minister said.
Samir Radwan, speaking to the Egyptian community in Saudi capital Riyadh late on Monday, reiterated Egypt needed $10 billion in the fiscal year beginning in July to ease the strain.

“The budget deficit will rise to 9.1 percent, from 8.5 percent in 2010-2011,” Radwan said. “And if all demands are met, it (the deficit) might go up to over 10 percent (of GDP). Next year we need $10 billion (to support the balance sheet).”

Earlier this month, Radwan forecast the deficit would surge somewhere between 9.1 to 9.2 percent of GDP in the 2011/2012 fiscal year.

He also said that Egypt is still in talks with the International Monetary Fund for a $3 billion to $4 billion loan and the country’s economy should grow faster next year than in 2011. “We are still negotiating a loan with the IMF for $3 (billion) to $4 billion,” he told reporters after a meeting at Kuwait’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Anti-government protests fueled by soaring prices, unemployment and repression brought much of Egypt’s economy to its knees for nearly three weeks until president Hosni Mubarak, the country’s ruler for 30 years, resigned on Feb. 11.

“Economic growth is unfortunately going down. Our estimate is 2 percent this year … next year it is about 4 percent,” he said.


Mint and Egyptian Government Bank Sign a MOU for Significant …
ca.finance.yahoo.com/…/Mint-Egyptian-Government-Bank-m… – Canada
4 days ago – PBDAC, founded in 1931 and with Total Assets of over $6 Billion is a 100% Egyptian Government owned Agricultural Bank, rendering …

Click to access Access_to_Finance.pdf

Expanding Postal System and Microfinance Institutions

The postal system’s potential contribution to improved access to financial services is great, especially in rural areas, and is crucial for enhancing access in Egypt as a whole. Authorities can make better use of the network of postal offices to expand access by encouraging Egypt Post to diversify the range of services it offers. Such diversification may entail distribution of credit, provided it is regulated by CBE, which would require postal financial services being institutionally split from Egypt Post. Another option would be for Egypt Post to distribute credit on behalf of a commercial bank through a strategic partnership, which would not require a banking license. Such an ambitious diversification strategy entails capacity-building in many fields, including cost accounting, negotiations, market-driven product development, and information technologies. The government should promote the complete integration of all postal outlets into its online network to enhance postal payments and savings products, and consider using this distribution and IT infrastructure for credit extension, tapping relevant international expertise to promote successful expansion.

IMF -SDDS Egypt – Analytical accounts of the banking sector – DQAF …
1.2.2 Internal governmental access to statistics prior to release … Nevertheless, AIB sends its quarterly balance sheet data to two AIB Board members in CBE …
IMF -SDDS Egypt – Balance of payments – DQAF Base Page (DSBB)
The Central Bank of Egypt is entitled to collect, compile and publish Balance of Payments data and … 1.2.2 Internal governmental access to statistics prior to release…. The compilers derive them from the balance sheets of the banking system. …
Transformations to Open Market – International Monetary Fund
[Flexible Open Market Operations] [Government Debt Management] …. the riskiness of its own balance sheet, which may in turn diminish its credibility and stature. …. and Brazil, M3 in India and Malaysia, and the foreign exchange rate in Egypt. …
Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook, 2008 – Google Books Result
International Monetary Fund – 2008 – Business & Economics – 1732 pages
The entries for direct investment in Egypt cover cash inflows net of outflows as … dollar sovereign bonds issued abroad by the Egyptian government in July 2001 , …Compilers derive the entries from the balance sheets of the banking system . …Portfolio Investment Survey, conducted under the guidance of the IMF. …
Business Today: Downgraded – Business Today Egypt
Dec 8, 2011 – Moody’s third downgrade of Egypt’s sovereign risk rating spooks investors … large exposure of their balance sheets to Egyptian government bonds. …(LE 18.03 billion) loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in June, …
IMF International Financial Statistics dataset guide
http://www.esds.ac.uk › ESDS International Home Page › Support
Oct 13, 2011 – Further information about the IMF International Financial Statistics. …The IFS data are drawn from a huge variety of sources including governmentdepartments , national accounts, central banks, the … These are supplemented, where available, by balance sheet information. …. 469 Egypt (Egyptian Pounds) …
Egypt Economic Statistics, Egypt Economic Indicators for the Year …
Aug 1, 2011 – Economic Statistics Database for Egypt for the year 2010 (Egypt …General Government Balance (National Currency), EGP -56.685 … Please note: TheIMF is not a primary source for purchasing power … Note: Transactions that merely change the composition of the balance sheet do not change the net …
I.M.F. Candidates, by the Numbers – NYTimes.com
May 22, 2011 – What if the I.M.F. chose its next leader based on the economic … a reminder of the importance of a strong government balance sheet. … However, Myanmar, Paraguay and — surprisingly — Egypt are in even better balance. …
Balance of payments statistics: yearbook. World and regional … – Google Books Result
Medzinárodný menový fond – 2004 – Business & Economics – 490 pages
Current transfers General government The credit entries cover grants and donations received in cash and … and grants and donations paid by the Egyptian government. …The compilers derive them from the balance sheets of the banking system. …International Monetary Fund : Balance ofPayments Statistics Yearbook …
Egypt: Economy Update 16-31 October 2011
Nov 9, 2011 – An IMF mission is in town to assess economic developments and the country’s … Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Egypt’s government bond ratings by … and ease pressure on the commercial banks balance sheets. …


The current-account balance is another important barometer, because big deficits and surpluses are the source of much global economic instability. Canada’s deficit of just 0.65 percent of G.D.P. should favor Mark J. Carney, the country’s central bank governor. However, Myanmar, Paraguay and — surprisingly — Egypt are in even better balance.

Most important, though, is the overall mix of policy. Ranking the I.M.F.’s members on each measure and adding up the scores suggests South Korea is the winner. Its well-distributed income, low unemployment, current-account surplus and relatively low government debt make it a role model, albeit an unlikely one. France, the home country of Christine Lagarde, front-runner for the I.M.F. post, looks shoddy by comparison.

National economic statistics are crude, and any single policy maker’s contribution to success is impossible to measure. Even so, if the I.M.F. wanted to set an example for the rest of its members, it would replace Mr. Strauss-Kahn with a South Korean.






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